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Don't fall for it - we kind of predicted this a year ago.
This is just more adornment of the pig -- from lipstick to choir robes:

"Pope" starts the Chant: 'Stop the Pop Music "Masses"'
"Pope Benedict has called for an end to electric guitars and modern music being played in church and has demanded a return to traditional choirs and Gregorian chants." (This is poisoned pablum that Ratzinger sets out to entice those gullible, weepy-eyed neo-traditionalists who one moment rail at "Ratzinger, the suit-and-tie progressive" and in the next fall all over themselves tearfully praising "Benedict, the restorer." Such unstable people are always ripe for the picking by skilled con artists such as the one who now illegitimately occupies the papal throne. But to fall for this ruse they must first accept the lie that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the "new Mass"--once they fall for that one, everything else is easy!)

All in the (same apostate) Family! "Papal Nuncio" gives "Communion" to John Kerry
John Kerry and Newchurch Archbishops
In "perfect communion": Pro-abortion Senator John Kerry (D-MA, left midground, the darling of baby killers everywhere, receives Novus Ordo "communion" at the installation of "Archbishop" Donald Wuerl (center foreground) as head of the pseudo-Catholic church for Washington, DC. Doing the "honors" for Kerry is none other than "Archbishop" Pietro Sambi (right), who passes as the United States "papal nuncio" for Benedict XVI. (Fr. Sambi, as befits his service for Rabbi Ratzinger, formerly held the same post in Israel.) The spin doctors at Fr. Sambi's office were quick to label the occurrence a "mistake," a claim readily accepted by conservative Novus Ordo types, yet this official version still leaves an unsavory either-or situation to be reckoned with: Either "Abp." Sambi was unfamiliar with those on the installation guest list who were or weren't eligible to receive the "host" and hence was morally obliged to defer to "Abp." Wuerl or another Conciliar cleric present who did know Kerry, thus placing the onus on someone else, someone qualified to make such a call (at least from the standpoint of knowing the reputation of the man seeking "communion" was that of a public sinner), or Sambi, having held his post in Washington since Dec. 2005, was familiar with Kerry and elected to administer the "sacrament" anyway. A third possibility was that he simply didn't care who was getting "communion," which is not an uncommon policy in the Novus Ordo (if a person comes up, he must have a "need"). Of course, none of this would be an issue if real and decent members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy had been involved, because John Kerry would long ago have been excommunicated and they wouldn't dare to participate in his sacrilege by administering to him unworthily the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Listen Online: The Da Vinci Code - What the Critics aren't telling you

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D.C. falls into the Wuerl-pool...
"Archbishop" Wuerl installed as head of Washington Archdiocese
"During his entrance procession, the archbishop shook hands with Democratic Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry of Massachusetts, seated side by side in the third row along the center aisle." Kerry receives "communion" at installation

Wuerl: The "Vatican loyalist" editor whose "Catechism" praises radical subversives "each of its 36 chapters opens with a story, purportedly of model Novus Ordinarians, including: Dorothy Day, leader of a communistic worker movement Joseph Bernardin, Modernist archbishop of Chicago, a vocal proponent of a 'gay-friendly' Church, whom Donald Wuerl publicly described as his 'role model'..."

More: Bishop Wuerl's appointment cause for concern?  and: 
Benedict's pick described as "flexible"
Related: Wuerl and Levada were on same Catechism Committee

It's Satire, but would you know it?
"Catholic Church" announces Sweeping Changes

Photo of the Day:

