The Novus Ordo Files
ARCHIVE 7/2004

These are the news stories of July, 2004


Synagogue of Satan:
Vatican Advances New World Order

Prosecutors Reopen Suicide Case as St. Poelten Scandal Thickens

"Conservative Archbishop" Chaput's Apostate Sacrilege
(scroll to story for "July 30")

Vatican's Document on Feminism

Indult Troubles

Is that a Woman Standing in Prayer Next to the Bishop?

What a Tangled Web They Weave....
The "Web of Life" for a "Liturgy"
Full Story here

Vatican to Issue New Document.....

Vatican Gags Sex Scandal Bishop

The Fact, the Metaphor and the Fiction

Nice Altar...
Nice Stained Glass...
Nice Sanctuary...

Check out Catholics Against Kerry

"New Springtime" Update:
Swedish Pastor Jailed for 'Offending' Sodomites

Apostate Archlayman of Canterbury to Praise Islam

No Ecumenism here:
SSPX Traditionalists get Barred from Shrine

Meanwhile, Novus Ordo Watch has learned that several SSPX adherents are seriously considering converting to Buddhism to increase their chances of getting access to the shrine.
(just kidding)

The Golden Calf Dancers -- Part IV


Seeing is Believing, and even then it's hard in this case:
This Mix between a Lookout, Communications Tower, and Poorly-Designed Forest Camp is....
St. Florian Novus Ordo Parish in Austria
More pictures HERE
Typical for the Novus Ordo: sterile, banal, cold, twisted, distorted....not Catholic!

It Figures:
Paulist Priest to Give Invocation at Demo(n)cratic National Convention

Father X:
The New Rite of Exorcism

The Remnant News Watch

Pictures are in!
Shots from Germany's 95th annual "Catholics' Day"

On the Record:
Why is the Vatican so Enthusiastic about the United Nations?

Ecumania Alert:
Sharing "Catholic" and Protestant Clergy

Fr. Gruner, Fatima, Apostasy in Secular News
Note: The true Catholic Church cannot become apostate. If the Vatican is apostate, this shows it's not the Catholic Church.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...
"Catholic" Senator John "I was in Vietnam" Kerry Flip-Flops Again on Abortion
Note: Yes, the government should intervene in the case of a human life unjustly threatened with extinction--inside or outside the womb

Update on Austrian Porn Scandal

More Waffles:
"Cardinal" Ratzinger now Endorses
McCarrick's Position re: Abortion & Communion

What Crisis?

Of Waffles and Wafers....
Interesting how these pro-abort "Catholic" politicians say they cannot "impose their personal view" about abortion on the people....yet why do they impose their personal views on us when it comes to gun control, healthcare, jobs, education, etc?

"New Springtime" Update:
The Vandalism Continues

“Perhaps Thou Never Yet Hadst To Deal With A BISHOP”

Get to know the Trailblazers of the Novus Ordo Church

You figure it out....

Not sure which part of the Holy Mass this would refer to....
....and what's this?

John Paul II Orders Abuse Inquiry into Austrian Seminary

Indult Update:
FSSP Delegation to Attend World Youth Day 2005
-- with Bishop Rifan of Campos!
See their scrolling news marquee here

John Paul II to Probe Porn Scandal

"New Springtime" Update:
More Apostasy in Belgium
Novus Ordo Watch Exclusive

Apostasy at "Muslim-Christian Dialogue" Conference in Qatar

Diocesan "Catholic" Parish Wins Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Pride Award!
Honored for their perversions!

Coming Out of the Closet:
Schismatic Chinese Church Accepts Communist Control
Note: Pope Pius XII excommunicated the schismatic Chinese Church in the 1950's

"No More Novus Ordo" Priest Fr. Zigrang Suspended by "Local Ordinary"
"Bishop" Fiorenza says Old Covenant Still Valid!

"Communism is Dead" Update:
China's Forced Abortions

Vatican Defrocks Virginia Priest

New World Order Update:
Bilderberg meeting proposes UN worldwide tax

Sodomite Novus Ordo Priest Removed from Duty
after being exposed on Roman Catholic Faithful

"New Springtime" Update:
Satanism on Rise in Italy

Disrupted Buddhist Monks Get $316 after Lawsuit

Charges against Scranton Novus Ordo Priest Grow

Only in the Novus Ordo / Blasphemy Update:
Dominican Priest: Jesus might have been Married!
More info on this disgrace of a priest: HERE and HERE


Caution! Disturbing EXPLICIT Photographs
The Novus Ordo Church's Abu Ghraib
Austrian Seminary Scandal Photos
& the Story Behind It



NEW BOOK Announcement:

"Tumultuous Times" by Frs. Francisco & Dominic Radecki

A History of the 20 Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church
PLUS an examination of the changes of Vatican II

For More Info, Excerpt, Table of Contents, Online Ordering:
Get it 20% OFF at Barnes & Noble
(Discount and availability not guaranteed by Novus Ordo Watch)

From Holy Mass to Happy Meal....

