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(Warning: Explicit blasphemous deviant acts depicted. Need we say more?)

Vienna Cathedral museum's Last Supper as 'gay' orgy
"Until May 10th, the Dommuseum in Vienna, located next to the cathedral and belonging to the archdiocese of Vienna, shows an exhibition with works of Vienna sculptor and painter Alfred Hrdlicka (photo left)."

Also see:
Dommuseum Wien Official website of Vienna's Cathedral & Diocesan Museum (English translation by Google)
Vienna's Cathedral Museum (A short history—4:04)
Protest a lewd homosexual blasphemy at Vienna's diocesan museum
Vienna cathedral museum exhibits lewd, blasphemous homosexual 'religious' art

German text links:
Homosexualität:Der Phallus des Wiener Kardinals
 VIDEO  Hideous Hrdlicka statue honoring Communist writer Friedrich Engel (Warning: Brief frontal nudity)

NOW Comments:
Yet another outrage perpetrated by Vienna's notorious Novus Ordo "Cardinal" and close friend of "tradition's only friend" Benedict XVI,
Christoph Schönborn, who has already visited upon that city such lamentable spectacles as the "Youth Church" and its open-air rock "Mass" provocatively titled "Topless" (warning: immodest—though not topless—attire in some of the photos) and for casting a blind eye on the Sankt Polten seminary pornography scandal. That someone like Hrdlicka, who in saner, holier times would be locked away (if not put to death) for such "art" so militantly contemptuous of the Son of God, is able to exhibit his perverse mockeries in a gallery closely associated with the once-great St. Stephen's Cathedral, is a scandal of monumental proportions. Yet we expect nothing to happen, no more peep of protest from Modernist Rome than there was for San Francisco "Archbishop" George Niederauer giving communion to the twisted Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (who also spent Holy Week openly mocking Christ's Passion). What's sad (but predictable) is to see neo-Catholics urge action in the form of contacting Schönborn and the museum's curator to voice disapproval, as if that's going to do any good. Are they kidding? You don't seek assistance in putting out a fire from the ones who set it!

'New springtime' update
Modernist Rome boasts: Islam now world's biggest faith
"Islam has overtaken Roman Catholicism as the biggest single religious denomination in the world, according to new figures. In its newly-released 2008 yearbook of statistics, the Vatican claims Muslims now make up 19.2 per cent of the world's population with Catholics at 17.4 per cent."

Novus Ordo nonsense on parade
Should John Paul II be known as 'The Great'?
"In many circles today, there is a debate taking place on whether or not to attach the honorific of 'great' to Pope John Paul II. It goes without saying that for now, any label given is strictly done so by movement of a large body of the faithful. No official statement has been made by the Church in this regard. Fr. Koterski of Fordham University once noted: 'Something like that would take it to another level…(referring to a statement by the Church) This title comes by acclamation by the church. People are already using it. It now must stand the test of time.'"

Reality Check:
Occultists agree
John Paul the Great - Ascended Immortal Saints (Here "Pope" Wojtyla is identified as "the Great" on an occult, New Age website. His 1986 "many paths to God" interreligious prayer meeting at Assisi mentioned approvingly, and his supposed occult translation into the status of "ascended master" is described in detail. For a better appreciation of how "out there" that website is, check out the "Home" and "Book " pages. In any case, this is pretty telling.

NOW Comments:
Regarding the mania that would demand we call John Paul II "The Great," a friend of this website wittily noted: "Only if we add 'Apostate' after that."

From Christ or Chaos
A system based on lies produces liars
"The modern civil state is based upon the false, naturalistic assertion that it is not necessary for men to submit themselves at all times and without any exception whatsoever to the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law as these have been entrusted to the infallible teaching authority of the Catholic Church that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ founded upon the Rock of Peter, the Pope. In other words, men, whether acting individually or collectively with others in the institutions of civil governance, to submit themselves to the Deposit of Faith in all that pertains to the good of souls."

More rotten fruit of Vatican II
Parents vent fury at nuns over closure of prestigeous U.K. girls' school
Catholic nuns came under fire from angry parents last night as their exorbitant financial demands on a top private school were revealed.
It would have needed a billionaire like Bill Gates to save Newcastle school La Sagesse from closure after the school’s founding order of nuns trebled the rent to £100,000 a year."

Where, indeed?

Praying with heretics – Where is the Catholic resistance?
"How can the faithful in the pews realize that Catholicism is the only true faith through which salvation comes when our religious leaders – including the conciliar Popes – are hobnobbing and praying with leaders of all the false religions?"

NOW Comments:
When Catholics should be standing up against such acts, some publications like The Remnant are busy defending the Blue Mosque "pope" as a defender of orthodoxy (sic).

From Eclipse of the Church
Summorum Pontificum in perspective
"Had this motu proprio appeared 30 years ago, we too might have at least considered the terms, but not now. Too much has happened since we first realized that the Novus Ordo was not simply a translation of the Old Mass, that it stood for something radically new, and that the catechism being taught by the local parish authorities reflected the new trends. Since then we have learned about the revision of other sacraments, too, including that of Holy Orders. If this has been compromised, can we really believe the Novus Ordo produces valid priests? Even if newly trained in Latin and the proper rubrics, and armed with a 1962 Missal, will they be qualified to say a real Mass, any more than an Anglican minister? Or will the wide-eyed worshippers in the pews be assisting at a carefully formulated sham? Let us recall what the late Fr. Carl Pulvermacher predicted some time ago, that Rome would approve the traditional Mass when there were no valid priests left to offer it."

And again rejects magisterium by calling capital punishment 'a crime'

'Cardinal' calls overturned death sentence in U.S. victory for life

'It's about protecting the children…'

Ohio protest  against hiring of accused 'pedophile priest'
"A dozen protesters stood outside a Price Hill Catholic church Sunday as parishioners inside discussed whether a longtime member who faced a sexual misconduct scandal years ago should become the parish's new priest.

The Rev. James Kiffmeyer, who applied for the position at Holy Family Church, was placed on administrative leave for nearly five years after the allegations surfaced. In 2006, the Vatican's Congregation for Clergy found that Kiffmeyer should not be penalized because his accusers waited too long to come forward with details about his alleged misdeeds."

"Compassion for all of the disabled"
Terri Schindler-Schiavo family asks for prayers and outreach in remembrance

And says SSPX is part of Conciliar church

Hoyos offers 'clarification' on Summorum Pontificum
"In an interview with the Vatican newspaper, the head of the Ecclesia Dei commission has indicated that priests do not require permission from their bishops in order to celebrate the extraordinary form of the Latin liturgy."

