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riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"
Malachi Martin's double agent status DOCUMENTED

"During the Second Vatican Council,
[Fr. Malachi] Martin acted as an assistant and translator to Cardinal Augustin Bea , head of the Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity (SPCU). At the time, a major focus of the SPCU was the Jewish declaration portion of Nostra Aetate, the Vatican II document that addressed the Church’s relations with other religions. Cardinal Bea would later be referred to by Archbishop Lefebvre as an 'instrument of betrayal.'

"In January of 1966, Look Magazine ran an article entitled
“How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking,” a lengthy, in-depth look at the influence various Jewish lobbying groups had over the final draft of Nostra Aetate. In the article, Senior Editor Joseph Roddy tells of an unnamed Jesuit priest who held a key position in Rome during the time the Second Vatican Council was in session. The priest, described as a 'double agent' who 'could never turn down work' and a 'savior in the diaspora,' would use his position to gather and disseminate inside information to the secular press and the Jewish lobbying groups, who would in turn use that information in their efforts to influence the Council fathers – particularly the progressive American bishops. Although the priest’s actual name is withheld, several pseudonyms he used for his various activities are revealed."

NOW Comments:  John Grasmeier, writing an exclusive piece for the pro-Society of St. Pius X AngelQueen website, has uncovered some devastating documents that further uncover Fr. Malachi Martin's pivotal role in the false ecumenism pushed at Vatican II, particularly concerning the Jews. Martin was later known in various incarnations: the Jesuit who left the active priesthood to pursue a literary career, preferring to be called "Malachi" or "Dr. Martin" rather than "Fr. Martin" and a stylish turtleneck shirt to a Roman Collar; author of numerous best-selling books concerning the Catholic Church, sometimes critical of what transpired after the Council, on subjects ranging from papal conclaves to exorcism to geopolitics to lurid accounts of satanic cults operating within the Church; frequent radio talk show guest, who told nationwide audiences gripping tales of conspiracy, diabolism and an "underground church" of true believers and the priest who belatedly returned to his first vocation, living and dying in traditional circles, buried with proper Catholic rites. But despite his apparent conversion back to the Faith, accepted at face value by some Catholics,  many questions remain about him, including his sincerity in doing so, hence the citing of the Winston Churchill quote atop this report. More on that in a moment.

 Of special importance in Grasmeier's study is the astonishing and undeniable paper trail that ran between Fr. Martin and the American Jewish Congress. And this was no casual correspondence; Martin was being paid handsomely by the AJC, ostensibly to write about what was going on in at Vatican II. The fact that more was going on behind the scenes and that he and Cardinal Bea were closely involved with the Jewish lobbying groups is especially evident in this letter from the  AJC's Director of Interreligous Affairs, Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum to Roger Straus, the prominent Jewish head of Farrar, Straus, then publisher for Malachi Martin, who's cryptically referred to simply "the Pilgrim" or "Serafian," two of his pseduonyms. In reading the letter it is quite clear that there is the secret coordination of an agenda favorable to the aims of the AJC being carried out by Bea and Martin.

When it is recalled that both Bea, who as early as the 1950s had held a post in the Holy See, and his secretary Martin were genuine "Vatican insiders," the thought of such intrigues is deeply disturbing, even more so when the Council's consequences are factored into the equation.

"Cardinal" Bea was a principal figure in the attack on Catholic teachings concerning the Augustin BeaJews (he's been referred to as "the architect of Nostra Aetate") and his legacy in that regard is so strong that at the formerly-Catholic
Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome there is a Center for Jewish Studies that bears his name. (Curiously, the Anti-Defamation League [of B'nai-Brith, as it was formerly called] for a time had a Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award, but has removed all mention of it from it's website--searching the site for it only turns up empty pages, but NOW has found a cached version of a page concerning the award.) It is of importance, then, to return for a moment to the quotation cited by Grasmeier as coming from Society of St. Pius X Founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, in which Bea is called an "instrument of betrayal." Lefebvre, active at the Council and himself well acquainted with Vatican politics, made the statement at an address he gave on November 5, 1983 at Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island, New York, at that time the Society's headquarters for the Northeastern United States. The following excerpt from that talk will show that the Archbishop was not engaging in hyperbole when he used such a strong term to characterize Bea. The betrayal of the Church (literally, the handing over of the Church) to her enemies is precisely what he meant. Thus Archbishop Lefebvre declared:

It is not one single bishop like myself who can set the whole situation straight in the Catholic Church. That is why I strive to keep on going to Rome and to plead the cause of Tradition. Because I am persuaded that it is by Tradition that the Catholic Church will recover its position as it was before the Second Vatican Council, and the means of its true progress. In the first place, I must tell you that I am under no illusions —the situation in Rome is very grave, very grave. Let me sum up the whole situation as it took place at the Council and such as, unfortunately, it still exists even today, by saying that there were, in fact, three betrayals of the Church. Holy Church was betrayed in three ways in a very direct and concrete fashion.

The first betrayal was the betrayal with the Freemasons, the second with the Protestants, and the third was the betrayal with the Communists.

