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ARCHIVE 12/2005

These are the news stories of December, 2005

To deceive even the Elect?
How many people will Benedict XVI's "Holy Revolution" fool?

We predicted it: See, we told you so!

"The more the enemies attempt to disguise their designs, the more a distrustful vigilance will be needed..."
--Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge, par. 39, 1937

Nothing Sacred:
'McWafers' emerge in Quebec

"New Springtime" Scorecard :
The Church in the United States

New "Cardinals" for February 22?

New Church desperate for Vocations:
Diocese runs Priesthood Ads on MTV and Comedy Channel!

Yeah, that's really a great target audience, isn't it?!! Look forward to some great MTV vocations in the next 10 years!

For Year's End, some Photographic Highlights of Benedict XVI
Reality Check: Jesus Christ to the unbelievers: "If you believe not that I am he [the Messiah], you shall die in your sin." (John 8:24)
--But Benedict confirmed the Jews in their unbelief. How charitable is that? Or could it be he doesn't believe they must convert to have eternal life? "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall he condemned" (Mark 16:16). True charity for unbelievers means preaching the Gospel to them!

A whole lotta "rethinking" going on...
Vatican getting ready to junk Limbo?

Flashback/Reality Check: Ratzinger vs. Limbo
Also: Catholic Encyclopedia on Limbo

The Roman Catechism of St. Pius V teaches: "Since infant children have no other means of salvation except Baptism, we may easily understand how griveously those persons sin who permit them to remain without the grace of the Sacrament longer than necessity may require...."
Imagine what teaching that unbaptized infants go straight to Heaven will do to Abortion...

SSPX Bishop on the Doctrinal Differences between SSPX and Rome

"New Springtime" Update:
Abortions in formerly Catholic Spain rise 72%

Benedict XVI wants to Tweak Liturgy of Neo-Catechumenal Way

Yay! Vacation Bible School!

Does Benedict XVI want to move the Vatican to Jerusalem?

Novus Ordo Historian: Index of Forbidden Books was "Crazy"
Reality Check: "Popes as well as councils, bishops no less than synods, considered it then, as always, their most sacred duty to safeguard the purity of faith and to protect the souls of the faithful by condemning and forbidding any dangerous book." --Catholic Encyclopedia, s.v. "Censorship of Books"
Here is the List: The Index of Forbidden Books (1948)

Zionism Watch:
High Priest Robe Produced for New Temple

They're actively working to rebuild the old temple, the destruction of which had been foretold by Christ:
"And Jesus being come out of the temple, went away. And his disciples came to shew him the buildings of the temple. And he answering, said to them: Do you see all these things? Amen I say to you, there shall not be left here a stone upon a stone that shall not be destroyed." (Matthew 24:1-2)
Related: Did you know Paul VI wore the Jewish Ephod?

From Benedict XVI's Christmas Sermon:
“'Glory to God in the highest' and 'on earth, peace...'. At one time we used to say: 'to men of good will'. Nowadays we say 'to those whom God loves.'”
Reality Check: The infallible Word of God has it: "gloria in altissimis Deo et in terra pax in hominibus bonae voluntatis" -- "to men of good will" (Luke 2:14).

"Miami Vice" Update:
Three diocesan churches listed as "Welcoming, Gay-Friendly" on Pro-Gay Site (incl. this church)

"Freedom and Democracy" Update:
Ohio Bill would allow Arrests for no sufficient Reason

(OK, this has nothing to do with the New Church but is still rather interesting, now that Benedict XVI called for a "New World Order")

Benedict XVI calls for "New World Order" of Peace and Justice
Reality Check: "the City cannot be built otherwise than as God has built it; society cannot be setup unless the Church lays the foundations and supervises the work; no, civilization is not something yet to be found, nor is the New City to be built on hazy notions; it has been in existence and still is: it is Christian civilization, it is the Catholic City. It has only to be set up and restored continually against the unremitting attacks of insane dreamers, rebels and miscreants. OMNIA INSTAURARE IN CHRISTO." --Pope St. Pius X, "Our Apostolic Mandate" blasting the "Civilization of Love," 1910

Benedict XVI to publish first Encyclical, other Important Documents in January

German Ultra-Modernist finally announces he's not Catholic

Benedict XVI on Vatican II:
Council Texts were Misinterpreted!

