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ARCHIVE 3/2006

These are the news stories of March, 2006

Vatican Sources: Universal Approval of 1962 Missal could be underway
No surprise there... as Fr. Carl Pulvermacher, OFM Cap, once said, "Once there are no more valid priests, they'll permit the Latin Mass."

Absolutely Null and Utterly Void [PDF File]
[to view PDF files, get the free Adobe Reader here]
Earlier this year the SSPX's Angelus Magazine published a two-part article attempting to prove the validity of the 1968 rite of episcopal consecration. This theological study proves the opposite. The consequences: Benedict XVI and the rest of his modernist hierarchy are not real bishops, and ordinations conferred in "indult" organizations are invalid. Examines the criteria for validity, Eastern Rite formulas, ancient Christian texts, early doubts about validity, 'governing Spirit' vs. 'fullness of the priesthood,' substantial change, arguments from context, papal approval. Extensive bibliography.

"There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition" --qtd. by Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Satis Cognitum, par. 9, 1896

How very wrong this network's gone:
EWTN Prayer for John Paul II's Intercession

John Paul II Sculpture in Poland

"Rite of Sodomy"
Will this New Book devastate Novus Ordo Land?

New York Archdiocese to close 31 Parishes, 14 Schools
This is one heck of a "Great Renewal", you have to admit...

Novus Ordo Nun "Sister Wendy" on Sexuality:
"God wouldn't give you a toy and not let you play with it."

This popular nun is featured at Ignatius Press

Belgian Secular Inquisition prosecutes Priest for "Islamophobia"

More Press for Sedevacantism:
Inside the Vatican publishes Letter-to-Editor
denouncing Benedict XVI as "fraud and heretic"

(see here)

Benedict XVI wants to visit China

Non-Catholics support John Paul II "Beatification"
Curious. How many Non-Catholics supported the Canonization of Pope St. Pius X? And yet he was a true saint... Reality Check: "Woe to you when men shall bless you: for according to these things did their fathers to the false prophets" (Luke 6:26)

Zionism Watch:
Official Site of New Jewish Sanhedrin

94-Year-Old Priest Commanded to Stop saying Traditional Mass
You see, he could have offered some pagan sacrifice instead and it would have been ok. But not the real Mass! They hate the real Mass like the devil hates holy water.
Update: Jesuit Center claims Fr. Bourret was not threatened with suspension and that the problem was not his praying of the traditional Mass but the place where he did so (a chapel not in union with the Novus Ordo church).

"New Springtime" Update:
Video: Gay Novus Ordo Priest "marries" Sodomite Couples

"Proof" of John Paul II's "Holiness" is "Obvious"?
Rome, listen up: Not the entire world believes Bishop Wojtyla was a saint! Speaking of obvious things, there are some who believe he manifestly wasn't even a Catholic--or a Pope! The only miraculous thing about his 26-year "reign" is that there are still some Catholics left in this world!
Reality Check: Photos of the "Saintly" John Paul II CAUTION! Nudity!
"If I sought to please men, I should not be the servant of Christ." --St. Paul (Gal. 1:10)

It's a Fun Church, after all:
"Circus Mass" in Minnesota

(speaking of circus, check out Fr. Ratzinger's endorsement)

Benedict XVI: More Collegiality, please!

The Dancing Girls of "Archbishop" Niederauer
This from the Novus Ordo bishop who thought the sodomite cowboy movie "Brokeback Mountain" was "very powerful" (source). Of course, dancing girls in thin dresses don't pose a temptation to men who are not attracted to women...

New Cartoon!
Reality Check for Hans Urs "Hell Could Be Empty" von Balthasar

Related: Von Balthasar was officially suspected of heresy by the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII, just like Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (see here)
More: Von Balthasar said Catholic Church is a Prostitute
(In 1988 John Paul II wanted to reward von Balthasar for his impious theology and make him a cardinal but couldn't, as von Balthasar was called to render an account to his Maker two days before the consistory, on June 26, 1988)

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Vatican Readies Canonical Package to Reintegrate SSPX
(***See, We Told You So***)
For fairness' and accuracy's sake: On February 2, 2006, Bishop Fellay publicly acknowledged a meeting between himself and "Cardinal" Hoyos had taken place on Nov. 15, 2005 (see here)

Anything but Catholic: Of Aliens, Wheels, and Stealth "Priestesses"
Once you've thrown out Catholicism, what do you put in its stead?
Flashback: Remember the "Circus Mass" in France?