The Hypocrisy cries to Heaven:
Vatican seeks Recovery of the Sacred

They might want to start by making their sacraments valid.... This is just lipstick on a pig, folks, lipstick on a pig. But
this was predicted, wasn't it? All of a sudden now, Vatican II's real intent was something other than the New Mass, yet it was "the Pope" who instituted the New Mass on "the basis" of "the recent Second Vatican Ecumenical Council" (Paul VI, "Missale Romanum," 1969). So, since 1969 they had been telling us how wonderful this "Great Renewal" was with its super-duper, spiritually-more-enriched, new-and-improved "Mass," and now they're saying we lost the sacred because of it? Let's think about this for a moment: Are they admitting that the New Mass itself (not just the "abuses" anymore, since now they want to change the actual rite itself!) is an incentive to impiety, to a loss of the sacred? The Council of Trent defined dogmatically: "If any one saith, that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs, which the Catholic Church makes use of in the celebration of masses, are incentives to impiety, rather than offices of piety; let him be anathema" (Session 22, Chapter IX, Canon VII). Oh, and check out this other common trap for traditionalists: They're again saying that the True Mass was never banned or abolished by them. This is supposed to encourage all traditionalists and make them feel sympathetic with their new church. Do not fall for it. In their official documents, they have imposed the New Mass and forbidden the old. Anything else they say is always outside of their official documents, some irrelevant "commission" whose "findings" are not actually authoritative in the New Church anyway, or some off-the-cuff remarks by some "cardinal" or canon lawyer or other, or some letter from the Vatican whose "binding force" would immediately be disputed by the "resisting Remnant" if it said something they don't want to hear. Let's look at how the "Holy Father" actually promulgated his impious new "Mass": "We wish that these Our decrees and prescriptions may be firm and effective now and in the future, notwithstanding, to the extent necessary, the apostolic constitutions and ordinances issued by Our predecessors, and other prescriptions, even those deserving particular mention and derogation." That's pretty clear, isn't it? On October 28, 1974, a notification was issued as follows: "Mass, whether in Latin or the vernacular, may be celebrated lawfully only according to the rite of the Roman Missal promulgated 3 April 1969 by authority of Pope Paul VI" (source). Any other questions?
Cartoon on the New Mass

Surprise that Neo-Catholics and Sedevacantists share Same Principles:
Are Sedevacantists Strange Bedfellows with Neo-Catholics?
In one regard, yes, of course: logical consistency. It's actually quite amazing that the Remnant is only discovering this now. But so what? Logical consistency is actually a pretty nice similarity to have (it's a mark of sanity). Neo-Catholics and sedevacantists both hold to the same principles, namely, that the True Church cannot give us harm, impiety, sacrilege, or error. Amazing, isn't it? Which Church document will Ferrara quote against this position? Yes, it really is this simple: It's either/or. Either the New Mass, New Sacraments, New Theology, New Church, New Everything were promulgated by legitimate Catholic Church authority, and then we have to accept them (that's what a primacy of jurisdiction calls for); or the authorities were phony and not Catholic and we can (and must) reject the whole thing. But Ferrara and his perpetually-"resisting" friends want to pick and choose what they will accept from (what they believe to be) the Catholic Church. In this way, they are setting themselves up to a higher position than the Holy See itself and get to have the ultimate say about what's Catholic, what's not, and what you have to believe and what you can reject. This is not the Catholic way; it never has been. The fact that something is not de fide is irrelevant (that cardinals' commission is not de fide, so why does he quote it as "evidence" that the True Mass was never abolished? Simple: because he likes what the commission came up with! It's pick-and-choose all the way!). A Catholic must accept everything given to him by the Church, for the Church is a loving, spotless mother, who gives the milk of sound doctrine and wholesome piety to her children. But in the world of the "perpetual resisters" of the Remnant, the Church is a monster that has to be checked again and again for novelty, error, impiety, and other spiritual danger, by self-appointed laymen, no less. This is supposed to be a traditional Catholic view of the Bride of Christ? With Denzinger in hand, the "resisters" arm themselves to battle what they believe to be the Catholic Church, and they do not apparently realize that (according to their own position) the same authority that gave them Denzinger is also now giving them the "Great Renewal" in all its glory! It's either/or. Make up your mind already. See how silly this is: there are tons of Novus Ordo documents that all say the New Mass is obligatory (supposing Paul VI was a true Pope). The Remnant's "resisters" dismiss all of them; instead, they point to a "decision of a Vatican commission and the subsequent public statements of Vatican cardinals." Way to go!
Related: Did Paul VI promulgated the New Mass "illegally"?

Article with accompanying video
Padlock Time For Wisconsin Churches?
Two Oshkosh Catholic churches could close under a consolidation plan.