NOW Comments: Here we go again. More doubletalk from a master. There are plenty of ways that bishops can interfere, and Hoyos knows it. We covered this at some length in a February study. In theory there are no barriers, but when one reads between the lines they are there. The "bishop" is to decide what constitutes a "stable group," as he is "the moderator of the liturgy in his own Diocese," and everything is to be done "under guidance of the bishop." Further, should any problem arise, "the local Ordinary will always be able to intervene." (Of course, what happens when he thinks that the problem is the Latin Mass itself!
LOL) This is the very language of Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum and its companion letter. As for the Society of St. Pius X, Hoyos reiterates for the umpteenth time a fiction he's quite fond of, and that is that it is only SSPX bishops who are "excommunicated" and not the priests and religious. Now in the Ecclesia Dei, the "Apostolic Letter" in which John Paul II declared those bishops thus censured for a "schismatic act," writes something entirely different from what Hoyos maintains:

In the present circumstances I wish especially to make an appeal both solemn and heartfelt, paternal and fraternal, to all those who until now have been linked in various ways to the movement of Archbishop Lefebvre, that they may fulfill the grave duty of remaining united to the Vicar of Christ in the unity of the Catholic Church, and of ceasing their support in any way for that movement. Everyone should be aware that formal adherence to the schism is a grave offence against God and carries the penalty of excommunication decreed by the Church's law (emphasis added throughout).

On July 2 it will exactly 20 years since John Paul II issued Ecclesia Dei. Common sense tells us that priests and laity who have formally adhered to the "schism" by their continuing support of the SSPX during all those many years are certainly "guilty of the crime" and subject to the penalty spelled out above. Why does Hoyos insist on maintaining a patently false interpretation? Could it be an attempt to force a wedge between SSPX bishops and others associated with the group? It would indeed seem so. 

But some refuse to believe him! 'Communism is Dead' update
Gorbachev refutes rumor that he's a secret Christian
"Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev made clear this past weekend that he is an atheist after European news agencies last week claimed that he had confirmed his Christian faith during a visit to the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy."

NOW Comments:
Were initial reports of Gorbachev's "new-found faith" based on a calculated deception to test the gullibility of the West We certainly believe that's a distinct possibility, given that his entire career has been based on lies, as one would expect from a lifelong Marxist. But there's more to it than merely suspicion based on his past: Reports observed that he was seen kneeling alongside his daughter before St. Francis' tomb for half-an-hour, hardly what one would expect from a casual tourist. This was revealed by "Fr." Miroslavo Anuskevica, Novus Ordo
"Franciscan friar" from Lithuania attached to the basilica, who not only claims to have seen this remarkable scene play out before his very eyes, but to have had Gorbachev speak to him about the impact of St. Francis in his life. This story was perpetuated unquestioningly by any number of Conciliar sources, not the least of which being the Modernist Rome mouthpiece, Inside the Vatican, which on March 20th actually reproduced alleged quotes from Gorbachev crediting il Poverello with his "conversion." Five days later, the publication carried the refutation article linked above, but followed it with comments from ITV's editor, Robert Moynihan, in which he incredibly attempts to refute Gorbachev's refutation, writing: "Perhaps Gorbachev is, and wants to remain, a closet Christian." Moynihan bases this position on the evidence of Gorbachev's prayerful posture before the saint's tomb, as well as the purported revelation that in the 1980s Gorbachev was having secret meetings over a span of two years with John Paul II. It's no doubt curious for an atheist to spend that long kneeling in a Catholic shrine, but there's a very serious problem with Moynihan's "closet Catholic" conjecture, and that is, what sort of Christian would deny Christ with a public avowal of atheism, much express no regret for his decades of service for atheistic Communism? In defense of his stand, Moynihan also asks: "Now, if Gorbachev is an atheist, why would he consult with John Paul II above many others?" And all of this just days after his supposed conversion was making headlines all over the world. What a perfectly logical time to reinforce those reports with a fuller elaboration of his newfound faith. Indeed, for him to use the opportunity to dismiss the rumor in no uncertain terms is proof positive that he remains an atheist. To say otherwise is  Now, that question can easily be inverted to read: "Now, if John Paul II were a Catholic, why would he have consulted with Mikhail Gorbachev above many others?" This is certainly a far more plausible explanation, as we've shown elsewhere this month. (For that matter we may wonder "Fr." Anuskevica's affiliations, who so diligently brought the "conversion" story to the world's attention. Dupe or conscious agent?) Interestingly, the Italian newspaper La Stampa referred to Gorbachev's visit to Assisi as “spiritual perestroika," a comparison to the "reforms" (along with glasnost) he brought to the Soviet Union two decades ago. La Stampa wanted to draw a parallel with what the gullible see as a legitimate movement for change in a totalitarian society, when in reality it was (and remains) a ruse to deceive the non-Communist world into believing that the threat was gone and in its place a friend emerged, ultimately being the final nail in the coffin of the decadent West (as is shown conclusively in the link above). And likewise, to cling tightly to belief in the fiction of Gorbachev's conversion, even after he publicly denied it, is to persist in reaching for a snake one believes to be harmless, despite the menacing rattling sound that it makes.

Hardline leftists disrupt conciliar Easter service 

Related links:
 VIDEO/TEXT   War protest mars Holy Nam
e 'mass'
Second night in jail for protestors

NOW Comments:
Protesters disrupted the start of Chicago "Cardinal" Francis George's Easter homily. Granted, it could be argued that sparing the congregation half-an-hour of "new church" drivel is arguably an act of mercy. Yes, true enough, but unfortunately the effort was not done for the love of God and to remind churchgoers of genuine Catholic teaching about Christ's Resurrection and expose the faker at the podium, but rather was an act of radical theatre, complete with splashes of fake blood.  Members of an antiwar protest group calling itself Catholic Schoolgirls against the War did the (dis)honors, and gave George a brief opportunity to show the sort of righteous indignation fitting for what would be sacrilege, were we talking about a true Mass here. But no, far from standing up for our Lord, George who earlier drew applause from his audience, incredibly said that they should be "grateful" for the peace "witness" of those who interrupted his homily (we wonder if he would have been equally thankful had the protesters been traditional Catholics). The Illinois Coalition for Peace and Justice (ICPJ) lists Catholic Schoolgirls against the War as members and describes them as "a humorous, political street theatre group." But there is nothing humorous about the ICPJ, as among its other 130+
members are various radical groups including: American Muslim Council (fake moderates who have been exposed), Buddhist Peace Fellowship,  Communist Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Ethical Humanist Society, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Gay Liberation Network, Green Party, International Socialist Organization, International Solidarity Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace, Nicaragua Solidarity, Pax Christi, Progressive Democrats, Proletariat Productions, Students for a Democratic Society, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and Unitarian-Universalist Church. So don't let the relative youth of "Catholic Schoolgirls" members fool you, this group is as subversive as it gets. 