Vatican: Renunciation of Patriarch Title reflects "historical and theological reality"

Ugliest "Church" ever Created?
This surely must be among the worst 3, brought to you by "Cardinal" König of Vienna
(and no, the cafeteria is not closed under Benedict XVI - it simply reopened under new management)

A New Religion needs New Buildings
(hence you see so many ugly new churches)

Is there Room for you in the Novus Ordo Church?
Not if you're a Catholic...

The Novus Ordo Sex Abuse Crisis is so bad, there's a whole archive about it

Put on your Surprise Face:
San Francisco "Catholic" Charities Official is Sodomite Adoptive Parent

Videos to assist John Paul II Cause for "Beatification"
Hmmm.... will these videos also include his act of snake worship with a Voodoo priest in 1985?

Vatican Defrocks Former Vice-General of Boston Archdiocese
Related: "Bishop" Lynch's Crossing of Boundaries (can you spell "biceps"?)
(These are the kinds of people still in charge of Novus Ordo dioceses! No, there isn't anyone "alseep at the wheel" here - this is obviously intentional!)

Exorcism? Satan laughs at Vatican II Church's New "Exorcism"
More proof that the New Church is not the Catholic Church

Israel's Chief Rabbi wants "U.N. of Religions"

Reform of the Reform?
Benedict XVI plans "Apostolic Exhortation" and "Liturgical Reform" with more Latin...

(Sound familiar?)

Evangelicals and "Catholics" Together?
US Novus Ordo Bishops want to "witness our Faith" with Protestants

"Whole Body Prayer" is here to stay, it seems

10 Questions for "Archbishop" Levada

Just Rumor and Hot Air?
Benedict to have "Unplanned" Meeting about SSPX Situation

Benedict XVI calls for Conversion of Jews?
Don't be deceived:
"[The Ancient Doctors] knew the capacity of innovators in the art of deception. In order not to shock the ears of Catholics, they sought to hide the subtleties of their tortuous maneuvers by the use of seemingly innocuous words such as would allow them to insinuate error into souls in the most gentle manner.... if all this is sinful, it cannot be excused in the way that one sees it being done, under the erroneous pretext that the seemingly shocking affirmations in one place are further developed along orthodox lines in other places, and even in yet other places corrected; as if allowing for the possibility of either affirming or denying the statement, or of leaving it up the personal inclinations of the individual – such has always been the fraudulent and daring method used by innovators to establish error. It allows for both the possibility of promoting error and of excusing it." --Pope Pius VI, Apostolic Constitution Auctorem Fidei, 1794

Neo-Catholicism at its Finest:
What's Wrong with EWTN
(Please note: Novus Ordo Watch does not endorse the theological position of Christopher Ferrara; this link is only posted for educational purposes about the non-Catholic nature of this very influential "Catholic" TV network)

Young Ladies seeking for a deeper Relationship with Earth, APPLY HERE
No doubt, they'll find plenty of "vocations" to this. What young lady wouldn't want to participate in this community, after all? Contrast that with real Catholic nuns.

Due to certain false rumors circulating on the internet, Novus Ordo Watch would like to repeat its call for any SSPX cleric (doesn't matter who -- whether inclined to reconcile with Benedict XVI or not) to contact Novus Ordo Watch for a cross-examination on precisely what the SSPX believes about their own status and the status of Benedict XVI. We keep hearing it's a new religion in Rome, but somehow the man responsible for the whole new religion is still a Catholic. We need some clarification, please.

They're talking again:
Vatican to Reopen Talks with Anglicans

Reality Check: Is the Archlayman of Canterbury a Druid?
(even Protestant web sites are upset! Not the Vatican, though)
Another Reality Check: St. Patrick overturned Druid Religion

SSPX Update:
Bp. Williamson accuses Rome of having a New Religion

When it all began:
Pictures of the Man who brought you this Whole Mess
Reality Check: John XXIII, a Blessed?
Also: Contribution to a "Canonization"