Good intention, nebulous reasons
UK "Cardinal" Urges Review of Abortion Laws
"Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor pressed Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt to consider whether the 24-week limit on abortions could be cut, his spokesman said. 'The 1967 act needs to be looked at again in the light of recent changes in science and women's experiences, and in the light of public opinion,' the spokesman added."

Reality Check: The gist of this appeal to a secular government official, however well-intentioned it might be, is that the laws should be changed not because they violate God's law and are, hence, null and void, but because of temporal considerations ("recent changes in science and women's experiences" and "public opinion"). While some might argue that non-religious points should be made in such an appeal, they obscure the real nature of the fight for the unborn, since advances in medical science can always be callously dismissed or ignored (witness the travesty of justice in the Terri Schiavo [RIP] case, where that evidence pointing to her not being in a vegetative state or to the possibility of her partial rehabilitation through therapy were brusquely cast aside by a judge with pro-euthanasia sympathies), personal experiences can be labeled "subjective" and public opinion deemed fickle. Not that Murphy-O'Connor's pleas have much chance of swaying a woman that a British pro-life group has identified as "strongly pro-abortion" and who earlier in the year made abundantly clear her determined opposition to any changes in to existing laws.

The Church on the Cult of "Public Opinion": "And, since where religion has been removed from civil society, and the doctrine and authority of divine revelation repudiated, the genuine notion itself of justice and human right is darkened and lost, and the place of true justice and legitimate right is supplied by material force, thence it appears why it is that some, utterly neglecting and disregarding the surest principles of sound reason, dare to proclaim that 'the people's will, manifested by what is called public opinion or in some other way, constitutes a supreme law, free from all divine and human control; and that in the political order accomplished facts, from the very circumstance that they are accomplished, have the force of right.'" --Venerable Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura (Dec. 8, 1864)

Updated Conciliar Nonsense: Westminster: Cardinal asks Hewitt for abortion review  In an official press release from the "Archbishop's House" on the same subject quotes Murphy-O'Connor as follows: "This is not primarily a religious issue. It is a human issue. (Of course it's primarily a religious issue, like in "Thou shalt not kill!" By making such a statement this alleged shepherd of souls removes God from the equation, but it's the same sort of "humanistic" tripe that leaders of this false religion have been spewing out for decades.) ...Each one of these is a tragedy both for the unborn child and the mother." (Perhaps in a certain sense [like the "tragedy" of Judas], but make no mistake, each one is first and foremost an abominable sin perpetrated by a parent against her own helpless offspring. Better that he not say anything in that regard, than to make such an grievous omission. The implication is that it's all just a terrible, terrible mistake.) 

Hard to believe, but true:
"Cardinal" Poupard: Spare Saddam's Life!
How far we've come... Reality Check:
"Another kind of lawful slaying belongs to the civil authorities, to whom is entrusted power of life and death, by the legal and judicious exercise of which they punish the guilty and protect the innocent. The just use of this power, far from involving the crime of murder, is an act of paramount obedience to this Commandment which prohibits murder. The end of the Commandment is the preservation and security of human life. Now the punishments inflicted by the civil authority, which is the legitimate avenger of crime, naturally tend to this end, since they give security to life by repressing outrage and violence. Hence these words of David: In the morning I put to death all the wicked of the land, that I might cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord." --Catechism of the Council of Trent, approved by Pope St. Pius V

Pope St. Pius V addressed a modern evil:l:
Homosexual Priests Must Be Deprived of Their Dignity and Put to Death

"In our days of moral relaxation and liberalization of customs, we are witnessing a shameful complacence of the religious authority - even the highest - toward the vice of homosexuality in the clergy and seminaries."