Nudism on a Paschal candle

Nearly half of America's 'Catholic' universities host pro-sodomite groups

"Out of 211 Catholic universities and colleges in the U.S., at least 96 have pro-homosexual clubs on campus. That's according to a study by The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP). Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest Catholic university, plans a new center for homosexual students; the university already has a pro-gay club."

Growing interest in 'extraordinary' rite 

In Boston, boys step up altar, en Mass
Since April, the number of young boys trained to perform Latin Mass in the Boston area has more than doubled, from eight to 18 servers, said the Rev. Charles J. Higgins, pastor at Mary Immaculate, where the old-style Mass is celebrated every Sunday at noon.…Higgins, 46, who is self-taught in the Latin liturgy, said the increase in boys studying the traditional Mass has more to do with his repeated appeals for volunteers than last years motu proprio from Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican order reversed 43 years of near banishment of the worship service by allowing priests to perform the liturgy without the authorization of a local bishop."

NOW Comments
Of particular interest was the quote of a twelve-year-old server, Brendan MacKenzie, who had this to say about the traditional rite: “It’s really reverent. That’s why I like it, it brings you closer to God.” The Conciliar church had better be careful, because when the young are exposed to the true Mass and are given a chance to compare it the Novus Ordo, they easily can see the difference. Unfortunately, spotting the difference between validly ordained priests and invalidly ordained ones is something else again. Still, a bit of encouragement from an unlikely source.

Wendy's 'Mass' (Girls get to have all the fun)









It's can be tough to be a "new Mass" altar boy these days in Austria, since girls are getting more opportunity, so it doesn't hurt for a young lad to use a little ingenuity. However the approach pictured above seems dubious; it's just too much like one of those weird Wendy's television commercials for our taste, but, hey, it looks like it worked for him! For more photos in the above set, click here.

Our tax dollars at work
Good Friday on NPR: A great day to suggest Gospels are garbage
"National Public Radio knows how to identify itself as the secular liberal media. On Good Friday, the show Fresh Air with Terry Gross recycled a 2004 interview with retired academic John Dominic Crossan, a co-founder of the Jesus Seminar, a man who believes the Gospels are largely mythology, someone's ahistorical hopes, and that the resurrection of Jesus never occurred, and that perhaps the body of Jesus was consumed by wild dogs. In this interview, Gross also asked him to comment on (disparage) the movie The Passion of the Christ, which he eagerly did. He suggested too much focus on the passion of Christ is 'dangerously close to pathological.'"

Foul-mouthed Obama minister appears at Novus Ordo church, get's standing ovation!

'Archbishop' of Liverpool participates in 'Ecumenical Walk of Witness'
"The Lord Mayor of Birmingham joined Archbishop Vincent Nichols and Bishop David Urquhart, the Anglican Bishop of Birmingham, during an Ecumenical Walk of Witness through the streets of central Birmingham on Good Friday."

"'Cardinal Newman is a most important figure today,' the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, told me during a private visit to quiet Quarr Abbey, the Benedictine monastery, near Ryde on the Isle of Wight. 'Many of the issues that Newman was writing about in the 19th century are now being played out more generally in the life of the Catholic Church in the 20th and 21st centuries,' he said, 'Newman's letter to the Duke of Norfolk on the topic of conscience, his Development of Doctrine, and the role of lay people in the Church are still crucial issues today.'"

'New springtime' update
Historically significant British churches face uncertain future
"Mounting alarm has been created by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Lancaster when he questioned recently the future of some of the finest churches in his diocese. In Preston, which was granted city status to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, there is talk of closure of a number of the best preserved Catholic churches in the country, including St Walburge’s, with the tallest spire of any parish church in England (309ft — 95m — to Louth’s 295 ft and the 292ft of St Mary Redcliffe, in Bristol)."

Christ is Risen!

Be not affrighted; you seek Jesus of Nazareth, Who was
crucified: He is risen, He is not here, behold the place where
they laid Him. But go, tell His disciples and Peter that He goeth
before you into Galilee; there you shall see Him, as He told you.

The Gospel according to Mark 16:6-7

The staff of Novus Ordo Watch wishes a
Blessed Easter to our readers!



 Liturgy Video 1:
Sublime, reverent and Catholic to the core

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,  Easter Sunday 1941 at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Chicago, offered by Rev. J. R. Keane of the Servite Order and narrated by then-Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen. Most of the Mass is shown here and all of its elements combine into an ethereal whole that lifts the spirit to contemplate holy things. The presence of God is palpable, and one is reminded of why the Mass has rightly been called the most beautiful thing this side of heaven.

 Liturgy Video 2:
Earthy, profane and a cacophonous mockery

The specifics are uncertain here, save that this is a mercifully brief clip of a "new Mass" memorial meal for Easter being celebrated at a "Catholic" Church in the southeast African nation of Malawi, and employing 'inculturation.' What can only be described as wild shrieks can be heard at the beginning of the video, while around 30 seconds into it an absurd "procession" begins to emerge, with the apparent "priest" casually grinning at the churchgoers as though they were partygoers, instead. Tribal gods, not Christ, are in charge here.

A traditional answer to the Bugnini changes
'Restored' Holy Week: A critique by Monsignor Léon Gromier (Pope Pius XII's Master of Ceremonies)

"We can only qualify as vandalism the fact of tearing the Gloria, laus et honor away from its place at the church door, to mix it up with the baggage of processional music that has nearly tripled in length. Stinginess and waste of time go hand in hand. Therefore, no stopping in front of the door, closed then open; the processional cross unveiled to magnify it, it is cheapened by refusing it the virtue of opening the door. All that despite ancient and modern ceremonial, and for what good? The pastoral rubrics make much ado of the expression, nothing impedes, nihil impedit quominus. Here they are used to unleash the faithful who can sing the hymn Christus vincit or something else in honor of Christ the King. This tolerance has naturally its consequences; the faithful make pawns of the clergy, they have a whole choice of chants à la carte. If they are for Christ the King, they like to sing to his Mother who is Queen. So many desires and eminently pastoral wishes."

New book asks provocative question:
Should Mother Teresa be canonized?