Apostasy Watch:
Trappist Monk now Zen Teacher!

Caution! Disturbing Content
Sodomite Novus Ordo Priest Exposed
His Parish's Web Site Here

"Loretto Women's Network" Opposes Outlawing of Sodomite Marriage

"Cardinal" Lehmann Accused of Liberalism/Modernism
-- by Fellow "Cardinal"!

Rome Has Spoken; what Did It Say?
Ratzinger does a Kerry Flip-Flop

Check it out:
John Paul II Publishes own Spirituality of Mountains

"New Springtime" Update:
Another Traditional Church Threatened with Demolition

Police Charge Novus Ordo Priest for Homosexual Solicitation

For your Collection:
The Dancing Nun
Look what they have done to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Oh, my Goodness!

"Communism is Dead" Update:
Gas-Chamber Horror of North Korea's Gulag

"New Springtime" Update:
Ireland Running Out of Priests

Drive-Thru Annulments Update

Havin' a Good Time in the Sanctuary....
A little dancing never hurt anybody....
Or how about flying?

Fun Church Update:
What part of the Mass is this?
More Pics from Toronto's "World Youth Day"

"New Springtime" Update:
Sharp Decline in Novus Ordo Priests in Great Britain
Put on Your Surprise Face....

He actually has time for this?
John Paul II Writes Another Book -- on "Existential Reflections"
Just a Reminder:
"The deepening and the many-faceted enrichments of the Church's consciousness resulting from the [Second Vatican] Council must open our minds and our hearts more widely to Christ."
--John Paul II, Dives in Misericordia, 1.4 (1980)

Portuguese Novus Ordo Bishop to have

"New Springtime" Update:
Ohio Diocese May Close 15% of its Parishes

Not just in the USA:
Austrian Bishop Under Fire after Homosexual Scandals in Diocesan Seminary
Same story from BBC here
Update: Our Europe correspondent is saying that Krenn's comments about the 'childish games' came before the porn was discovered....

Polish Archbishop 'Molested Students'

Novus Ordo Church Allegedly Condemning Anti-Zionism!
Note: Anti-Semitism is evil; Anti-Zionism is no less evil than Anti-Protestantism
Related: Dr. Tom Woods Debunks Zionism


World Youth Day '05 Web Site is Up
Disclaimer: Click at your own risk!

Welcome to The Dancing Church!
Surprise, Surprise: A Paulist Priest is involved here....

Caution, disturbing content:
Satanism and the Incompetent "Roman Curia"

Alright! Finally!
St. Louis prelate says voting for candidate who backs abortion a sin

Hell's Dream Team Gets Physical

"New Springtime" Update:
Novus Ordo Bishops Say Yes to Gay Predator Priests

"New Springtime" Updates:
Spanish Abortions Double
Coming Persecution of Christians in Europe

Could This Be Related to Fatima Fulfillment?
Bright Lights Seen in Sky Over 5 States

Aren't You Sick and Tired of Hearing it?
"Catholics" and Jews Seek to Promote Justice & Charity
For "Cardinal" Kasper, the greatest good is not Heaven but peaceful earthly coexistence among men.
Reality Check: St. Matthew 10:33-39

Ben Douglass on the Big Bad "New American Bible"

Disgraced "Cardinal" Law's New Job

"New Springtime" Update:
Portland Archdiocese is Bankrupt

Rome Has Spoken, What Did It Say?
Now baby-killers can receive Communion, now they can't, now....

Oh, Cool!
Novus Ordo Parish Has Wednesday Mass to Fulfill Sunday Obligation!

Ha! This is too funny....

Locust Plague to Hit Northern Africa

Irish Jesuits Admit They Aren't Catholic
Reality Check: St. Ignatius founded this order to combat Protestantism....

"Communism is Dead" Update:
Woman in China Killed for Distributing Bibles

OK, we'll let YOU figure this one out

Interfaith Service in 1967

Blasphemy in Stone:
No Doubt, Padre Pio would be Thrilled with this New "Church" in his "Honor"

More awful pictures here

John Paul the Zoroastrian....
More here

Oh, that's nice:
Hindu-Jesuit Pilgrimage!

Interfaith Holocaust Memorial Service

We're One Big Happy Interreligious Family!

Rome's Chief Exorcist on the Pitiful "New Excorcism"

Padre Pio would surely be Proud:
See the "Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church," San Giovanni Rotondo

"New Springtime" Update:
Number of Women Leaders in Novus Ordo Church Grows

"Archbishop" O'Malley Frustrated with Vatican

Want to Send a Note to the Fatima Shrine Rector?
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Apostasy Watch / Fatima Alert:
Pictures of a Desecration:
Photo Report of Hindu Ritual at Fatima


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