The Novus Ordo Files
ARCHIVE 11/2004

These are the news stories of November, 2004


Prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi speaks
of God sending "not a True Pastor, but a Destroyer"!


World Exclusive:

Excerpts from
Cardinal Siri's Writings in English

Part 3: "The Hour of Peter"
Originally appeared in Renovatio in 1970


A Church from Outer Space for a Religion from Outer Space!

Come celebrate the Novus Ordo Advent season!

Let's face it:
It's always good to have a Traffic Light in the Railway Chapel
--You never know when you might need it! (this is in Poland)

Can't wait for that Yoga Retreat...

Praised by Pope Leo XIII: Liberalism is a Sin

Nice to know:
Novus Ordo Bishop: "We all Worship Allah," Perverts Fatima Message
CAREFUL: Heresy ahead!


Unhappy 35th Anniversary!
It was on November 30, 1969, that the New Church imposed the New Mass for the first time

John Paul the Eastern Orthodox Gives Relics to Schismatics

Have you prayed for the Holy Souls in Purgatory today?

Just a Little Reminder:
"To Destroy the Church from Within"
AA-1025 - Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle

He only became a priest to destroy the Church from within.
He was the 1025th of them.

Read his recovered diary!
He was injured in an auto accident in France; he died in the hospital a few hours later. The nurse who attended him kept his journals, read them and published them as AA-1025. He had become a Catholic priest to subvert the Church from within. Describes his methods & plans. Says there were many more like him. Very enlightening!

Society of St. John has been Suppressed (Scranton, PA)

"Holy Spirit Hug"

Will Pedophilia soon be de-criminalized?

No Comments Necessary...

"The Word of the Lord"

Unicorn in the Sanctuary:
So is this the Face of "Catholic Worship"?

"Communism is Dead" Update: The Legacy of Fidel Castro

Ecumenism Anniversary: It's now been 40 years since they invented it!

New Fatima Documentary to Air, Critical of Vatican

Behold the Glory of the New Church
Note how the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, has given way to white screens for slides!
One is glad, though, that they don't call it a "church"!

1984 in 2004?
Electronic Eyes to Track Children

Oooh! What happened to the New Springtime??
Vatican Seeks African Priests to Re-Evangelize the West

Redemptionis Sacramentum: Dead on Arrival
That was the Vatican's latest "big, bad crackdown" on "liturgical abuse"

No Surprise Here:
INVALID! Hundreds of "Baptisms" Invalid
That's what you get for messing around with the Church's Tradition

Going around in Circles...

If you dare: Another "Tabernacle"

How Long until THIS PRIEST Gets Suspended?

Another Non-Catholic Catechism:
Newspapers Say the Darndest Things:
"Wuerl expects the new catechism to replace The Teaching of Christ..."
They're more right than they know!

"New Springtime" Gone Bad?
"Cardinal" Ratzinger Blows Whistle on Anti-Catholic Secularism, Ecclesiastical Crisis

How far we've come:
Neo-Modernist Ratzinger called "Traditionalist" by Secular Press
Will he be John Paul III?

Gotcha: Novus Ordo Priest at Mardi Gras, Next to Drag Queen!

"New Springtime" Update:
Heavily "Roman Catholic" Chile now allows...Divorce!


Lewd, Half-Nude Teenage Girls star at "Catholic Education Week"
Goodness, they may not even be teenagers yet!

US "Catholic" Bishops Join New Ecumenical Group
How much more of this "New Springtime" can one take??

Reality Check: Pope Pius XI against Ecumenism
Pictorial Evidence: Behold Ecumenism; One Creed, Many Religions (basically)

Novus Ordo at its best:
Dead Ends without End: Man, Man, Man
Interesting that the New Catechism itself admits:
"Before Christ's second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the 'mystery of iniquity' in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh." (par. 675)

Not that they're tree stump worshippers, but the tree stump is there....

Seicho-No-Ie. OK?
As long as it's not Catholic, it's no problem!

Ah, yes, the Sacred Music of the Newchurch

"New Springtime" Update:
Another "Catholic Archbishop" Spits into Christ's Face re: Homosexuality

Nice for Minigolf, maybe

And then there's "religious art"....

New Fatima Controversy Update

"Communism is Dead" Update:
Russia Developing "Mystery" Nuclear Weapon


Nothing new here:
"Catholic" University of Notre Dame has Sodomite Celebration

"New Springtime" Update:
Just More of the Same: Secrets, Sins, Silence

You figure it out...

Better Late than Never:
Silenced Priest Warns of Gay Crisis

Related: "Goodbye, Good Men" by Michael Rose

Struggling to keep the Dream Alive....

Repeat After Me:
Old MacDonald Had a Farm....

"New Springtime" Update:
Two German Government Politicians Want Muslim Holiday!

Bishops' New Leader Head of Troubled Diocese

Oh, how beautiful is Diversity!
UK "Catholic" Church has Different Stations of the Cross??

Leading Theologian of the New Church
proposes Holy Spirit is Female!