"Ten years after her death, Mother Teresa of Calcutta still holds the moral imagination of the world. Those who question Mother Teresa’s sanctity are treated as misguided souls who would better their time imitating her virtues than probing for her peccadilloes. The Christian world will praise Mother Teresa feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty. But what faithful Christian will praise her for saying:
'I’ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic.…'

There is much to imitate in Mother Teresa’s life. But are her critics correct to declare that Mother Teresa was not a saint? Asking this question of Catholics in particular and mankind in general, MOTHER TERESA: THE CASE FOR THE CAUSE contrasts the image of Mother Teresa’s words and deeds, her virtues and her vices, against the image of Christianity “believed everywhere (ubique), always (semper), by all (ab omnibus)” and asks all readers to respond to Rome."

Paperback edition:
Mother Teresa The Case for The Cause: Is Mother Teresa of Calcutta a Saint? 

Related link:
Hindu books praising Mother Teresa

NOW Comments:
While we cannot go along with the author's final suggestion, which presupposes men of good will in Modernist Rome, we do applaud any effort to expose her false Catholicism. From advancing religious indifferentism, to venerating the memory antichristian Hindu Gandhi at his tomb, to involving herself in Buddhist services, to playing "Eucharistic minister" (see photo above left), Mother Teresa was in every inch of her diminutive frame the quintessential Novus Ordo adherent, which means she didn't adhere to the Catholic "ubique, semper, ad omnibus" formula. Complaining to Benedict XVI and his cronies about her "canonization" is to complain to men who are no more Catholic than she was, hence a colossal waste of time.

Only total annihilation of Good Friday prayer acceptable
German Jews accuse 'pope' of stoking anti-Semitism
"Rabbi David Rosen, chairman of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations, said last week that Jewish leaders have been assured that Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, will issue a statement in March saying that the pope's revised prayer for Good Friday for the Tridentine rite is not a call for Catholics to try to convert Jews.

"The statement, likely to take the form of a letter from Bertone to Israel's chief rabbi of Israel, is expected to be released soon but perhaps not in time for this Good Friday on March 21. Bertone is second only to Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican hierarchy. The letter is expected to stress the concept that all salvation, including that of Israel, is in God's hands and that the prayer is not a call for missionary activity."

NOW Comments:
Elsewhere the article quotes an interview Berlin Rabbi Walter Homolka gave to the German weekly, Der Spiegel, in which he contended: "The Internet is already full of commentaries by right-wing Catholics saying, 'Wonderful, now we finally have the green light to proselytize.' A message like this serves to stimulate anti-Semitic circles," adding that "the Church does not have its anti-Semitic tendencies under control." What Homolka wants is for the Church to cease to obey Christ, Who instructed His Apostles thus:
"Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned. (Mark 16:15-16)" Please note: He said "preach the gospel to every creature," not every creature except for Jews. For the rabbi, therefore, to call efforts at conversion "anti-Semitic" is either profoundly ignorant or deceitful on his part. Just as he rejects Christ as his savior, so to does the Church reserve the right to reject the synagogue as the seat of a false religion. Of course, the rabbi doesn't have anything to fear from the Novus Ordo church, because the conversion of the Jews isn't on it's "to do" list. As for his claim that "right-Catholics" are jubilant that Benedict XVI, we suggest he stop reading websites like The Remnant, whose writers are just as confused as he is in imagine that some great missionary effort is going to emerge from the Good Friday prayer, with "Pope" Ratzinger doing his St. Vincent Ferrer imitation, leading thousands of Catholics into Rome's chief synagogue and converting the rabbi and congregation en masse. If Rabbi Homolka truly believes that, then he has no idea of what makes the counterfeit church work, for the likelihood of something like that occurring is considerably less than for him to pick up a copy of the New Testament, be touched by grace and convert on his own (which, of course, we at NOW would be most happy to see, along with the conversion of Ratzinger and Company).

We wondered about that, too…
Why are Easter and Passover a month apart this year?

'New springtime' update

Irish survey: Losing our religion
"More than three out of four people in Ireland believe in God, heaven and the concept of sin, while more believe in hell than doubt its existence. However, despite being a nation of believers, declining numbers are going to weekly mass or attending other religious services."

NOW Comment:

Would St. Patrick ever have guessed that more than a millennium-and-a-half after he evangelized the Emerald Isle, that Ireland would be in need of a new wave of missionary activity? That day has arrived.

From Christ or Chaos

Judas the Naturalist
"When you think about it, ladies and gentlemen, Judas Iscariot was truly a man for "modern" times. He was the ultimate naturalist, seeking only earthly treasure and honor when he could have had the possession of the Beatific Vision for all eternity in Heaven if only he sought out the ineffable Mercy of the One Whom He had betrayed with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane, Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God-Himself in-the-very Flesh. Encapsulated in the person of Judas Iscariot is the very mentality of 'modern man,' content to live as though the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity made Man in His Most Blessed Mother's Virginal and Immaculate Womb and His Redemptive Act on the wood of the Holy Cross, effected during this very week of weeks, Holy Week itself, are matters of complete indifference to the right ordering of individuals and their nations."

  Speaks at National Education Association conference

Abortionist Tiller admits to performing abortions the day before delivery
"Notorious partial-birth abortion specialist Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, KS, was caught on hidden video admitting to aborting babies a day before the mother's due date. Students for Life of America (SFLA) today released the video which was made at the Feminist Majority Foundation's annual Women's Leadership Conference held at the National Education Association (NEA) on March 9."

Found guilty of criminal damage for protest

Leftist Novus Ordo 'priest' agitator jailed in UK

Testimony: Serial abuser molested dozens of boys

'Priest' from STL area is ruled as sexually violent offender
"A DuPage County jury has ruled that a Roman Catholic priest who spent a decade in the St. Louis area before he was convicted of sexually abusing school boys in the 1980s must stay in state custody because he is a sexually violent person. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the Rev. Fred Lenczycki is the first clergy member committed under the Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act."

Related link:
Lenczycki in Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

But wild miters are very cool!
'Cardinal' Arinze: True liturgical reform must avoid 'wild liturgy'
"Cardinal Francis Arinze, the Church’s 'liturgist-in-chief,' recently made a speech at an African university in which he criticized liturgical abuses and protested Masses where the recklessly innovative priests act as 'Reverend Showman.…'"

He said that liturgical abuses were often due to an ignorance that rejects elements of worship whose deeper meaning is not understood or whose antiquity is not recognized. Cardinal Arinze clarified the nature of the reforms of Vatican II, saying they must be seen as continuous with the past rather than as a dramatic break. 'The Catholic Church is the same before and after Vatican II. It isn’t another Church,' he said."