Benedict's Dream:
Cooperation among All Three Monotheistic Religions

Benedict claims that because all three religions claim to believe in one God who made heaven and earth, therefore it follows that they must cooperate with one another for "justice and peace in the world." How that follows is anyone's guess. Whatever religion he's preaching here, it certainly isn't the Catholic religion, whose teaching it is that the Social Kingship of Christ ought to be established in every society, that society ought to be Catholic, and that the sites, shrines, and symbols of the other religions are not holy, that their teachings and laws lead to damnation instead of salvation. Fr. Ratzinger knows this. What we're seeing here is a deliberate and well-calculated attempt to usher in a new religion, whose purpose it is to unite all "men of faith", no matter what their religious beliefs, in a "peaceful" society in order to serve man and human needs. The true God, truth, holiness, true peace, and Catholic morality will have no place in it. Rather, it will be founded on the freemasonic ideals of equality, liberty, and fraternity. Real Catholics will eventually be considered "radical extremists" who are a "threat" to society because they believe non-Catholics are in need of conversion to be saved, a "crime" that infringes on their "human dignity." Can't we all see that that's where we're going? In short, Benedict's dream is a Catholic's nightmare.
Reality Check:
Pope St. Pius X on Human Dignity and Catholic Society

The Novus Ordo View of the Holy Priesthood of Christ
Not according to the books, of course, but de facto, that's what it is in many places.

But of course:
"Archbishop" Lifts Friday Abstinence for St. Patrick's Day

This is pretty sad - here they have eight days in the whole year when they have to abstain from meat, and even that is too much for the Novus Ordos! But it's a typical symptom of the Novus Ordo cancer: man first, God second (at best).

Why don't you...
...join "Cardinal" Mahony at a live Online Chat Session?

Caution! Site contains immodest picture (surprise!)

Don't try this at home!
The "Dynamic" Our Father

Part of "cosmic body prayer" - you just can't make it up....

Care for some Tea?
This "tea ceremony" is quite uncanny - the German captions speak of getting in contact with the mystery of water, remaining in the now, getting into a relationship with the tea, perceiving tea and letting blessings flow, etc. Very Catholic.

They've had enough:
Novus Ordo Catholic Laymen Threaten to "Out" Gay Priests

More from "Cardinal" Daneels on Condoms
But the "lesser evil" is still evil - and therefore morally unacceptable!

Read at your own Risk:
Jesuit Ash Wednesday Sermon recommends Brokeback Lent,
quotes from Jewish Talmud
(More on Presider Loftus here)
Reality Check: The Talmud Unmasked (Imprimatur 1892)

New Cartoon!

(related story here)

Benedict says Christians must Evangelize
Well, then, when will he start evangelizing Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and Pagans? In 2005, he wasted no time going into a Jewish Synagogue to tell the unbelieving Jews that meeting Christ was really meeting Judaism (see for yourself here). The only other thing he said about Christ was that He doesn't tolerate religious discrimination (very funny -- as though Christ didn't distinguish between sheep and goats, between His followers and those who stubbornly refused to believe).

Benedict's New Man "Guarding" the Faith:
"Gay Priests should Keep Silent"
Or maybe they should just quit...

A Fitting Tribute Indeed:
"Council Remembrance Church" in Austria

Come to the X-Fest!
Does this remind you of Heaven or more of hell? No doubt, St. John Vianney would have been thrilled with this "new springtime" of the Faith!

If we had to sum up the "New Springtime" and "Great Renewal" in one picture, we could use THIS ONE (make sure you also see this "Tabernacle" of the Great Renewal)

"High Mass"?

SSPX Update - Bishop Fellay Speaks:
Somewhat optimistic about Reconciliation with Rome, claims he believes in Benedict's (purported) Supremacy
Let's see if we can find one Catholic Saint who doubted the Pope's canonizations, sat in judgment on his universal disciplinary laws, set up his own annulment tribunals in opposition to the Holy See, filtered the Pope's teachings, and opposed his promulgated sacramental rites. By the way, Novus Ordo Watch is still waiting for any SSPX priest to initiate contact for an interview on their status with Rome and their theological position.

Group to Honor John Paul II for Allowing Traditional Mass ('62 Version)
Reality Check:
John Paul II was no friend of the true Mass. Traditionalists, he said, "unfortunately have turned back in a one-sided and exclusive way to the previous liturgical forms which some of them consider to be the sole guarantee of certainty in faith." --John Paul II, Vicesimus Quintus Annus, 1988

Major Changes in the Curia?