But didn't we get the "authentic" interpretation from Paul VI and John Paul II? Does Benedict XVI mean to suggest that nothing in the writings of Paul VI and John Paul II contributed to the "crisis in the Church"? Aside from what the Council says, are we honestly supposed to believe that the practical Vatican initiatives, esp. on ecumenism and religious liberty, are not resposible for this "crisis"? The average believer doesn't know what Vatican II says anyway-- the revolution occurred by means of actions, like the New Mass, ecumenical activity, and the like -- all mandated, blessed, endorsed, or tolerated by the Vatican!
We remember:
Ratzinger called Vatican II Document "Counter-Syllabus" to Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors

Flashback '66:
"[A] basic unity--of Churches that remain Churches, yet become one Church--must replace the idea of conversion, even though conversion retains its meaningfulness for those in conscience motivated to seek it."
--Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, Theological Highlights of Vatican II (Paulist Press, 1966), p. 73
Reality Check: "By no means is it permitted to pass over in silence or to veil in ambiguous terms the Catholic truth regarding the nature and way of justification, the constitution of the Church, the primacy of jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, and the only true union by the return of the dissidents to the one true Church of Christ." --Holy Office under Pope Pius XII, "On the Ecumenical Movement", 1949

So Ratzinger ratifies the "Real" Council!
Just wait and see how the conservative Novus Ordos and the semi-traditionalists will jump on this one!
Reality Check: "The Roman Pontiff can, and ought to, reconcile himself, and come to terms with progress, liberalism and modern civilization" --condemned by Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of Errors, no. 80, 1864
Interesting: John XXIII knew there would be a council 8 years before it happened! "In 1925 [Roncalli] made Vatican hackles rise because of his ecumenical initiatives in Bulgaria which prefigured the invitation to the Orthodox to attend the [Second Vatican] Council. In 1944 in Istanbul he gave a sermon on a council to be held in the postwar period." (source here)

Meet Sister Zen

"No Rupture with the Past" Update:
Benedict XVI admits New Relation between Church and State after Vatican II

Yep, so much so that Spain was forced to cease being a Catholic country!
(And now they're crying crockodile tears that Spain has allowed "gay marriage"!)

Reality Check:
"In the present day it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship." --condemned by Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of Errors, no. 77, 1864
"Hence it has been wisely decided by law, in some Catholic countries, that persons coming to reside therein shall enjoy the public exercise of their own peculiar worship." --condemned by Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of Errors, no. 78, 1864

Cartoon: Moses meets Vatican II

Benedict XVI in Camauro:
(Here's another one!)

Interview with SSPX Bishop:
More Schismatic Thoughts as Williamson Squares the Circle

So, Williamson believes the "Holy See" follows a religion that is diametrically opposed to Catholicism -- yet insists that it is the Holy See and that Benedict XVI is a true Pope! Since when can the Holy See be non-Catholic? People, get off that fence! If the Vatican has embraced a new humanistic-ecumenical religion, it cannot be the Catholic Church!
Reality Check:
"This see of St. Peter always remains unblemished by any error, in accordance with the divine promise of our Lord and Saviour to the prince of his disciples: I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren" --First Vatican Council, Session 4, Chapter 4, 1870
"If ever at any time it shall appear that any Bishop . . . or any Cardinal of the . . . Roman Church, . . . or even the Roman Pontiff, prior to his promotion or his elevation as Cardinal or Roman Pontiff, has deviated from the Catholic Faith or fallen into some heresy: (i) the promotion or elevation, even if it shall have been uncontested and by the unanimous assent of all the Cardinals, shall be null, void and worthless..."
--Pope Paul IV, Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, 1559