NOW Comments:
Arinze is on the same page as Benedict XVI in seeking to position the "new Mass" as an organic liturgical development in the Catholic Church. What's interesting here is that there should be any need to clarify that at all. After all, Vatican II ended more than forty years ago and the Novus Ordo Missae of Paul VI turns 40 next year; isn't that a long enough period of time for people to figure out that the "reforms" did not constitute a rupture with Catholic Tradition? Arinze "clarification" is just the latest attempt by Modernist Rome to paper over the real problem, which is the continued criminal imposition of the Protestantized liturgy in countless once-Catholic churches around the word. It's amazing how ignorant people are to buy into the Ratzinger/Arinze line, which still trots out the old "abuses" red herring to divert attention from the core issue, enunciated so well by Cardinals Alfredo Ottaviani and Antonio Bacci in their cover letter to the
Critical Study of the "new Mass," when they declare:

…if we consider the innovations implied or taken for granted which may of course be evaluated in different ways, the Novus Ordo represents, both as a whole and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session XXII of the Council of Trent. The 'canons' of the rite definitively fixed at that time provided an insurmountable barrier to any heresy directed against the integrity of the Mystery. [emphasis added throughout]

It should be sobering to those who are quick to accept the "abuse" argument, that what these eminent prelates were writing on was not a latest comic performance of "Reverend Showman," but the Novus Ordo Missae in its original Latin edition, issued by Paul VI himself. That Arinze must attempt to convince his audience no break from Tradition occurred is evidence in itself that something dramatic did take place, so dramatic in fact that the terms "pre-conciliar" and "post-conciliar" have taken on distinct meanings, quite unlike any that of other council in the history of the Church. And those "abuses," which have continued unabated for nearly half a century now, also continue to be convenient diversionary tactics to justify the wretched novelty that is the "new Mass." His "same Church" protestations are as absurd as a man standing at ground zero at Hiroshima, trying to convince anyone who'd listen that the city was just the same as before the bombing. 

Michigan abortion clinic accused of illegally disposing of babies’ remains


Related article:
Michigan abortuary owner may be fined for dumping medical waste, patient records and aborted babies' bodies

'Harmless' sodomites show real face
OK state rep receives death threats, hate mail after warning 'gays' would destroy USA
"Oklahoma House Representative Sally Kern has received thousands of emails in light of a recorded speech posted on in which she called homosexual practices more dangerous to the United States than terrorism. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is examining the 17 thousand emails Kerns has received for legally threatening content.

Not that it wants to make them illegal, mind you
Royal college warns abortions can lead to mental illness
"Women may be at risk of mental health breakdowns if they have abortions, a medical royal college has warned. The Royal College of Psychiatrists says women should not be allowed to have an abortion until they are counseled on the possible risk to their mental health."

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British woman who had one of the first legal abortions still despondent 40 years later

Legal precedent established by verdict
Israeli court recognizes Sanhedrin Court to try jailed teen
"Tzviya Sariel of Elon Moreh, who has been held in jail since December for refusing to recognize the authority of the secular court system, was allowed to testify before a Torah court set up by the nascent Sanhedrin Friday. The Sanhedrin Court for Matters of People and State ordered her immediate release."

"After the verdict was read, the court's rabbis, wrapped in prayer shawls, stood and recited the special prayers accepting the justice of the Almighty, according to 'Everyone in the courtroom followed in a loud chant to say the words, "Hear O' Israel, the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is One," despite an attempt by prison guards to prevent supporters, including Ruth Sariel, Tzvia's mother, from entering the hearing.'"

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The Re-established Jewish Sanhedrin
Why rabbis are reviving a biblical court of elders

Reality check:
"And the chief priests and the whole council sought false witness against Jesus, that they might put hi
m to death." (Matt. 26:59)

Vatican II: Council of Apostasy [Part 1 of 10]

For Parts 2 to 10 of Vatican II: Council of Apostasy,
click here.
Scholastic method litmus test for orthodoxy
St. Thomas and Philosophical Pluralism
"To read Pope St. Pius X, Pope Leo XIII, and many other popes regarding the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, one would get the impression that the Church held his writings in the highest regard next to Scripture, and his scholastic philosophy as worthy of perpetual observance and study. Leo XIII wrote, 'The Fathers of Trent made it part of the order of the conclave to lay upon the altar, together with the code of sacred Scripture and the decrees of the supreme Pontiffs, the Summa of Thomas Aquinas, whence to seek counsel, reason, and inspiration.' Pope Leo ordered Thomistic philosophy to be taught and observed throughout the Church. St. Pius X, confirming Leo XIII, said, 'We, therefore, declare that all the ordinances of Our predecessor on this subject [Thomistic scholastic philosophy] continue fully in force, and, as far as may be necessary, We do decree anew, and confirm, and order that they shall be strictly observed by all.' St. Pius added, 'there is no surer sign that a man is tending to Modernism than when he begins to show his dislike for the scholastic method.'"

You can't make this up!
'Catholics' for Obama

'Catholic' voters help boost Clinton campaign

The rat cries 'entrapment!'
Planned Parenthood threatens UCLA pro-life advocate on abortion cover-up
"Planned Parenthood is upset that a pro-life student at UCLA posed as a pregnant teenager and exposed it for advising her to disguise statutory rape. In an undercover investigative story for a student-run newspaper, UCLA student Lila Rose posed as a pregnant 15 year-old and entered a Santa Monica Planned Parenthood."

All the hallmarks were present
Real-life case of demon possession documented
"An American woman who levitated, demonstrated paranormal psychic powers and spoke foreign languages unknown to her was clearly demon possessed, according to a board-certified psychiatrist and associate professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College."

Praises globalist for her 'ecumenical dialogue'
'Pope' sends condolences for passing of Focolare founder, Chiara Lubich
"Early this morning Chiara Lubich, one of the founders of the Catholic movement Focolare, passed away. Upon hearing of her death, Pope Benedict sent a telegram conveying his sadness and 'deep emotion' to the movement. According to a press release from Focolare, Chiara Lubich passed away 'in a serene climate, of prayer and deep emotion' at 2 a.m. March 14 in her home. Her death came after she spent a month being hospitalized for severe respiratory failure."

Related article:
Chiara Lubich, founder of socialist Focolare, dies aged 88
Chiara Lubich once under suspicion by Rome
Anglican leader, WCC head join tributes to Focolare founder

Other related links:
Chiara (nee Silvia) Lubich - Wikipedia
Chiara Lubich

Focolare's 'ecumenical Rosary'
Focolare and the 'Luminous Myster
Gen Rosso (Focolare performing arts group)
Young People for a United World (Focolare project)
 VIDEO  Focolare Juniors Weekend in Belgium (Games? Check! Recreation? Check! Groovy music? Check! The Faith? Nope.)
John Paul II endorses heretical Focolare movement
Focolare and Hinduism
Lubich:1996 Recipient of UNESCO Prize for Peace Education

Reality check:
Charismatic Heresy: Focolare
Hindu groups honor Lubich

NOW Comments:
The interfaith work of Jewish socialist 'convert' Silvia Lubich was regarded with suspicion by the Holy See prior to Vatican II, and with good reason. She promoted religious indifferentism, false ecumenism, and an internationalism based not on Christ and His Church, but on the efforts of humanistic/communistic organizations such as the United Nations. Because her vision of the future fit so well with what Modernist churchmen have sought, she has been the darling of Paul VI and every subsequent false pontiff and so, in our humble opinion, is a strong candidate for Conciliar "sainthood."