There was an understanding before the Council and during the Council through men commissioned by the Church who were the instruments of these betrayals, namely, the Secretariat for the Unity of Christians, which was specially created for that, directed by Cardinal Bea with, as Vice President, Mgr. de Smedt, Bishop of Bruges, and with, as Secretary, Mgr. Willebrands, who became Cardinal of Holland. These were the personalities who were the instruments of betrayal. There were direct contacts precisely between Cardinal Bea and the Masonic Lodge here in New York and in Washington, with the B'nai-Brith, the Jewish Lodge numbering 75,000 members, and with the lodges of the whole world.

Why did these contacts take place? Why did Cardinal Bea come in the name of the Vatican, in the name of Rome, to meet these Freemasons? In order that we would accept the "rights of man" at the Council. How could we accept them? By accepting Religious Liberty, which is one of the "rights of man." Hence, to accept Religious Liberty was in principle to accept the "rights of man" within the Church. Now, the Church has always condemned these declarations on the "rights of man" which have been made against the authority of God....

full text of the Long Island Conference; 1983

This brings us back to the mysterious Fr. Martin. For all his later often eloquent remarks concerning the sad state of the Church after the Vatican II and even regarding the Council's culpability in bringing about the calamitous changes, we've seen no repudiation of his not-so-insignificant part in the "reform" of Catholic doctrine nor that of his mentor, "Cardinal" Bea. In fact, on the more-or-less official Father Malachi Martin's Home Page, which has been maintained since his death in 1999, we read that "he was a close associate of the renowned Jesuit Cardinal, Augustin Bea, and His Holiness, Pope John XXIII." It is contradictory for someone who had returned to Tradition to refer to a man as "renowned" who legitimately had been condemned as an "instrument of betrayal," though it wouldn't be inconsistent at all if  privately he still held to his old views.

Speaking of John XIII,  Grasmeier on a linked page Malachi Martin's betrayals (forges papal prayer) relates how Fr. Martin fabricated a "prayer" asking for forgiveness over the "crimes" the Church purportedly committed against the Jews (it's the mother of all those countless Novus Ordo apologies!) and said it had been written by Roncalli on his deathbed. Grasmeier then produces an interview with a priest maintaining that Martin had penned it. Still, it is quite in keeping with something John XIII could have written or had Fr. Martin ghostwrite for him
one need only recall his removal of the word perfidious from the Good Friday liturgical prayer for the Jews.

Yet there is a document
that in its way is just as disturbing as the others and on a certain level, perhaps even more disturbing. It was for decades publicly maintained by Fr. Martin (right up to his death) that he was dispensed of his Jesuit vows in the 1960s, save for the vow of celibacy. After his death, author Robert Kaiser came out with the book Clerical Error: that charged the late priest with having had an affair with his wife, leading to the destruction of his family. Some engaged Catholics leaped to the defense of Martin's memory, focusing on Kaiser's liberal reputation as an indicator that this was simply a smear. In this case, however, the outrage appears to be misplaced, for there is on AngelQueen a 1965 letter from a Holy Cross priest to a Vatican official outlining the Kaiser's grounds for an annulment (see Malachi Martin’s wife stealing documented ).

For all of this, we would hope that somehow Fr. Martin did do what was necessary to die in a state of grace. And we would like to say that we have good hope of that fact, yet when he lived a double life (or more accurately, double lives) for so long, it is not something we are completely comfortable in saying.  For when one has been "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" for so long, how does one sort through all the layers of deceit to find their real self anymore? It would take a very special grace for that indeed; let us hope he found it.


Sobran on
Cruel Doctrines
"John Henry Newman, the most famous Catholic convert of the nineteenth century, once shocked many readers by writing that it would be better that the whole world perish, in the most extreme agony, than that a single sin -- even a very minor sin -- should be committed. Newman was renowned for his personal moderation, but he followed the logic of his beliefs wherever it led. When attacked for saying this, he calmly repeated the assertion and explained that he could not retract a word of it.

To be 'extraordinary' form of Novus Ordo Roman rite

Forthcoming 'papal' decree authorizes expanded use of Tridentine Mass, Vatican says
"According to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI will, in a few days, authorize wider use of the Tridentine Mass as an 'extraordinary' form of the Latin Rite. A Vatican statement released on June 28 says the forthcoming Motu Proprio, a decree the pope issues 'on his own initiative,' will expand 'the use of the Missal promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962.'"

NOW Comments: We'll limit our remarks to two until the decree itself is manifest and we can see its exact language, both remarks directed at those who are giddy with delight: 1) We obviously don't share in your shouts of Deo gratias and Te Deum
way too premature for any of that; and 2) To recycle an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for!"

WYD 2008 World Youth Day - Melbourne
Rock music accompaniment through out, including the "religious" footage, well except where there's the Aborigine tribal inculturation dance, of course. WARNING: Immodest attire.