World Exclusive:

Excerpts from
Cardinal Siri's Writings in English

Part 2: "Theologians & the Magisterium"
Originally appeared in Renovatio in 1980




No doubt, with churches this beautiful, you can't help but inspire converts....
(We can imagine all those Protestants just dying to get in there....)
By the way, have a look inside this monstrosity....


2 Relics of Catholic Saints to be given to Schismatic Patriarch

Welcome to "Holy Trinity" Church in Lublin, Poland

Two Religions, One Chaplaincy

John Paul II Receives "Human Zoo"!
This group, "Zumanity," also does perverted erotic shows!
Related: John Paul II Decries "Grave Crisis of Values"

Apostasy Watch:
"Moving the Energy of the Sacred Universe Within Us"
Welcome to the complete "stupidification" of the masses....

"New Springtime" Update:
Anything but Catholic
You've got to see the "Mass on the Grass"!

Apostasy Update: Mixed Marriages

Sodomites' Friends: Flynn / Clark / Mahony / Gumbleton

John Paul II & Yassir Arafat

Now There's Proof:
"Traditional" Bishop Rifan DID Take Part in the New Mass

Yes, the Rave Party in the Metz Cathedral
was Given FULL APPROVAL by the Bishop

More here
The French Press covered it....



It's Getting Deep, Folks:
John Paul II Discovers "Idols Contrary to the Dignity of Man and Social Cohabitation"
There are also real idols, though, such as the false god of the Koran, which John Paul II kissed

This should be Fun:
Vatican to Evaluate 40 Years of Ecumenism
Kasper has already shared his rich insight that "the Church's ecumenical awareness has grown."
It's probably going to get even more profound from there....

New Disease for Old Sins
Guess who's going to be taxed to help "prevent and cure" this...

Oh, no, how could this have happened?
John Paul II Amazed at Church's Waning Influence in Europe

For all those surprised, here's a hint: look around Novus Ordo Watch and ask yourselves, "Who wants to be a part of that?"

They're Fired Up:
Pictures from the Rumpelstiltskin Church

Their Pro-Abortion Church:
Vatican's "Cardinal" Sodano Awards Knighthood to Pro-Abort Politician
Pro-Abort Gets Picked for Bishops' National Review Board

Novus Ordo Church says: "Happy Diwali!"

WOW: Traditional Catholic Radio Coming Soon!

Check out Picture "Offertory 5" -- What are they offering?


Abomination of Desolation / Profanation Alert:
Rave Party, Lewd Dancers, in Cathedral of Metz (France),
with Bishop's Approval

(scroll to and click on "L'église catholique recrute sur un air de techno"
-- you don't need to know French to see what went on there!)
Yes, the Rave Party in the Metz Cathedral was Given FULL APPROVAL by the Bishop

The Spirit of Vatican II alive and well:
Nothing matters anymore

News from the "Anything Goes" Church:
"Catholic Archbishop" of St. Paul Gives "Holy Communion" to Public Sodomites

By the way...
As expected, the US "Catholic" Bishops "decided" that Nov. 1 would not be a Holy Day of Obligation in 2004,
since it might inconvenience some people to have to go to Holy Mass twice in a row (Nov. 1 was a Monday).
Why don't they just abolish the whole Church? Might be even more convenient for some....

You just never stop learning from the New Church:
Possible Successor to John Paul II bad because a Smoker, not because an Apostate

Treason Alert:
Traditional Church of late Fr. Paul Wickens to be Sold to Novus Ordo Diocese???
(see stories of Nov. 8 & 9)

Apostasy Update from UK

"New Springtime" Update:
Abortion in Portugal

This Can't be Real:
"Tabernacle" Madness
Or: Check out this Monster here

Long have we waited for this Letter...

Somehow, "this is the holiest act on earth" just doesn't go with the New Mass....
More from the Fun Church here

A Heyday for the New Church

News from the Hippie Church

More Ecumenism, Please!

Neat Pictures...why use an altar if you can use a desk?

Cool Retreat! Girl plays Jesus in pants & top...

More Items from "Non-Catholic Supply of St. Louis":
Albs for Women (??)
"Halloween" Angel

"Catholic" Worship for Children...

Belgium's "Cardinal" Joos Dead at 81
Note: Joos was apparently one of the more conservative Novus Ordos, hated by the sodomites.

Behold the Beauty of the New Mass, now with Butterfly Gospel

In Germany, "Catholic" Bishop Preaches at Lutheran Church for Reformation Day
That's "Bishop" Nowak seen here (sorry, text only in German)

Lutherans and "Catholics" Celebrate Luther's Reformation Day Together!
Note: Reformation Day was Oct. 31, 1517

Handshake of Peace...

Fun & Games!

Oooh, we didn't realize that there's use for THIS in the Catholic Religion

Pardon us, we didn't know the Gospel was a "Celebration of Life"
Then again, neither did anyone prior to 1958.... Nice to meet you, Mr. Revivalist....


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