Let's play Catholic!
US Bishops OK changes to Mass
Novus Ordo theologian Edward Sunshine of Barry University in Miami Shores responded to the cosmetic changes in a typically modernist fashion, declaring: "It's not just the language, but the formality of it. Do you use the language of the people, or a remote, specialized language used only for worship? I guess you'd call it culture wars in the Roman Catholic Church." Also from South Florida's Conciliar scene, the Rev. Pierre Joseph used modernism to defend the traditional-sounding changes: "Our church has to change with the times." (See "Catholic" bishops approve changes to Mass)
Reality Check:
  "The Church -- precisely because it embraces all nations and is destined to endure until the end of time -- of its very nature requires a language that is universal, immutable, and non-vernacular."  -- Pope Pius XI (Officiorum Omnium, 1922)

Big-Spender Gay Priest was Sole Clerical Member of Bridgeport Sex Abuse Board
"In 2002, Fr. [Michael Jude] Fay was the only priest appointed by Bishop [William E.] Lori to the diocese’ 11-member Sexual Misconduct Review Board. Bishop Lori wrote at the inception of the board that its 'critical' function would be to 'ensure constant vigilance and appropriate outreach to victims.'" Related: 
Church scandal occurred too easily

A religious patrimony of artwork is being lost and destroyed....
Sacramental Artwork in American Churches: A Disappearing Heritage
"The practice and forms of prayer are learned in public worship, then echoed in the home. With the removal of images, a Catholic can lose the immediacy of his faith, and a theology developed on the human personhood of God becomes impersonal and purely intellectual. When the saints’ images disappear, so do their stories and prayers."
This article appeared in the Fall-Winter 2003 issue of Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore and although the writer, Marek Czarnecki, approaches the subject more from an artistic/sociological point of view, he does so with real empathy, as can be seen at the website for his studio, Seraphic Restorations. Included in the article are striking before-and-after (Catholic-to-non-catholic) photos of a church sanctuary that unmistakably show its de-catholicization. No one viewing these reasonably can make the argument that the same religion is being practiced in the settings. (Note: The linked page includes several fairly large photos, so load time may be rather long for those with dial-up Internet service. It's well worth the wait, however.)

Benedict XVI to Visit Israel in 2007

Where we're at now (Status Novus Ecclesiae):
"Papal" Preacher on the Meaning of...Vacations (yes!)

A Change at the, whatever!

Empty Pews Update:
Parishes Abolished in Bradford Shake-Up
U.K. Novus Ordo to U.S. brother apostates: Look, we too can trash churches!

Cathedral Square named after John Paul II
Guess who had the idea: a Socialist Mayor!

Please pray for Kathleen Plumb, editor of The Four Marks, who was in a serious motorcycle accident, and for the repose of the soul of her husband, Robert, who passed away from his injuries.

Put on Your Surprise Face:
Fully-Approved Novus Ordo "Franciscan Renewal Center" features Enneagram/Paganism

It's nice to know they also have an Office of Care of Creation and celebrate "Earth Day"....
Proof: Recognized by Diocese of Phoenix

"New Springtime" Update:
Protestant Rally Draws 3 Million in Once-Catholic Brazil
Once upon a time--some forty-two years ago, to be exact--millions of Catholics in Brazil took their Rosaries in hand and successfully marched to prevent a Communist takeover of their country. Today, thanks in no small part to the Vatican II revolution, Brazil is a Communist country in everything but name, and heretics are permitted to rally en masse against Christ and His Church--on the Feast of Corpus Christi, no less!

Putting lipstick on a pig:
Novus Ordo Church urged to Transform Image after Sex Scandal
Is this extreme makeover or radical reconstructive surgery?

"No Rupture with the Past" Update:
Bet you didn't know: John Paul II's impious Directory on Ecumenism allows for the shared use and even joint ownership of Novus Ordo / Protestant churches, and Novus Ordo bishops may actively help the heretics in their false worship:
"...if priests, ministers or communities not in full communion with the Catholic Church do not have a place or the liturgical objects necessary for celebrating worthily their religious ceremonies, the diocesan Bishop may allow them the use of a church or a Catholic building and also lend them what may be necessary for their services....where there is a good ecumenical relationship and understanding between the communities, the shared ownership or use of church premises over an extended period of time may become a matter of practical interest." --John Paul II's Ecumenical Directory, nos. 137-138

"High Mass"?

Mahony strikes again!

LA archdiocese gets creative in defending priest abuse case

"More than 550 parishioners have sued the archdiocese for allegedly failing to protect them from sexual abuse by priests. Three years of negotiations have not resulted in a settlement, and the first three cases are set to go to trial in November."