Protestants on faculty, executive board
Rector of USA's oldest once-Catholic seminary steps down

"The responsibilities of a Roman Catholic priest have changed over the last quarter-century - and so have the expectations at St. Mary's University and Seminary, whose president-rector, the Rev. Robert F. Leavitt, is stepping down after nearly three decades of leadership.

"'When I began, the seminary was a kind of serene world apart from Baltimore, from the lay people, from the ecumenical, interfaith world,' says the theologian, who starting today is taking a year's sabbatical from the nation's oldest seminary. Today, 'the seminary is at the heart of a much bigger world than it was when I was beginning. There are a lot more challenges; it's a lot more exciting but also a lot more demanding.'"

Reality Check: Founded in 1791 by the Sulpician Fathers, St. Mary's was the first Catholic seminary in the United States. Like everything else Catholic, it was targeted for a Modernist makeover as a result of the so-called Second Vatican Council. So it isn't surprising to read: "Leavitt also guided the Ecumenical Institute of Theology, which enriched [sic] the seminary program. 'It allows the seminarians to see in miniature the world they're going to be ministering to,' the priest says. 'They get that sense of the reality of ministry in a pluralistic society.'" On the Institute's History & Mission page, its inception is clearly linked to Vatican II, while the Traditions page lists 37 religions, denominations and/or faith communities represented by in its "student body and faculty," before adding "...and more." But it's only when one reaches the Institute's Faculty, Administration & Governance page that the depth of its indifferentism and apostasy is fully manifest, for listed there are not only several openly Protestant faculty members teaching courses in Spirituality, Practical Theology, Moral Theology, Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, etc., but more of them on it's executive board.

The sellout begins
'Pope' aims to normalize China ties
"In his letter, Pope Benedict points out that underground activities do not form part of the normal life of the Catholic Church.
He also stresses that Rome has already accepted the full authority of many of the bishops appointed unilaterally by the Beijing-tolerated Church."

UK 'bishops': right to life for 'manimals' (human/animal hybrid embryos)
"In April, the British government tabled draft legislation that proposes to allow experiments to create human/animal hybrids. Now the Catholic bishops of England and Wales have responded by saying that any embryos created by combining human and animal DNA are human beings with full human rights, including the right to natural birth. In his letter, Pope Benedict points out that underground activities do not form part of the normal life of the Catholic Church.

Benedict XI issues motu proprio (no, not that motu proprio)

Accused Pa. priest commits suicide
"A priest committed suicide two days after his bishop said claims of sex abuse by the priest dating back more than 30 years would be turned over to police."

New South Wale MPs vote to lift stem-cell ban
"Despite opposition from the Church and a prayer campaign by Christian MPs, the NSW Upper House yesterday voted to pass a law lifting the ban on stem cell research in the state."

Georgetown prof aids ACLU fight for evolution

Science, religion and the battle for the human soul
"In 1950, in a letter to bishops, Pope Pius XII took up the issue of evolution. The Roman Catholic Church does not necessarily object to the study of evolution as far as it relates to physical traits, he wrote in the encyclical, Humani Generis. But he added, 'Catholic faith obliges us to hold that souls are immediately created by God.'"

Would Latin Mass unite or divide?

Ontario "Catholic" school board is pro-sodomite
"Since a complaint was first made in March, an investigation and two anonymous complaints have revealed that the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) is allowing a surprising amount of pro-homosexual material within Catholic schools."

NOW Comments: The article says that the board is allowing "a surprising amount of pro-homosexual material" in their schools. Surprising to whom? Someone should check into all Canadian Novus Ordo schools for such material. Our guess is that such sewage would be found in most of them.

St. Paul's confirmation retreat - Chicago
NOW Comments: There are games, rock music and The Simpsons, but little in the way of spiritual reflection, which, after all, is what real
retreats are all about. This fiasco, sponsored by the conciliar version of the Claretians, has disgraced the memory of that order's founder, St. Anthony Mary Claret,  who was a great defender of Catholic doctrine against "liberal Catholics" and had a zeal for converting souls that is utterly at odds with the "no proselytization" policy of the Novus Ordo religion.

Ratzinger: radical then, radical now (rhetoric aside)

As elusive as the fabled reverent Novus Ordo 'Mass'
'Card.' Bertone on the Tridentine indult: 'Sometime soon' (but don't quote him on that)
“A senior Vatican official has confirmed that sometime soon Pope Benedict XVI will expand permission” for use of the Tridentine Latin Mass, wrote John L. Allen Jr. in the May 30 New York Times. Allen’s “senior Vatican official” is, presumably, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Holy See’s secretary of state. “One shouldn’t have to wait long to see it published,” said Bertone in a June interview published by the Italian newspaper, Avvenire of the motu proprio that would grant wider permission for celebration of the Tridentine Mass.

"Bertone, however, had said the same thing on March 31."

Meanwhile, more 'collegiality' at work...
Britain's 'bishops' resist advance of 'universal indult'

"The Roman Catholic bishops in England and Wales are resisting the Pope's plans to liberalize the use of the traditional Latin Mass, the Daily Telegraph has learned. Under the current rules, which apply across the world, the Tridentine Rite can only be said with the special permission of a diocesan bishop."