Puerto Rican Cult gives Sedevacantists Bad Name
This evil pseudo-sedevacantist cult is making sedevacantism look bad. Notice how Sedevacantism is now becoming a phenomenon that the New Church can no longer ignore. Bishop Fellay of the SSPX even had to assure Rome that they accept all the "Popes" since 1958 as legitimate -- something totally new and uncalled-for since the SSPX had never said anything to the contrary. Why are they getting worried about sedevacantists? Seems like our predictions are coming true...
Reality Check:
"To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome is to be out of communion with the Church" --St. Cyprian of Carthage
"One cannot consider as schismatics those who refuse to obey the Roman Pontiff because they would hold his person suspect or, because of widespread rumors, doubtfully elected (as happened after the election of Urban VI) or who would resist him as a civil authority and not as pastor of the Church." --Wernz-Vidal, Ius Canonicum (Rome: Gregorian 1937), vol. 7, p. 398

Appalling and Despicable:
"Merry Christmas" Novus-Ordo-style from Ratzinger's Home Diocese

Aiding and Abetting Heresy:
Benedict XVI urges Heretical Community to follow Founder's Vision

Reality Check: "True, Jesus has loved us with an immense, infinite love, and He came on earth to suffer and die so that, gathered around Him in justice and love, motivated by the same sentiments of mutual charity, all men might live in peace and happiness. But for the realization of this temporal and eternal happiness, He has laid down with supreme authority the condition that we must belong to His Flock, that we must accept His doctrine, that we must practice virtue, and that we must accept the teaching and guidance of Peter and his successors. Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them." --Pope St. Pius X, Our Apostolic Mandate, 1910

HLI President concerned about new S.F. "Archbishop"

Rome's Chief Exorcist: "Satan has entered the Vatican"
No kidding....
Reality Check: "In the year 1864, Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell; they will put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God. . . . Woe to the Princes of the Church who think only of piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and dominate with pride. The Vicar of my Son will suffer a great deal, because for a while the Church will yield to large persecution, a time of darkness, and the Church will witness a frightful crisis. . . . Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. . . . The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay . . . Now is the time; the abyss is opening. Here is the King of Kings of darkness, here is the Beast with his subjects, calling himself the Savior of the world." --Our Lady of La Salette (according to Melanie Calvat), quoted in Secrets of La Salette (Asbury, NJ: The 101 Foundation, 1994), pp. 12-18

"New Springtime" Update:
Soon there will be Nun!

How long will it take them to figure out that Novus Ordo sisterhood cannot possibly attract new vocations? Contrast that with traditional Catholic nuns.

Benedict XVI endorses Separation of Church and State
Reality Check: "The Church ought to be separated from the State, and the State from the Church" -- condemned by Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of Errors, no. 55, 1864

"New Springtime" Update:
Cincinnati Archdiocese starts Pro-Gay Youth Group

Fun Church celebrates Christmas

In Court: Levada's Veracity Questioned
What if he answers the question about mental reservation with a mental reservation?
Note: Wide mental reservation is only permissible if the questioner has no right to know the truth

Mr. Wenski dedicates Church in Orlando

Look at whom Ratzinger XVI just appointed "Archbishop of San Francisco"

More on the $5,000,000 Lawsuit

Debating the Meaning of "Is":
On whether the Church of Christ is the Catholic Church

--brought to you by the same people that will tell you that you're currently experiencing a Great Renewal, a New Springtime in the Catholic Faith (just don't open your eyes!). Didn't you know that "subsists in" is an even stronger way of saying "is"? As in: "This lady susbsists in my wife"?
Reality Check: "Some say they are not bound by the doctrine, explained in Our Encyclical Letter of a few years ago, and based on the sources of revelation, which teaches that the Mystical Body of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church are one and the same thing." --Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Humani Generis, par. 27, 1950

At Belgian Church, God = Allah
Don't be surprised if in the future the New Church will pray "through Allah our Lord" for the sake of ecumenism!

Two Photos:
No. 1 and No. 2

Guess which one was taken during the "New Springtime of the Faith"!

USCCB reclassifies Gay Cowboy Movie Review AFTER COMPLAINTS!

This says it all, folks, says it all....

More on Novus Ordo Bishops' Glowing Review of Gay Cowboy Movie
From the review: "While the actions taken by Ennis and Jack cannot be endorsed, the universal themes of love and loss ring true." Well, anyone with a brain will realize that if "gay love" is OK, then gay sex can't be wrong. But "gay love" is not OK. So what message is being sent here?

Yeah, be a Missionary of Inclusion!
So now the Good News is that all are created in God's image and likeness? Wait a minute, didn't we know that already before Christ came?