Novus Ordo prof on
The Bishops and "Gay Marriage"
"Gay and lesbian marriages pose no threat to my marriage. Indeed, the depth and fidelity of some homosexual unions are a magnificent inspiration for both me and my wife. That is why I hope the bishops will reconsider their destructive stance on this matter."

Report from New Hampshire
12 parishes get word they'll close
Ho, hum, more boarded-up churches...where have we heard that before...?
Oh, yeah, in New York, maybe? 
Albany diocese starts restructuring plan (Shouldn't that be "de-structuring"?)

She's a "Servant of God" in the Novus Ordo Church, but Luisa Piccarreta's Writings were condemned by Pope Pius XI

"Sure, make ''em Muslims!"
Benedict XVI Supports Islamic Education for Children of Muslims in Germany

If only Martin Luther were "Pope"! Then German children would all receive at least a sort of "Christian" education.... But this is typical for Benedict, who believes the separation of Church and state is legitimate, as he said to the President of Italy in 2005. Just wait, in a few weeks he will shed crocodile tears again for Europe having lost its Christian identity. Yeah, one wonders who's been helping...

A Return of Tradition?
Communion on the Tongue is back!

Damage Control? McHeretic "Clarifies"...
Gee, thanks for making it "clear"! So, McHeretic only endorses perversion in the context of proposed perverted legislation? Very instructive... How this man ever made it to "Archbishop" of anything... Ah, well. Who made him a "cardinal" again?

From Consecrated Virgins to "Community Enhancement":
Oakland "Arts" Scene includes Former Convent
"Prescott-Joseph Center is in one of West Oakland's oldest and most visible landmarks, the former Roman Catholic convent for St. Patrick's Parish."

"Eucharistic Minister" bemoans Lack of Belief in Real Presence
"A 1994 New York Times poll suggested that fewer than half of American Catholics believed that the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ. Alarmed by this statistic, many bishops blamed what they regarded as the poor state of children's religious education over the preceding 30 years." Hmm, let's see, could that be after they threw this in the trash can?

Interesting Thoughts: We Are Witnessing the Passion of the Church

"Based on a True Story":
Novel about Pedophile Clergy inspired by Novus Ordo Scandals

Cincinnati Archdiocese celebrates the Fruits of the "Great Renewal"
All due to the "vibrant Catholicism" the "papal nuncio" saw in the US, no doubt.... Be sure to check out the accompanying picture as it shows what the Novus Ordo really thinks of the priesthood--and this on an archdiocesan website!

Only in the Novus Ordo: "Soccer World Cup Chapel"

Caution! Indecent Photo:
Archdiocese of Miami Vice features Indecent Singers to meet "Spiritual Needs" of Young Hispanics

"Too much Sex and Drinking":
The Censored Thomas Merton

Merton is a spiritual giant in Novus Ordo Land. Note his sudden death by electrocution at age 53 in 1968 at an interreligious conference in Thailand. It's nice that the Dalai Lama visited Merton's grave and said, "Now our spirits are one." The only question is: Was he talking about full or only partial communion?

Put on Your Surprise Face:
Pervert Activists support Novus Ordo Bishops' "Child Protection" Program
There could be quite a devilish plan at work here: First abuse children, then use this abuse as an excuse for why you need to "educate" and "train" the dear little ones (starting at age 6!) about sexuality (!) and perverted touching! This allows them then to commit child abuse on an even bigger and more far-reaching level: stealing children's innocence under the guise of "training" and "protecting" them from perverts! What a wickedly clever plan to institutionalize child abuse -- by pretending to fight it! This would be a catch-22, as in, "Either way you slice it, we're gonna get your children!" Holy Innocent Martyrs, pray for us!