NOW Comments: There is clearly something holding this up, perhaps several factors. Three come to mind immediately: 1) Opposition from not just British "bishops," but those in other countries (the U.S., France and Italy, to name three conciliar hierarchies voicing disapproval of which we're aware); 2) the claim that the indult will damage interreligious dialogue, a concern especially expressed by some Jewish leaders; and 3) a bogging down of talks with the Society of St. Pius X (we cannot see Benedict XVI issuing this without some "concessions"--read compromises--by Bp. Fellay and other SSPX leaders).

Related article: A return to the Latin Mass

Benedict endorses Assisi '86
So much for the neo-traditionalists who said he opposed John Paul II's wild ecumenism.

From Christ or Chaos--more on raising Rosmini to 'venerable' status

Beatifying Their Own (inner workings of the Novus Ordo 'saint factory')
"A careful distinction needs to be made before proceeding: there have been truly worthy candidates for beatification and canonization who have been advanced by the conciliarists. The 'wheat' of authentic sanctity (such as belonged to Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Father Junipero Serra, Father Miguel Augustin Pro, Venerable Anne Katherine Emmerich, Venerable Pauline Jaricot, Kateri Tekakwitha, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Bishop John Neumann, Venerable Juan Diego, Padre Pio, Father Maximilian Kolbe, who opposed all forms of naturalism, including both 'national' socialism and 'international' socialism) will have to be separated from the 'chaff' of Modernism (Josemaria Escriva Balaguer y Albas, Mother Teresa, Karol Wojtyla, Angelo Roncalli, et al.) by a true pope when the conciliarists are removed by the very hand of God Himself as the fruit of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The inclusion of truly worthy candidates to be considered for canonization has permitted the conciliarists to attempt to promote their own number (Escriva, Roncalli, Wojtyla) to the ranks of the blessed."

And who's going to stop him?

Ontario's pro-abortion, pro-same sex 'marriage' premier welcomed at Novus Ordo school
"In October of 2003 Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty visited a Catholic school only several weeks after publicly contradicting Catholic teaching on a serious matter of faith and morals by coming out in support of homosexual 'marriage.' Now, only several weeks after publicly contradicting Pope Benedict on a similarly serious matter of the Catholic faith, Dalton McGuinty has again made an appearance at a Catholic school."

So much for it's pretended pro-life, pro-family stand

Modernist Vatican's UN ambassador to honor of 'reproductive health services' advocate
Tomorrow the Vatican ambassador to the United Nations, known officially as the Holy See Permanent Observer to the United Nations, will be presenting an award to Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, president of the 61st session of the U.N. General Assembly.  The Vatican ambassador, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, will be presenting the award on behalf of the Path to Peace Foundation, over which he presides as President.

Important theological decree from Modernist Rome: Highway Commandments!

New blasphemy acceptable in Vatican II religion
Pelosi: Embryonic stem cell research "gift from God"
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has drawn guffaws from the pro-life community for comments saying that embryonic stem cell research, which involves the destruction of days-old human embryos, is a "gift from God." Her remarks came after the House approved a bill to force Americans to fund it."

NOW Comments: Guffaws do not adequately address Pelosi's blasphemous remarks, which would make God the author of this abominable evil. The statement thus constitutes, objectively speaking, a grave public sin and clearly marks her as a woman who does not profess the Catholic faith, but it is also one that is considered permissible and a legitimate opinion to have within the Novus Ordo religion.

Inscribed with Protestant version of 10 Commandments, no less!
Bush visits 'Pope' Ratzinger, gives him really ugly walking stick
"A walking stick is the unlikely center of a debate about political protocol, theological precision and news-marketing as a corporal work of mercy. President Bush gave the odd, carved walking stick to Pope Benedict XVI on June 9 on a visit to Rome. In some quarters, the gift became a laughingstock."

Traditional Catholic wins Germany's highest literary award

Vatican has no plans to convert Russia
"The Vatican does not want to convert Russia to Catholicism, and relations with the Moscow Patriarchate are improving, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture Cardinal Paul Poupard told students of the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanitarian University on Monday."

Related article: Russian Orthodox leader: No compromise on the papal primacy

Hmm, did they use extraordinary ministers?
20,000 receive worms at Korean 'Festival for a Green Church'
"Organizers of this year's "Festival for a Green Church" at Seoul's Myeongdong Cathedral distributed earthworms to 20,000 participants as part of a bid to raise environmental awareness among Catholics."