Benedict XVI on Orthodox-Catholic Reunion
Reality Check: How about reunion the Catholic way, by making the non-Catholics become Catholic? "As soon as they were invited by us to this synod, in their eagerness for ecclesiastical unity, at the cost of many labours and much toil and perils at sea, they sent to us and this council from very distant parts, their notable, dedicated and learned envoys with sufficient powers to accept, namely whatever the holy Spirit should inspire this holy synod to achieve." --Pope Eugene IV about the Armenians at the Council of Florence, 1439

"No Rupture with the Past" Update:
"First Confession" - 2005 Version

Yes, let's "try to find some reasons" for changing Catholic dogma...
Reality Check: "an unbaptized person who has not the Christian faith is in no sense within the Catholic Church" --Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, The Catholic Church and Salvation (1958), p. 27
Many are "ignorant of the mysteries of the faith, even of those matters which must be known by necessity of means" --Pope Benedict XIV, Cum Religiosi, par. 1, 1754
"That meaning of the sacred dogmas is ever to be maintained which has once been declared by holy mother church, and there must never be any abandonment of this sense under the pretext or in the name of a more profound understanding" --First Vatican Council, Session 3, Chapter 4 (1870)

EWTN Priest admits:
The contents of the Novus Ordo Catechism can change

Just make sure you always have the latest edition! ;-)

$5,000,000 LAWSUIT!
Pro-Gay Novus Ordo Priest claims "Cardinals" Egan, McCarrick are "Active Homosexuals," that "Vatican is aware that over two-thirds of bishops, priests and religious in the United States are homosexual and are living homosexual lives" (more here)
Put on your Surprise Face....

Raw Data: Text of Lawsuit (note esp. par. 78!!)

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"New Springtime" Update:
Gay Italian Novus Ordo Priests protest Vatican Document

Looks like St. Pius X really missed out on one heck of a "Great Renewal," huh?

Novus Ordo Bishops' Movie Review of Same-Sex Cowboy Love Story

Yeah, except for the "same-sex relationships, adultery, two brief sex scenes without nudity, partial and shadowy brief nudity elsewhere, other implied sexual situations, profanity, rough and crude expressions, alcohol and brief drug use, brief violent images, a gruesome description of a murder, and some domestic violence," it's a really great movie!

Among Buddies:
"Cardinal" Mahony says Mass at Shanghai Chinese Schismatic Church

See, we told you so (***):
Benedict XVI appoints "Super-Conservative" to Top Liturgy Post

As predicted, Benedict is bending over backwards to appear traditional in areas of liturgy and sexual morality... but his true colors are showing in ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality...
Also: More Details on the New Liturgy Watchdog

Meet Tomorrow's Novus Ordo Priest
People "seeking meaning" in "rich spiritual traditions" in "ever new ways" to become better "compassionate and empathetic listeners" to "heal pain"...are far from the Sacred Priesthood of Christ! Not much more here than some areligious psychological social worker who might as well be a Protestant minister, a Buddhist, or an agnostic... Of course we need Catholics who can help people cope with pain and suffering, which is a corporal work of mercy, but this has very little to do with the Sacred Priesthood of Christ in the Catholic Church. If you're "looking for meaning," don't apply!

Novus Ordo Cardinal furious over Death Penalty
They put all human life on the same level, do not distinguish guilt from innocence, treat "human dignity" as untouchable and inviolable.
Reality Check:
"By sinning man departs from the order of reason, and consequently falls away from the dignity of his manhood"
--St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, II-II, q. 64, a. 2, ad 3.
"The world has heard enough of the so-called 'rights of man.' Let it hear something of the rights of God."
--Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Tametsi, par. 13, 1900
Essay: Catholic Morality and Capital Punishment

Novus Ordo Bishop gets Political
See how quickly these bishops can become involved in legislation when something is at stake that they really care about...