Brokeback Bishops:
The Sorry Mess of the USCCB in dealing with Sex Abuse

Benedict "enthusiastic" about Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
Reality Check:
Don't be deceived on this one. Here's what Fr. Ratzinger said in 1965:
"Eucharistic adoration or quiet visiting in church can, reasonably, not simply be thought of as conversation with the God who is thought present in a locally-circumscriptive manner. Statements such as 'God lives here' and conversation with the locally-thought God based on such thinking express a misjudgment of the christological event as well as the idea of God, which necessarily repels the thinking man who knows about the omnipresence of God. If one were to justify going to church on the grounds that one must visit the God who is only present there, this would indeed be a justification which would make no sense and would rightfully be rejected by modern man. Eucharistic adoration is in truth related to the Lord, who, through his historical life and suffering, has become 'bread' for us, that is, who through his Incarnation and abandonment unto death has become the one who is open for us." --Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, The Sacramental Foundation of Christian Existence, excerpted in English here
Got it? No doubt, such modernistic drivel had nothing to do with a decline in Eucharistic Adoration after Vatican II, huh?
Contrast that with serious Catholic spirituality: "It is this love that keeps Me a prisoner in the tabernacle. For nearly twenty centuries I have dwelt there, night and day, veiled under the species of Bread and concealed in the small white Host, bearing through love, neglect, solitude, contempt, blasphemies, outrages, sacrileges..." --the Lord Jesus Christ to Sr. Josefa Menendez

More on those "Worry Dolls" - better start worrying!

Novus Ordo Watch could do so much more - but the money is lacking!
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New Cartoon!
Orlando's Novus Ordo Bishop on Destruction of Religious Places

(related story)

Contrast that with a truly Catholic Perspective from a Canonized Saint:
"After their baptism the new Christians go back to their houses and bring me their wives and families for baptism. When all are baptized I order all the temples of their false gods to be destroyed and all the idols to be broken in pieces. I can give you no idea of the joy I feel in seeing this done, witnessing the destruction of the idols by the very people who but lately adored them." --St. Francis Xavier

Pictures speak Volumes:
The Apostasy of the New Church

"Our Elder Brothers in the Faith" Update:
"Conservative" Jews to Reconsider Ban on Gay Rabbis, Same-Sex Unions

Skylstad Accused, Denies
Head of US Conference of Non-Catholic Bishops accused of sex abuse in 1960's

Novus Ordo Cardinal Favors Koran Lessons in Italy
Probably figured, "How bad can this book be if John Paul II kissed it?"
(Note: It is not known whether John Paul II was offered 30 pieces of silver for it)
Ah, yes, human rights! Reality Check: "The world has heard enough of the so-called 'rights of man.' Let it hear something of the rights of God" --Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Tametsi, par. 13, 1900

Brokeback Clergy:
Assorted Novus Ordo Clergy praise Gay Propaganda Film

Staggering Numbers - Dublin Sex Abuse Crisis

SSPX Update:
Another Interview with Bishop Williamson

More of the same -- Rome is a New Religion but the man at the helm there is the Catholic Pope. What part about "the See of St. Peter always remains unimpaired by any error, according to the divine promise of our Lord" (Vatican I; Denz. 1836) does Williamson not understand? If Rome has embraced a new religion, then Benedict XVI is not a legitimate occupant of the Holy See!

Orange Diocese:
Traditional Catholicism Unacceptable, Child Porn not so bad

Regarding those Dolls used at the Austrian "Rock Mass"--
Novus Ordo Watch did some research on these scary dolls that were used at an Austrian Novus Ordo youth "rock mass" -- and discovered some disturbing facts: (1) the dolls are called Sorgenpüppchen, German for "little worry dolls"; (2) they come from Guatemala and look like this (!!); (3) their history is based on a Pagan Guatemalan myth about a princess to whom a sun god gave the ability to take away people's worries and cares. This princess (her name is Ixmucane) then handed on this gift to representatives (the dolls, presumably). People are supposed to tell their worries to those dolls at night and put them under their pillow. The next morning, those cares are supposed to be gone. (source) So, what are such Pagan-New Age dolls doing at a "Catholic Mass"? The use of those dolls was no accident -- they were specifically imported from Guatemala for that "Mass" and come from Pop Atz'iaq. They are very popular in Austria, as they are said to have this "magic power" to take away cares and worries. What we see going on at that "rock mass", then, is extremely wicked and idolatrous.
Reality Check:
"Come to me all you that labor and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: And you shall find rest to your souls." --the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 11:28-29)
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Preview of the Next Find-Fight-Follow Rock "Mass" in Vienna:
View the 3-D Tour

Reality Check:
"It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer" (Matthew 21:13)
-- What would Christ say about this today?

Chamber of Horrors:

More Find-Fight-Follow "Mass" Pictures
Reality Check:
"Be not deceived: God is not mocked" (Galatians 6:7)

"New Springtime" Update:
19 Quebec Novus Ordo Priests slam Condemnation of Sodomy


Demonic Rock "Mass" with Voodoo-Like Dolls in Austria
The dolls had been imported from Latin America -- participants were to use them to "imagine a friend who's not doing well and who's virtually paralyzed on account of his worries " -- see pictures here (click on "Weiter" at the top to see more)
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Unbelievable Double Standard:
Mass Expulsions in Orange Diocese -- Guess Why!