'New Springtime' update
Indiana 'bishop': fewer priests, but 'more vibrant church'

The Pelosi Problem
"San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer gave an interview to KCBS radio in February that left Catholics stunned. Asked about his approach to Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. Speaker of the House whose support for legal abortion is notorious despite her avowed Catholicism, the archbishop replied: '…We haven’t had an opportunity to talk about the life issues. I would very much welcome that opportunity, but I don’t believe that I am in a position to say what I understand her stand to be…'”

NOW Comments: This article highlights the flipside of the issue raised in "The Enduring Costs of John F. Kennedy's Compromise," which we covered in depth earlier this month. It is one thing for "Catholic" politicians like Pelosi to express their supposed personal opposition to abortion and at the same time maintain that they can't impose their belief on others, but it is quite another for those ostensibly serving as shepherds of souls to abet them in their crimes against God and His creation. By doing nothing, the conciliar hierarchy is giving its tacit approval to pro-abort politicians and, by extension, to legalized infanticide.

Judge allows challenges to church property in abuse
"A federal bankruptcy judge has ruled that plaintiffs suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego on sex abuse claims will be permitted to challenge property deals and other financial transactions between the diocese and parishes."

NJ 'parish' ousts priest sex abuse group
"A support group for victims of sexual abuse by priests has been told it no longer will be allowed to meet at St. Joseph's parish, where it has been holding meetings for the past five years."

Rudy Giuliani 'struck' by abortion question
"An electrical glitch at a debate of Republican presidential candidates had Rudy Giuliani joking on Tuesday that he was about to be struck by lightning for differing with a Catholic bishop."

When $100K just isn't enough!
'Catholic' pastor quits amid salary dispute with Baltimore 'archdiocese'
"The pastor of a Roman Catholic parish in northern Anne Arundel County has stepped down after church officials concluded that he persuaded lay leaders to pay him more money than the Archdiocese Of Baltimore allows. The Rev. Domenic L. Cieri, who led St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Severn for nearly 15 years, received salary and Mass stipends above the scales approved by the archdiocese, according to an audit conducted in October. Archdiocese spokesman Sean Caine said Cieri also received a housing allowance to live in northern Baltimore County, although his parish has a rectory." 

Why didn't they just get Elton John and be done with it?
World Youth Day '08 composer supports homosexuality
"The May 16 Zenit report read, 'The theme song for World Youth Day 2008 was written by singer/song-writer Guy Sebastian, the winner of the first Australian idol context in 2003.' This is the same Guy Sebastian who ridiculed Catholic teaching against homosexuality. In an October 2006 interview, Sebastian was asked if homosexuality clashed with his Christian beliefs."

'Priest' shortage, more funerals than baptisms or weddings, fuel talk
Pennsylvania 'parishioners' ponder consolidation of four churches
“We’re a dying breed,” ['Msgr.' John] Bendik told the crowd. “If you want to have a parish, you have to have priests.”

Prototype for 'personally opposed, but...' politicians
The enduring costs of John F. Kennedy's compromise
"Kennedy knew that he had no chance of ascending to the Presidency if he did not address the religious issue directly. Militant anti-Catholics would not be open to persuasion, but he hoped to answer their attacks in a way that reassured other Americans. His first widely publicized attempt to do so came in March 1959, when Look magazine published an interview in which he gave this quote: 'Whatever one's religion in private life may be, for the office-holder, nothing takes precedence over his oath to uphold the Constitution and all its parts — including the First Amendment and the strict separation of church and state.' Kennedy then highlighted his opposition to federal aid for parochial schools and to an appointment of an ambassador to the Vatican — positions that he had reversed since his earlier days in Congress, when he had supported such measures."

"Kennedy's comments sparked a backlash in the Catholic press. From America to Commonweal and to diocesan papers, editors criticized his views on church and state and his claim that parochial school aid was unconstitutional. Protestant reaction, meanwhile, ran the gamut. Some were reassured by Kennedy's statements. Others — including some mainline Protestants who had initially defended him — were alarmed. Episcopalian Bishop James Pike said, '. . . far from posing the threat of ecclesiastical tyranny, [Kennedy's statement] would seem rather to represent the point of view of a thoroughgoing secularist, who really believes that a man's religion and his decision-making can be kept in two watertight compartments.' Presbyterian Robert McAfee Brown surmised that Kennedy was 'a rather irregular Christian.' And Lutheran Martin Marty opined that Kennedy was 'spiritually rootless and politically almost disturbingly secular.'"

Above photo: Kennedy shakes hands with Fr. Richard Casey, pastor of Holy Trinity Church, where the President-elect attended Mass prior to his inauguration on January 20, 1961. It is to be hoped that despite his compromise, JFK, who was known to attend Mass regularly, was able to save his soul.