"Being fully cognizant of the necessary connection between faith and worship, between 'the law of believing and the law of praying', under a pretext of returning to the primitive form, they corrupted the Liturgical Order in many ways to suit the errors of the reformers. For this reason, in the whole Ordinal not only is there no clear mention of the sacrifice, of consecration, of the priesthood (sacerdotium), and of the power of consecrating and offering sacrifice but, as we have just stated, every trace of these things which had been in such prayers of the Catholic rite as they had not entirely rejected, was deliberately removed and struck out" --Pope Leo XIII, Apostolic Letter Apostolicae Curae, par. 30, 1896
Pope Leo, of course, was speaking of the Anglicans, but this also applies very much to the Novus Ordo liturgy, the "New Mass," and the modernist reformers, who removed as much as they could what was distinctively Catholic in the Mass

"Fun Church" Update:
Novus Ordo Store sells "Christ Comedy" Books

And thus the Blessed Lord is reduced to a comedian....

"Cardinal" Hoyos: SSPX is Part of New Church!
This is absolutely hilarious: Hoyos says that the SSPX is inside the Church, is in Partial Communion with Rome!
But the real question is: how will hard-core SSPX adherents receive this news, because, of course, communion with the New Church is the last thing they want! But then, they do want it, sort of, because, after all, they claim they are in communion with the Holy See -- just not the "Holy See," you know. As Bishop Williamson "clarified" in his Schismatic Thoughts for December 2005, they are in communion with Rome, just not with "Rome." So, "Cardinal" Hoyos may have just scared the average SSPX adherent away: they want no association with the New Religion, yet Rome is now threatening them by saying they are part of the New Church! (Rome itself does not distinguish between Rome and "Rome," you see.) One can only pity the SSPX. Due to their continual refusal to decide whether, if Rome is only "Rome," it then follows that the Pope is only "the Pope," they are now caught between a rock and a hard place. Rome is about to offer them "more perfect" and even "fuller" communion--but do they even want that? Not Bishop Williamson! Not the a
verage SSPX adherent! Bishop Fellay maybe. Both the Vatican and the SSPX are all over the map on this one. But one thing is clear: the SSPX, like Campos now, will soon be an official part of the Novus Ordo Establishment--as we predicted!
Note: Finally a frank admission that the ecclesiology of Vatican II is new, as in "unheard-of" in the Church's Magisterium until 1958. It's a ridiculous theology, of course, where now people can be "more or less" in communion, i.e. in degrees of communion. The truth is, of course, that one is either inside the Catholic Church or outside her; one is in or out of communion with her.

SSPX-Rome Talks: Why the Secrecy?
Watch out, SSPX'ers, you're going Novus Ordo....
Related: The Remnant disingenuously claims that "Rome has spoken" on the question of schism and therefore the "debate is over." Does anyone honestly believe that if "Cardinal" Hoyos had said, "Yes, there is a formal schism," that the Remnant would then have printed: "SSPX in Schism - Rome has spoken - Debate Over"?

There's an Idea:
Monks and Nuns move in together

What's that? Only Mature Gays allowed?
(Note: this author chairs the Department of "Religious Studies" at the local Novus Ordo University!)

John Lennon would be proud:
Interreligious "Peace and Love" in Bahrain

Reality Check: "True, Jesus has loved us with an immense, infinite love, and He came on earth to suffer and die so that, gathered around Him in justice and love, motivated by the same sentiments of mutual charity, all men might live in peace and happiness. But for the realization of this temporal and eternal happiness, He has laid down with supreme authority the condition that we must belong to His Flock, that we must accept His doctrine, that we must practice virtue, and that we must accept the teaching and guidance of Peter and his successors. Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them." --Pope St. Pius X, Our Apostolic Mandate, 1910

It's getting silly:
Yet Another "Key" to Understanding Vatican II

So, where are the "keys" to understanding Trent, Vatican I, Nicea, Lateran IV, or Constantinople? Could it be we didn't need any "keys" because a council's "principal glory consists above all in teaching the truth with clarity and excluding all danger of error" (Pope Pius VI, Auctorem Fidei, 1794)?