New Cartoon!
The Vatican fixes the New Mass:

(This cartoon was designed exclusively for Novus Ordo Watch by Paul Nichols.)

"No Rupture with the Past" Update:
The "Right to Choose" in Boston--Liturgically

Orange "Bishop" discovers Mortal Sin

SSPX in Schism or Not, according to Rome?
Vatican Officials apparently can't make up their Mind

It seems they have been flip-flopping on this for quite a while. In 1988, John Paul II stated: "Formal adherence to the schism is a grave offence against God and carries the penalty of excommunication decreed by the Church's law" (Ecclesia Dei) -- which obviously includes SSPX priests. Now, curiously, in a 1988 letter to "Cardinal" Gantin, a number of SSPX priests and district superiors wrote: "we ask for nothing better than to be declared outside of this impious communion of the ungodly" (see Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican, p. 136 and p. 137). This is part of the problem with the SSPX. They themselves don't really know where they stand or what they want. Do they even want communion with Benedict XVI? At times they say they don't; at other times they say they already have it -- it's a madhouse! SSPX priests are encouraged to e-mail Novus Ordo Watch for an interview about their status and theological position.

"No Rupture with the Past" Update:
Flashback '88: John Paul II admits Vatican II teaches New Doctrine:

"Indeed, the extent and depth of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council call for a renewed commitment to deeper study in order to reveal clearly the Council's continuity with Tradition, especially in points of doctrine which, perhaps because they are new, have not yet been well understood by some sections of the Church" --John Paul II, Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei, July 2, 1988

State of the New Church - Case in Point:
"Eucharistic Minister" testifies: "Back when Catholics used to believe these hosts were actually Jesus’ body, nobody but the priest would be allowed to touch them." -No kidding!
(Alright, so the whole story was bogus and satire, but you wouldn't know it just from reading it!)

All the Bishops' Boys:
California Novus Ordo Prelates will continue "Ordaining" Homosexuals
Reality Check:
Some basic facts about Sodomy/ Homosexuality
and how we got where we are today

CAUTION! Offensive Content!

Orlando Apostasy:
"Bishop" Wenski deplores Mosque Attack as an "Affront to God"

...but the Vatican-mandated trashing of traditional churches and altars in the 1960's was fine, huh? Apparently Mr. Wenski thinks complete abandonment to God's will leads to greater appreciation of mosques? And since when do Muslims worship the Christian God?
Reality Check:
"After their baptism the new Christians go back to their houses and bring me their wives and families for baptism. When all are baptized I order all the temples of their false gods to be destroyed and all the idols to be broken in pieces. I can give you no idea of the joy I feel in seeing this done, witnessing the destruction of the idols by the very people who but lately adored them." --St. Francis Xavier
My oh my, how far we've come!

"Nice Try":
Orthodox Schismatics not happy with Benedict's Omission of Title

The Novus Ordo Unhinged:
Video Clip of Dancing, Clapping, at Novus Ordo Worship

Will Benedict XVI fire "Cardinal" Sodano?

How fast and severely they can crack down if they want to:
"Archbishop" silences Novus Ordo Priest for critiquing Sex Abuse Program
(More here)
Related: Novus Ordo Familes fear for their Children

"Conservative" Novus Ordos perplexed:
Why is Benedict XVI such a Liberal?

Are they finally catching on? Ratzinger has been a Liberal from Day 1.

There's always something new:
Get ready for Gypsy Apologies...

A More Effeminate Church?
Benedict XVI considering Greater Institutional Roles for Women
Goodbye, Good Men! Watch out as career women could be storming the Vatican soon!

Heresy Watch:
The Richard Rohr Phenomenon

Related: Facts about Richard Rohr Caution! Disturbing Content!

Same God, different House?
Iraqi Novus Ordo Catholics donate money to Rebuild Mosque
Reality Check: Catholics and Muslims do NOT worship the same God
(as any Muslim will be happy to confirm)

"Scratch That":
Benedict XVI junks Title "Patriarch of the West"... accomodate the Orthodox Schismatics. If he wants to accomodate sedevacantist Catholics, he may want to consider dropping the title "Pope" too...

Pulpit Fiction:
Ideas for Ash "Cardinal" Mahony!

Check it out:
"Grassroots Renewal"


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