NOW Comments: During the 1960 presidential campaign John Kennedy was pushed so hard into a corner about his views by anti-Catholic forces in America, who had more than a little clout, that his advisors urged him to publicly disavow his membership as a Catholic so far as it would affect the way he would govern the nation. It is unclear how much of his own beliefs were behind the Look comment and how much came from his handlers, but there's no question that that quote and others like it from JFK a far greater resemblance to Luther's frankly Machiavellian model of the Christian ruler to anything St. Robert Bellarmine would have envisioned. Ironically, aside from the ludicrously fictitious Vatican plots they whispered about, the anti-Catholics did at least have one thing right: A Catholic President must govern first and foremost as a Catholic. Dr. Thomas Droleskey alluded to this in a commentary on the baneful influence of Americanism on Church and State:

"The first Catholic candidate to have won the Democratic Presidential nomination, although not without a great deal of opposition from the Freemasons and Protestant bigots in the Democratic Party, especially those hailing from the South and the Midwest, was New York Governor Alfred E. Smith, in 1928. A little known fact is that Smith, who went to Mass every Sunday and was known to be a fairly serious Catholic in his devotional life, took almost the exact, Americanist line about the separation of Church and State that would be popularized by then Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy thirty-two years later, in 1960. Smith lost in a landslide to Secretary of Commerce Herbert Clark Hoover, prompting anti-Catholic bigots to say that he had sent a one word cablegram to Pope Pius XI: 'Unpack.' You see, Protestants and Freemasons had a far clearer understanding of what a Catholic statesman should be about, that is, the Catholicizing of the country, than did those Catholics who actually got involved in politics and ran for high office, including the Presidency." A champion of the Americanist spirit

But if Smith as the first politico to use such a tact and Kennedy was the first to win with it, it was Mario Cuomo who to actually coined the expression "personally opposed" in the context that its been used for the past two decades, particularly as regarded abortion. The punch line was, of course, that while he believed abortion to be wrong, he would not impose his private view on others who did not share. It is amazing that this political sophism has lasted this long, as it is so transparently false. Clearly, if abortion is wrong it is profoundly wrong--a grave offense against both God and His creation--and a ruler would be obliged to defend the state against such an evil. Then, too, hadn't abortion been legalized by people who forced their personal views on others? (In fact, does not every law of man involve someone imposing a certain set of beliefs on the populace?)

There have been certain variations on the basic "personally opposed" arguments, refinements if you will. Now, instead of simply saying one does not seek to impose their ideas, which is a negative, the politicians of the new century have attempted to spin the concept in a more superficially "affirming" sort of way, so we now see them talking about respecting the cultural, social, ethnic, religious diversity of their constituency and having the duty to respect all of their views. In a word, to oppose abortion would be to oppose the pluralistic imperative. And today there is no shortage of unscrupulous and irreligious members of both parties (and even foreign politicians) who use such drivel as they troll for votes or defend their policies and voting records, as the following links (both current and historical) demonstrate.

Related articles:

Pell accused of bullying in stem cell debate "Prominent [Australian] Catholic MP Kevin Greene has accused Cardinal George Pell of trying to 'bully' members like himself into voting against legislation to expand stem cell research."

Schwarzenegger- 'I am a Catholic and a very dedicated Catholic, but...' "Speaking at a press conference at the MaRS Discovery District research centre in Toronto yesterday, actor-turned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger defended his support for embryonic stem cell research seen as controversial in light of his self-professed Catholic faith."

Opposed but … "Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani told a conservative audience at Houston Baptist College on May 11 that he was both personally opposed to abortion and supportive of the right of others to choose differently."

Canadian premier pops off on 'pope' "I think it is pretty clear that there are very few political leaders who would allow themselves and their actions to be formed exclusively by the dictates of the Church."

Tap dancing around abortion "For example, America's mayor is in the habit of explaining he 'personally' thinks abortion is bad -- he says he hates it and that it is 'morally wrong.' Even though he personally opposes abortion, he does not think it should be legally restricted. Indeed, he thinks it's a woman's "right" to have an abortion."

The fallacy of 'personally opposed, but...' "There are two things Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani wants voters to know about where he stands on abortion. Number one: He hates it. Number two: If elected president, he wouldn't do a thing to restrict it, and, based on recent comments, would force taxpayers to fund it."

Kerry 'personally opposed' to assisted suicide but will not oppose Oregon euthanasia law "US Presidential candidate John Kerry, who has angered Catholics for his endorsements of abortion and same sex unions, added euthanasia to the list while campaigning in Oregon. While on a break in Portland, Kerry was interviewed by Steve Law for the Statesman Journal."

'Personally opposed, but...' five pro-abortion dodges "It is all too common for a politician, clergyman, or fellow parishioner to claim that he is 'personally opposed' to abortion but wouldn’t dream of 'imposing' that opinion on a public with diverse religious and ethical beliefs—and then sit back, secure in the feeling that his is an ironclad position."   

Muslim extremists forcibly turn 'Catholic' church into mosque
"On the same day as Father Ragheed Ganni’s funeral, Muslim fundamentalists sent another message of hatred to Catholics, this time attacking two churches in Iraq. Fr. Ragheed, along with three deacons were killed just this past Sunday after they had finished celebrating Mass." Related story: Extremists turn Baghdad church into mosque


Man jumps onto 'Pope' Benedict's jeep, causes scare
"A man caused a scare when he jumped onto Pope Benedict XVI's jeep while he rode through St. Peter's Square Security personnel quickly tackled and stopped the man."

Chinese underground bishop arrested again
"A prominent leader of the 'underground' Catholic Church in China has been arrested for the 9th time in the past three years, the Cardinal Kung Foundation reports."