Part 3: The Sanhedrin Reestablished

Vatican cries Crocodile Tears for the Fruits of the "Great Renewal"

Benedict XVI endorses Petrine Primacy (or so he wants to appear)
Conservative Novus Ordos and Neo-Traditionalists will salivate over this one, as in, "Oh my gosh! Benedict said something orthodox! This proves he is the Pope!" Do not be misled here: This is the same Fr. Ratzinger who denies the dogma of papal primacy of jurisdiction in his 1982 book Principles of Catholic Theology (p. 217), and who just retained "Cardinal" Walter Kasper in his Curia, even though in 2001 he supposedly told John Paul II, "Kasper is a heretic!" It's a wicked game, and it will continue until people finally realize what's really going on; it will be played for as long as people still bend over backwards to acknowledge these men as part of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. If Paul VI had been denounced as an Antipope in 1966 by every Catholic in the world, there would never have been a New Mass! This New Church can only survive for as long as people believe in it!
Related: Kasper and Lehmann do not have the Faith
Idolatry in print:
John Paul II's Sermon on St. Peter's Confession of Faith as the "ultimate and definitive truth about man"

"New Springtime" Update:
"Cardinal McHeretic" Endorses Homosexual "Civil Unions"

You can't make it up, you just can't make it up! Is he, too, just "poorly misled"? There is nothing left of Catholicism here, NOTHING. Who knows, maybe this man will become Benedict XVII in a few years?

Moral theology is very clear: Same-sex attraction by itself is evil, it is not morally indifferent! Consenting to it is sinful, and "couples" who "care for each other or visit each other in a hospital" are obviously consenting to it!

Bet you didn't know it:
"Papal" Nuncio sees "Vital Catholicism" in the US!

"If there the Jewish, Christian and Muslim civilizations will learn to accept each other, to respect each other and to collaborate for the best, there will be peace in all parts of the world where these three civilizations have influence." Obviously, this man wouldn't know Catholicism if it hit him in the face...

From our "You Can't Make this Stuff Up" Department:
Novus Ordo "Monsignor" teams up with Jewish Rabbi for book that teaches "How to join a religion and how to pray"

Winner of the prestigious Novus Ordo Watch
"Truth In Advertising Award"
In this age of crass marketing deceptions, Novus Ordo Watch applauds the authors of Religion for Dummies for the honesty of stating who their intended niche readers are right in the title!

Maybe just playing "hard to get"?
Rome Losing Interest in SSPX Reconciliation?

Why all the fuss about reconciliation anyway? Why don't the SSPX people who want reconciliation just switch to the Fraternity of St. Peter?

Sr. Lucy Controversy: Readers raise more Questions

Status Novae Ecclesiae Update: Look who's a "Beloved Priest"

Back with a Vengeance: The "New Springtime"!

Busy as ever: Ratzinger XVI still Razing Bastions...since 1951!

Making straight paths crooked:
Fr. Karl Rahner on the Babel of Modern Theology

But which Sr. Lucy's?
Sr. Lucy's Unpublished Writings Released

Related: Is it surprising that this "Sr. Lucy" is a Judaizer?

"Catholic" Parishes participate in Ecumenical Bible School
That should be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to interpreting passages like Matthew 16:18 or John 6....

Just what we needed: A NEW Ecumenism!
Yeah, wasn't it about time they added something to that ole 60's ecumenism? New and improved, and even more profound than ever before! As a rule of thumb, you know something is wrong when Kasper is happy. A piece of advice to the New Church: Times are changing so fast, it's probably best if they call a council every 10 years or so for the sake of keeping all their -isms up to date....

Great! Another Document on the Eucharist!

"Gym Mass" Priest gets Cremated
...and gets a "memorial service" at one of the most notorious Novus Ordo parishes in the world. This parish, with its pro-perversion community and "eco-spirituality," incorporates all that is wrong with the Novus Ordo religion. Thanks, "Archbishop" Flynn!

Were 6,000 Polish Priests Secret Communist Spies?
Why not? Read what ex-Communist Bella Dodd revealed...

Yes, this really does happen:
From Holy Sacrifice to "Happy Meal"...

"New Springtime" manifests itself in Ireland:
Irish Mass Attendance below 50%

"New Springtime" Update:
Catholic Church becomes Brewery

More on Sr. Lucy Controversy - Readers Respond

Rabbi Ratzinger with his "Elder Brethren"...
Pictures say more than a Thousand Words


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