All for Cosa Nostra Aetate!
Two "Catholic Bishops" join Jews in Worship on December 2

But, boy, watch out for those traditional Catholic chapels not in communion with the New Vatican!
Reality Check: "The holy universal Church teaches that it is not possible to worship God truly except in her and asserts that all who are outside of her will not be saved" --Pope St. Gregory the Great, qtd. in Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter, par.5, 1832

Una Voce Conference focuses on Changes in Liturgy
This looks like another step towards a pseudo-reintroduction of the Traditional Mass (SWTYS)

But of course:
Benedict XVI claims Blessed Virgin Mary watched over
his four Predeccesors in last 40 Years

Oh, yes? As in... John XXIII's treacherous Pact of Metz? Paul VI's Destruction of the Holy Mass? John Paul I's Statement that God is our Mother? John Paul II's Endorsement of False Religions?

SSPX Bishop Fellay meets with "Cardinal" Hoyos in Secret
English translation here
No doubt, reconciliation with Rome is coming . . . we told you so!

Here a Church, there a Church, everywhere a Church-Church?
Vatican Paper publishes Study on Frankenchurch
Reality Check: " none of these [non-Catholic religious] societies, and not even in all of them taken together, can in some way be seen the one and Catholic Church which Christ the Lord built, constituted, and willed to exist. Neither will it ever be able to be said that they are members and part of that Church as long as they remain visibly separated from Catholic unity." --Pope Pius IX, Apostolic Letter Iam Vos Omnes, 1868

See, we told you so! (***)
Sermon called Anti-Semitic

Reality Check: "Then were gathered together the chief priests and ancients of the people, into the court of the high priest, who was called Caiphas: and they consulted together that by subtilty they might apprehend Jesus and put him to death." (Matthew 26:3-4)
Also: Christ, addressing the Jewish scribes and pharisees who rejected Him, said to them: "Wherefore you are witnesses against yourselves, that you are the sons of them that killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell? Therefore behold I send to you prophets and wise men and scribes: and some of them you will put to death and crucify: and some you will scourge in your synagogues and persecute from city to city. That upon you may come all the just blood that hath been shed upon the earth, from the blood of Abel the just, even unto the blood of Zacharias the son of Barachias, whom you killed between the temple and the altar....Behold, your house shall be left to you, desolate." (Matthew 23:31-35, 38)
Looks like Traditional Catholicism -- and Sacred Scripture -- are on the way to becoming "Hate Speech"...

Chamber of Horrors--from "Cardinal" Meisner with Love:
Cologne Archdiocese's College Chapel visually represents the New Religion
(click on individual pictures for larger view)
Barren, desolate, cold, distorted, reminiscent of Paganism--and then some
(This place was in German news because the rector has forbidden a priest to use the communion paten!)

Hey, let's play Bank -- at "Mass"!

News Alert:
Benedict XVI releases 50-Page Encyclical,
but not for Public yet

Rome to Boston: Stop Homosexual Adoptions

A Novus Ordo Watch Exclusive:

Iam Vos Omnes
September 13, 1868

Apostolic Letter of Pope Pius IX to all Protestants and other Non-Catholics at the Convocation of the First Vatican Council, that they may return to the Catholic Church

Includes good Spankings for Ecumenism!

Schismatic Thoughts for December '05 by Bishop Williamson
Really, this is getting unbearable. There's Rome, and then there's "Rome"? In that case, is Benedict XVI the Pope or just "the Pope"? This fence-sitting is not Catholic and it needs to end. Make up your mind already: either the Vatican is Catholic, and then you must submit, or the entire circus there is non-Catholic and illegitimate and therefore not part of the Catholic Church.

Will Benedict XVI "Re-Interpret" Vatican II?

News on the Vatican's "Anti-Gay" Document :
It's...uh...a Matter of Interpretation??

In "Honor" of Vatican II's Anniversary, some more nice "Mass" Pictures

"No Rupture with the Past" Update:
Vatican II at 40

Will Gregorian Chant make a Comeback under Benedict XVI?

Blasphemy Alert:
"Cardinal" Schönborn's Youth Church shows blasphemous Movie "Dogma"
Yes, the "Youth Church" in Vienna becomes a movie theater four times a year, but since that isn't bad enough yet, they have to show morally reprehensible movies, too. Even the US Novus Ordo bishops classified this movie as "Morally Offensive", their worst possible rating.