U.K. churches told to hang up 'no smoking' signs
Lucky for them they don't use that frankincense anymore. LOL

Novus Ordo dictator warns 'bishops' to back off
Zimbabwe: Mugabe's turbulent 'priests'

Novus Ordo rarity: It's well-attended

Buffalo 'parish' won't stand by while church is closed
"Bishop Edward U. Kmiec of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, recently announced the proposed closing of Transfiguration Church due to reconfiguration. This process seems to have been flawed from the beginning; in many instances the criteria doesn't apply. Closing a fully attended, growing, vibrant church in excellent condition and maintenance seems contrary to all the criteria given for parish closures. This quick fix may solve a problem within the diocese but it doesn't correct the long-term problem of the shortage of priests."

Top Vatican official- Documents show Pius XII worked to help Jews
"Thousands of Vatican documents demonstrate that Pope Pius XII worked quietly but effectively to help Jews and others during World War II, a top Vatican official said."

Mexican 'cardinal' faces grilling on priest abuse
Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Mexico's most senior Roman Catholic clergyman, will be questioned by lawyers and may have to appear in a U.S. court over accusations he protected a priest wanted for sexually abusing children, Rivera's spokesman said on Tuesday."

Detroit church will be leveled

San Jose church provides weekly 'Mass' for sex perverts
'Consciences that differ from official Church teaching'
Dignity/San Jose calls itself  'a faith and support community of and for Catholic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons, their Families, Friends and Supportive Others.' But Dignity/San Jose is unique among other California Dignity chapters: its weekly community Mass is celebrated in a Catholic church -- St. Martin of Tours in San Jose."

Ohio woman hopes Supreme Court allows her to sue 'Catholic' Church

Former priest, arrested for sexual battery, confesses he's a sex addict
"The counselor arrested on sexual battery charges at a North Idaho private school for troubled teenage boys has admitted to authorities he had been a long-time sex addict, including the more than three decades he served as a Catholic priest."

The St. Ignatius College Prep scandal

Ratzinger: concerns over Rosmini's writings are outdated
Priest whose writings were condemned by Pope Leo XIII nears 'beatification'
"The pope also approved a miracle attributed to Antonio Rosmini, an Italian priest and philosopher who died in 1855 and whose writings were once condemned by the Vatican. In 2001, the then-head of the Vatican's watchdog office for doctrinal errors, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, ruled the concerns over his writings were outdated."

Reality Check: Before considering the current decision, it must in fairness be remembered that Fr. Rosmini repudiated errors that were brought to his attention during the reign of Pius IX and died in the Church. Nevertheless, after his death, when other of his writings were discovered, they along with his previously known works, were examined found to contain forty propositions that were not reconcilable to the Catholic Faith. The condemnation was approved by Leo XIII himself. In 2001 "Cardinal" Joseph Ratzinger, head of the conciliar Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, acting on behalf of John Paul II, decreed that Leo was mistaken to condemn the writings, because the pontiff was viewing the propositions from the narrow confines of a Thomistic point of view. Ratzinger wrote:

"The adoption of Thomism created the premises for a negative judgment of a philosophical and speculative position, like that of Rosmini, because it differed in its language and conceptual framework from the philosophical and theological elaboration of St Thomas Aquinas." Hence, Modernist Rome deemed it appropriate to overrule the the prior ruling.
Note on the force of the doctrinal decrees concerning the thought and work of Fr.  Antonio Rosmini Serbati

In an in-depth article about the decree's background, neo-traditional writer James Larson arrives at a striking conclusion regarding the just-cited passage:

"We have now reached the heart of the problem. What is at stake here is Thomism, and all that it teaches us about God, man, and the nature of being. I fully believe that the real reason behind the Rosmini rehabilitation is the agenda to implement alternatives to Thomistic philosophy and theology. And as I have said in previous writings, the central point of contention in this war against Thomism, and against both the being of God and man, is the doctrine of Transubstantiation." Rosmini rehabilitation and the Ratzinger Agenda

It is significant to note that Rosmini's cause wasn't even begun until 1994 and the members of the institute and religious order he founded (who have gone thoroughly Novus Ordo, including priests in lay clothes and sisters in post-Vatican II-style "traditional" habits), tout the fact that his teachings were a major influence at the John XIII council (see link entitled "Documents relating to the cause of Antonio Rosmini").

Mexicans hold canine 'Mass'

[Literal] wake-up call for those who favored Terri Schindler-Schiavo's killing
Polish man wakes from 19-year 'coma,' talks and expected to walk soon

"A Polish railway worker has astonished his doctors by waking spontaneously after 19 years and talking about memories of his time in a 'coma,' the Associated Press (AP) reported yesterday. Jan Grzewski was injured at work and while he was hospitalized, his doctors found cancer in his brain and predicted he would not recover.
"After his doctors concluded nothing more could be done for him, Mr. Grzewski’s wife, Gertruda, cared for him at home, moving his body and feeding him by hand. 'I would fly into a rage every time someone would say that people like him should be euthanized, so they don't suffer,' she told Gazeta...."