Pardon our skepticism, but we've seen this farce play out before
Benedict XVI is expected to hold Catholic colleges accountable that invite pro-abortion speakers
"When he visits the United States next month, Pope Benedict XVI is expected to hold Catholic colleges accountable that have invited pro-abortion speakers to campus. The pontiff has requested an audience with more than 200 top officials from Catholic universities and he is expected to make it clear they need to follow Church teachings."

Related article:
Once-Catholic Villanova University hosts speech by Obama's wife

NOW Comments:
The outcome of this is predictable, given similar instances with John Paul II: "Hold accountable" translates at most to some rhetorical finger-wagging and reminders of the responsibility inherent in running a "Catholic" institution of higher learning. No one will be forced to resign, no one will be forced to institute truly Catholic procedures at these schools. At the end of the day there will be enough sound bites that seem good, so the deluded neo-traditionalists will congratulate themselves on having a "no-nonsense Pope" who is turning things around, while nothing really changed at all…same old same old

Pro-life message dulled by Dr. Seuss widow's support of Planned Parenthood
If you see this movie, say what you will, you'll pay for abortions and that's BABIES they kill!
"Most adults are quite familiar with the crazy verses, outlandish characters and quaint charm of Dr. Seuss' children's books. Ted Geisel (his real name), was a notorious perfectionist and zealously controlled what was released to the public under the 'Dr. Seuss' brand.… What many people may not know is that (his widow) Audrey Geisel is also one of America's more wealthy pro-abort 'philanthropists,' offering generous support both financially and vocally to Planned
Parenthood. If that were not enough, Geisel is also quite hostile to pro-lifers. She has gone so far as to take legal action to keep pro-lifer's from using the 'A Person's a Person No Matter How Small' slogan on their signs. Nice lady, huh?"

Related article:
Dr. Seuss Classic = Pro-Life Parable?
Documents prove Dr. Seuss’s widow is supporter of Planned Parenthood (so was he!)

Doing their bidding
Jews reward Benedict for his support
"At the moment that some 'traditionalists' pretend that Benedict XVI took a strong stance against Judaism by rewording the Good Friday prayer in the Tridentine Missal, it is useful to remind our readers that he has an invariable, constant past of support for Judaism."

The Descent of the Modernists










From the Hallowedground blogsite post, The Oath, which also includes the Oath against Modernism and numerous rare photos of Pope St. Pius X.

A brief overview of reservations on the New Rite of Episcopal Consecration (NREC)
"If Fr. Pierre-Marie's conclusion is not 100% safe – morally certain to us in the world of theology – and were we to grant him an 83% probability of safety, the odds are no better than surviving a round of Russian Roulette. One can readily see why nothing but moral certitude may be used in the confection of the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders."

Fifi, say 'Hi' to Jesus!

Latest delusion of a sick mind
'Dr. Death' declares his candidacy for Congress
"Convicted murderer and assisted suicide crusader Jack Kevorkian plans to run for Congress from his hometown in the Detroit area. The former pathologist has admitted to killing more than 130 people, including the televised death of Thomas Youk netted him a 25-year prison sentence"

Earth red chasuble with 'indigenous image,' but what, no dingo, mate?
WYD08 news: Fewer expected from US than in 2005; funky vestments designed for event
"The number of World Youth Day pilgrims who are expected to arrive from the United States has dramatically dropped from 37,000 to 20,000.
The Sydney Morning Herald reports the US Conference of Bishops collated figures which show that fewer Catholic youths are expected to travel to Sydney in July, compared with 25,000 who went to Cologne in 2005."

From Church or Chaos
Mocking the Faith (The drive to rehabilitate Luther)
"Given the text of Principles of Catholic Theology, [Ratzinger's book, in which he wrote "Luther's historical instinct is clearly proving itself right"NOW, quoted in the linked article] my friends, a most reasonable 'outcome' of the upcoming meeting in Castelgandolfo will be, at least in part, some kind of declaration that whatever 'problems'
Martin Luther had with the Catholic Church were the result, at least to a certain extent, of the 'distortion' of the Church Fathers provided by Saint Thomas Aquinas and Scholasticism, which is why Benedict XVI is attempting to portray such early Church Fathers as Saint Augustine as champions of religious liberty, a false concept Saint Augustine condemned (as Pope Pius VII, noted in Post Tam Diuturnas, April 29, 1814). Thus it is that a 'way' could be found to 'reconcile' at least some of Luther's beliefs with those of the early Church Fathers, men whom Ratzinger contends were 'not Roman Catholic as the thirteenth or nineteenth century would have understood the term.'  Remove Scholasticism, you see, and a 'bridge' can be found to 'reconcile' Catholics and Protestants with each other without demanding the unconditional conversion of Protestants to the Catholic Church, finding 'common ground' as the basis for respecting the 'traditions' of each as a basis for 'full communion' is discovered."

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That Luther? He wasn't so bad, say Pope
What in heaven’s name is the Pope up to?
Is the Pope Catholic? Now he plans to rehabilitate heretic Luther

Background on Luther

NOW Comments:
Not long after the above stories hit, one of Benedict XVI's spin doctors denounced the claims as groundless rumors, which doesn't come as a surprise. For "Pope" Ratzinger to do something along such lines is really quite plausible, however, and certainly in keeping with his past statements regarding the infamous German heresiarch. After all, as a Modernist, Ratzinger sees doctrine as something constantly evolving, which is why he can suggest that a Church Father wouldn't be regarded as Catholic by modern theologians. (Compare that statement to the following Modernist proposition condemned by Pope St. Pius X:  62. The chief articles of the Apostles' Creed did not have the same sense for the Christians of the first ages as they have for the Christians of our time. See
Lamentabili Sane) This gets Luther off the hook, because he lived in a different age, as Ratzinger is under no obligation to regard him in the same manner as Pope Leo X or the Council of Trent. (Similarly, "Cardinal" Walter Kasper is quoted as extolling Luther for having "anticipated aspects of reform which the Church has adopted over time" as if the spectral hand of Luther was at work at Vatican II, which in a sense it was, of course.) The following links regarding Ratzinger's past activities all will make clear his bonds with Luther:

For further proof of Ratzinger's admiration, we suggest going to the Principles of Catholic Theology link and doing a search for the name "Luther." That should remove doubt, should any remain after visiting the above links. It is worth noting as an aside that the "New Mass," Benedict's own liturgy of choice to celebrate and what he views as the "ordinary form" of the Roman Rite, was rightly exposed as an descendant of "Luther's Mass" by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre; while at the Vatican II, Ratzinger collaborated with Lutheran minister,  Oscar Cullmann, who assisted in crafting the Novus Ordo Missae.