Response to the Remnant:
Resisting the Pope, Sedevacantism, and Frankenchurch

Related: The New Ecclesiology (Slide Show)

Don't miss the Real Anniversary:
December 8 marks the 136th Anniversary of the Opening of the First Vatican Council
Read the Documents of Vatican I here

The Council of Man turns 40

To "honor" the 40th Anniversary of the ominous Second Vatican Council, we are providing you with an important historical resource:

Paul VI's Closing Speech
at Fourth General Assembly of Vatican II

December 7, 1965

Reality Check:
"It is impossible to approve in Catholic publications a style inspired by unsound novelty which seems to deride the piety of the faithful and dwells on the introduction of a new order of Christian life, on new directions of the Church, on new aspirations of the modern soul, on a new social vocation of the clergy, on a new Christian civilization, and many other things of the same kind."
--Pope Leo XIII, Instruction of the Sacred Congregation of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, January 27, 1902

See, we told you so! (see par. 6 here)
"Today the greatest threat to mankind comes not from
secularists and atheists, but from religious fanatics and zealots."
--Rabbi Hier, meeting with Benedict XVI about "Peace"
-- Guess under which category Catholic Traditionalists will fall!
From news item: Christians, Jews can help usher in future of peace, says Benedict XVI
Reality Check: "the peace of Christ ... is the only true peace" --Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Ubi Arcano Dei, par. 37, 1922

"Religion of Peace" Update:
Pakistani Islamic Leaders call for Elimination of Christians

Open Secrets:
List of "Gay"-Friendly Novus Ordo Parishes

Attention all Plate Holders: Walk to Bread Distributors

Actually, that's more than we expected:
33.3% of Scottish "Christian Clergy" believe in Hell
This means that 66.6% deny or doubt it!
Reality Check: "The souls of those who depart in actual mortal sin immediately after their death descend to hell where they are tortured by infernal punishments" --Pope Benedict XII (Denzinger 531)

A typical Novus Ordo Sermon

(What this has to do with the Kingship of Christ is anyone's guess)
Reality Check: "Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword. For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's enemies shall be they of his own household." --the politically-incorrect Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:34-36)
Let's face it: the Blessed Lord is today mischaracterized as a "peace and love" hippie, when in fact, if He walked the earth today, He would be locked up or executed once more for "hate speech" and dividing society

"New Springtime" Update:
Homosexual Activism meets Catholic Kindergarten

"Miami Vice" Update:
Accusations reach Fever Pitch in Diocese
"Cardinal" McCarrick accused of Abuse of Power

A Miracle indeed:
John Paul II even more Present when Absent, says "Cardinal"

SSPX Rising:
Eastern European Bishops worried about Lefebvrists
Novus Ordos in a prayer march against the SSPX? Wow, if they only did that against the local Protestant heretics or Hindu infidels!

fThanks for the clarification:
"The instruction is not saying that men of homosexual orientation are not welcome in the priesthood"
--"Cardinal" Murphy-O'Connor
The bewilderment of the Novus Ordo clergy about this document speaks volumes...

Ratzinger '71: Members of Other Religions go to Heaven, too
We are producing two scanned pages of the book Co-Workers of the Truth (Ignatius Press, 1992), which quote from Ratzinger's book Vom Sinn des Christseins (Germany, 1971):
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Reality Check:
"It is impossible for the most true God, who is Truth itself, the best, the wisest Provider, and the Rewarder of good men, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal rewards on their members… by divine faith we hold one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and that no other name under heaven is given to men except the name of Jesus Christ in which we must be saved. This is why we profess that there is no salvation outside the Church" --Pope Leo XII, Encyclical Ubi Primum, par. 14, 1824

Pop Quiz:
What part of the Mass is this?

Are you a Sodomite? Not a Problem!
Come share your "faith journey" at St. Bernadette "Catholic" Church!

(approved by "Cardinal" Keeler and the Archdiocese of Baltimore!)

"New Springtime" Update:
Glory to God in the Highest?

No Heresy here:
"Msgr." Proudly Denies No Salvation Outside the Church

Yes, isn't it amazing, not until 1965 did the Church finally figure out the "truth"!
Reality Check: "Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the catholic church before the end of their lives" --Council of Florence, 1442

After that "rigid" anti-gay document:
More Flexibility, please!

The "New Springtime" has struck again!
The Changing Faces of Ministry


Caution: "Great Renewal" at Work


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