So? Any news about abolishing the "new Mass"?
Bertone: Tridentine Mass document coming soon

Called 'adversarial' by Steinbock
Fresno's former indult 'priest' still in exile
"In 2003, Father Joe Baca, of the Fresno, Calif., diocese — and who, for a time, was permitted to celebrate the Tridentine Mass at St. Agnes Mission Church in Pinedale, Calif. — was removed from public ministry by Bishop John Steinbock."

Religious liberty, ecumenism to be included?
Sydney archdiocese to extend oath of fidelity

 Decision due on gutted Wisconsin cathedral
Future of Madison churches depends on St. Raphael's fate
"Church officials revealed this weekend new information about the future of the St. Raphael's Catholic Cathedral in Madison and that information might have far-reaching consequences."

Perth 'Catholic' paper for decriminalizing prostitution

Planned destruction of the priesthood continues unabated
Seminary closing signals 'final nail' for Catholic tradition
"For more than a century, Archbishop Quigley Preparatory Seminary has quietly prepared teenage boys for the priesthood, largely unchanged as the city transformed around it from gritty industrial center to gleaming modern metropolis. But another kind of change finally caught up with Quigley.

"The 102-year-old seminary - housed in a Gothic-style building that looks like it belongs on a square in Europe instead of in a tony Chicago shopping district - will close its doors for good in two weeks because of a shrinking student body that has seen just one graduate ordained in the last 17 years."

  VIDEO  Quigley Interactive Yearbook

NOW Comments: Tolle missam, tolle ecclesiam "Destroy the Mass and you destroy the Church" Such was the instruction of Martin Luther, but he could just as easily have declared: "Tolle sacerdotiam, tolle ecclesiam." And, indeed, one of the most crucial targets for destruction by the Vatican II revolutionaries, but one that isn't discussed nearly as much as it should be, is the vocation to the priesthood. Anyone who has studied the matter knows that one of the first opening salvos against the priesthood was the widespread encouragement of priests to question whether they really even had a vocation to begin with. As a consequence, thousands of them succumbed to the temptation, some simply leaving the priesthood, but others attempting to contract a marriage and leaving the Church altogether. Meanwhile, the revolution had penetrated seminaries, as well, not only by a poisoning of the curriculum, but by a piecemeal removal of disciplinary measures meant as safeguards to a seminarian's vocation (the "new" way included allowing seminarians to go out on the town on weekends and bringing in to study side-by-side with them non-seminarians, including young women) and the introduction of a homosexual network within the seminaries. Add to this, the distorted "people of God" propaganda that deliberately diminished the importance of an ordained priesthood and promoted, in its place, a plethora of lay "ministries" that's ended up with the ongoing growth in the number of "priestless parishes," and it's no wonder that the preparatory (or minor) seminaries are being phased out (actually, Quigley appears to be one of the final ones closed as part of a decades-old process).

Killing off the minor seminaries is a really crucial part of the infiltrators' plan, since there is no better way to abolish the priesthood than to nip it in the bud. If there are no longer such incubators for future priests, then the number of teenage boys interested in becoming and then preparing to become priests necessarily dwindles. It might be asked why the subversives aren't content with simply corrupting what it means to be a priest. Certainly, that is an aim, as well, but because we're discussing what is ultimately diabolical in it's roots, the mere corrupting of priests is only a stepping stone to the goal, which is the complete extirpation of the very idea of the priesthood. Remember, this is part of the plan that was spelled out over 150 years by the enemies of the Church in no uncertain language:

     "Our ultimate aim is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution - the final destruction of Catholicism, and even of the Christian idea." from Freemasonry and the Subversion of the Catholic Church - The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita

For more on the calculated demise of the Church's minor seminary system, see here, here and here (warning: photo of immodest attire).

Spokane 'diocese' emerges from bankruptcy, must raise $48M for victims

Religious liberty and free thought pushed in New Zealand
'Catholic' and Anglican Bishops- Statement on the National Statement on Religious Diversity
"From our own faith position we cherish freedom of thought and freedom of religious expression, both for ourselves and for others. This is inherent in our understanding of the Christian Gospel, as a gift that is freely given, to be freely experienced and freely received in a climate of freedom itself."

YouTube Catholics
"Meet the Catholics who are using YouTube and other new online technology to spread the faith, provide historical footage - and draw attention to liturgical abuses."

3 Milwaukee 'Catholic' churches to close

Odor of sanctity?
Exclusive Pius IX Cologne
Smell like a real Pope! Just in time for Father's Day, the perfect gift for the traditional Catholic man who has everything! No joke, The Pope's Cologne is reportedly made based on the same private stock formulated over 150 years ago for the Holy Father.

Louisville 'archdiocese' okays pro-abort commencement speaker at Spalding University
"The Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky has no objection to the appearance of pro-abortion Rep. John Yarmuth as commencement speaker at a local Catholic university. Yarmuth will give the address and receive an honorary doctorate from Spalding University, a nominally Catholic school, despite his position as a board member of Planned Parenthood."

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