Moral theology for the New World Order
Modernist Rome's new global 'Deadly Sins'
"Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, the Vatican body which oversees confessions and plenary indulgences, said after a week-long Lenten seminar for priests that surveys showed 60 percent of Catholics in Italy no longer went to confession. He said that priests must take account of 'new sins which have appeared on the horizon of humanity as a corollary of the unstoppable process of globalization.' Whereas sin in the past was thought of as being an individual matter, it now has 'social resonance.'"

NOW Comments:
While there is always a social dimension to sin, though remote at time
s, all iniquity is ultimately an individual matter between a fallen creature and his Creator. Each of us will one day go alone as an individual to face the Almighty at a particular Judgment, and we will be culpable for our sins and no one else's, nor will anyone else answer for our sins but for there's alone. As St. Paul wrote: "it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment." [Heb. 9:27]  The new sins proposed by Girotti are either nebulous (accumulating excessive wealth—who decides at what point it becomes excessive or gravely sinful or how this differs from greed?), already implicit in other sins (taking drugs equates to drunkenness), or dubious at best and ludicrous at worst as "grave sins" (polluting the environment—will someone really go to Hell for littering or not recycling?). This nonsense about "social resonance," as though Christ allowed His Church to be clueless for two millennia over what does or doesn't constitute sin, along with the equally absurd rhetoric about "the unstoppable process of globalization" have a collectivist stench more akin to Marxist liberation theology than to anything Catholic. And make no mistake, this is the very serious thrust behind the seemingly silly declaration, fitting quite in line with the grandiose interreligious aims of Modernist Hans Küng's Global Ethic Foundation.

Dom Gueranger
The Passion of Lent
Traditional devotional readings taken from the writings of the great Benedictine abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger.

Abducted Iraqi 'archbishop' found dead

Wow, what a surprise!
President of once-Catholic Notre Dame University okays on-campus pornographic play
"University of Notre Dame President, Father John Jenkins, C.S.C., announced today that he has approved campus performances of the lurid play, 'The Vagina Monologues,' on March 24-26. It will be the sixth year since 2002 that Notre Dame has hosted the play. The 'Vagina Monologues' is a sexually explicit and offensive play that favorably describes lesbian activity, group masturbation, and the reduction of sexuality to selfish pleasure. In one scene, the lesbian seduction of a teenage girl is described as the girl's 'salvation' that 'raised her into a kind of heaven.'"

NOW Comments: Destroy the souls of your students and turn them into fine young pagans, is that the idea, "Fr." Jenkins? Even the "bishop" of Fort Wayne-South Bend made a cursory protest, but did nothing beyond the hand-wringing. What is somewhat astounding, though, is that this is announcement came out at the same time the Centers for Disease Control issued a truly alarming report that over a quarter of American girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease ( AUDIO/TEXT  25 percent of teens has STD). Clearly, the United States is in the midst of it's own real-life reenactment of the fall of the Roman Empire, yet to think that those claiming to act in the name of the Church are a significant part of the freefall would be difficult for Catholics to believe, if we hadn't with our own eyes seen it be played out on a daily basis for the past five decades.


Wasn't this supposed to be a dead issue?

USCCB: Amount for abuse payouts in 2007 over twice the previous year
"The Roman Catholic church in the United States paid out more than half-a-billion-dollars in 2007 for child sex abuse cases involving members of the clergy, or 54% more than in 2006, an official report showed Friday, says Agence France-Presse. Of the $615,000,000 paid out, “526 million dollars went to settling cases - almost double the amount paid out in 2006, the annual report on how well the church is implementing a charter to protect youngsters said,” says the story, going on: 'Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, president of the USCCB, said in a statement Friday that child protection was a priority for the bishops, and praised them for "working diligently to implement the Charter."'”

Arrested at store trying to steal 'gay' DVDs
Over 200 porno films found in cell of Conciliar 'monk'

Statue of martyr of Mexican Civil War attacked
Mormon 'missionaries' investigated in vandalism at 'Catholic' shrine
"The damaged statue seen in one of the photos depicts Manuel Morales, who was the 28-year-old president of Mexico's National League for the Defense of Religious Liberty when he was executed in 1926 for refusing to recognize laws he considered anti-religion."

Mormon 'missionaries' under fire for mocking Colorado Catholic shrine

NOW Comments: While the shrine in question here is associated with the Novus Ordo Sangre de Christi parish, make no mistake, this was an attack intended against the Catholic Faith. The article quotes a local LDS leader as saying, "We have a history of people doing things like this to us, so we're mortified that our missionaries would do it to someone else.…" That may be the case, but to be perfectly honest he should admitted that the by far the single greatest American atrocity committed in the name of religion was the Mormon-instigated Meadow Mountain Massacre (see here, here and  VIDEO  hereWarning: Brief clips of immodest attire).

More on the revised Good Friday prayer
Bertone tells Jewish leaders: 'We ask for reciprocity'
"'According to the Cardinal, "nobody wishes that one party change its own identity or be forced to perform acts, gestures, or to say prayers which do not conform to its own tradition, even to its own faith. And, therefore' - he continued - 'it is an attitude of reciprocity which is asked, of respect for the affirmation of one's own identity, without desiring the forced conversion of anyone, but proposing one's own faith with maximum respect.'"


Related column:
The rotten fruits produced by dialogue with liars

NOW Comments:
There's the crux of the matter: "nobody wishes that one party change its own identity." As noted before, despite all the wishful thinking of neo-traditionalists, the Ratzinger revision is not a prayer for the conversion of the Jews in any substantive sense. Why should it be, since the most Modernist Rome maintains is that accepting Christ is only the icing on the cake for Jews, who already have a perfectly acceptable religion

Reality Check:
"Modernists do not deny, but actually maintain, some confusedly, others frankly, that all religions are true. That they cannot feel otherwise is obvious. For on what ground, according to their theories, could falsity be predicated of any religion whatsoever?…In the conflict between different religions, the most that Modernists can maintain is that the Catholic has more truth because it is more vivid…"

Pope St. Pius X, Pascendi

Outrage at St. Patrick's Cathedral! [Warning: Vulgar dance moves]
Voodoo-related music and dance in front of high altar
The above sacrilege was conducted at St. Patrick's by members of a Latino music organization called the Lubona Corporation. (Turn your speakers way up, as the sound quality of this video is poor. Remember to turn them back down again afterwards, since other videos on this page don't have such a problem.) Incredibly, the religious background of the music parallels that of the voodoo and santeria practiced in the neighboring islands of Haiti and Cuba, respectively, which involves the worship of African tribal deities under the guise of Catholic saints:

"These African communities in Puerto Rico were forbidden to worship their ancient African gods so they instead fused their customs onto the worship of St James. During festivals to honor the Christian St James, bomba music was played and the traditional mask was worn. The mask, called "vejigante" in Spanish, was supposed to scare away evil spirits and pirates." (See Music Genre: Bomba - Music of Puerto Rico)

This kinship is shown in the following video, which begins with a visit to a santeria shop and music of that cult and ends with a highly-charged and vulgar bomba dance where, like in voodoo dances, the participants appear possessed or at least strongly under demonic influence.  VIDEO  Bomba de Puerto Rico (Warning: Suggestive movements in the bomba dance.)

For a comprehensive look at related matters:
Voodoo You Trust? John Paul II's Betrayal in Benin

Behind the changing of the prayer
Good Friday lies and deception from Benedict's household preacher
"The following is an excerpt from a Good Friday sermon given by Benedict XVI's pontifical household preacher, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa which is filled with deception. My [that is, Maurice Pinay blog's] comments are interspersed. Fr. Cantalamessa begins by fabricating a blood libel against Christians and basing a need for "purification" upon it:

Throughout the centuries Good Friday was the main cultural context for misunderstanding of and hostility toward the Jews. It is therefore right that the work of reconciliation and “purification of memory “ begin on Good Friday. St. Paul offers this interpretation of the event of the Cross: “He himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the barrier of reconcile them both to God in one Body through the Cross, thereby putting to death the enmity...For through him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.” (Eph 2:14-18) The two people referred to are, of course, the Jews and the gentiles.

"This is a Satanic mockery of St. Paul's word's. In Ephesians 2:14-18 Paul is saying that Jews and Christians who have faith in Jesus have been reconciled in one body by a miracle of grace.…"

NOW Comments: A few of points of note here. First, what we see here is a reiteration of the false notion often promoted since Vatican II that the Jews have "access by one Spirit to the Father" through Christ, despite the fact that they reject Him. Hence there is no need for the Church to seek there conversion. Next, there is the attack on Christians as guilty of "misunderstanding and hostility toward the Jews" due to the Good Friday, as though: 1) Jews have never been guilty of misunderstanding and hostility toward Christians, and  2) Good Friday, the holy day par excellence in proclaiming forgiveness, has had precisely the opposite effect on churchgoers over the centuries. These arguments are, of course, exactly the falsehoods pushed by so many rabbis down through time in their opposition to the Church.

Then there is a curious, vaguely Orwellian phrase used by Cantalamessa: “purification of memory.“ It sounded familiar, but where had we hear it? We did a little web surfing and came up with an article from 2000 in which "Cardinal" Ratzinger explained to reporters the use of the term in a document he penned preceding a John Paul II appeal for pardon. The document, entitled
Memory and Reconciliation: the Church and the faults of the past, in turn references a John Paul II bull from two years before,  Incarnationis Mysterium, in which "Pope" Wojtyla writes of the so-called purification of memory that it "calls everyone to make an act of courage and humility in recognizing the wrongs done by those who have borne or bear the name of Christian." So, simply put,  it's Modernist Rome's justification for the endless stream of apologies it's made over the past few decades for the alleged sins of the Church.

Long before Vatican II, however, this same "guilt trip" mentality was being bandied about by certain "progressive" Catholics, and one of the great churchmen of the 20th century condemned it as suicidal to the Faith. Sometime prior to his election as Pope
Pius XII, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, speaking about Fatima, expressed his grave concern over what he was hearing from innovators who would "alter the Faith". One of the things they sought was to "make Her [the Church] feel remorse for Her historical past. (emphasis added)"

But there was more to it than just that. "Purification of memory" sounds like something out of a Communist "reeducation" program, where people are put through "thought reform" that includes self-denunciation and brainwashing. In his article, "
Chinese Communist “Thought Reform”: Confession and Re-Education of Western Civilians," psychiatrist Robert Lifton quotes a Chinese Communist newpaper's justification of the program:

"All crimes have definite social ideological roots. The evil ideology and evil habits left behind by the old society, calling for the injuring of others for self profit, and seeking enjoyment without labor, still remains in the minds of some people to a marked degree. This, if we are to wipe out all crimes from their root, in addition to inflicting on the criminals the punishment due, we must also carry out various effective measures to transform the various evil ideological conceptions in the minds of people, so that they may be educated and reformed into new people."

And actually, there is another Communist term even closer sounding to "purification of memory" that has essentially the same meaning: thought purification as a means of correcting wayward Party members (see examples, China and Korea).

The Novus Ordo concept of purification of memory has a similar aim, which is to get Catholics to break from the "old," pre-Vatican II teachings and attitudes so that they can be molded into the new order "Catholics." It is perhaps not coincidental that Karol Wojtyla would be the originator of the term, since he spent much of his adult life in Communist Poland. But did he simply assimilate this or was he a secret member of the Party, as have many Polish priests and prelates recently been exposed? Much in his past indicates a working relationship with the Red dictatorship, and perhaps more. It's well known that he was given a free pass to go pretty much anywhere he wanted, something unprecedented for any Catholic bishop behind the Iron Curtain. Later, as "pope," he and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev were on good terms, with the latter once penning an article entitled, "My Partner the Pope," in which he wrote of how the two of them were working for the same goal of a new world order. When questioned about it, John Paul II made no attempt to refute it, but spoke of Gorbachev in equally glowing terms, calling the atheist a man of profound spiritual values.

When he visited Latin American Communist countries such as Nicaragua and Cuba, which were always great propaganda coups for those nations rulers, he held outside "Masses" with in areas where several stories high posters of revolutionary "heroes" served as backdrops. And then there was the textbook on social teachings he wrote back in Poland in the 1950s that approved violent worker strikes, which made perfect sense if he was a Communist Party member, but was completely contrary to the Church's position on the subject, most notably Pope Leo XIII 's great encyclical on labor, Rerum Novarum.

More properly, then, purification of memory should be called the perverting of memory for very bad ends.

'New Springtime" update
Catholic Church to Close, Merge Schools in New York

'Fruits of Vatican II' in once-Catholic Argentina

Buenos Aires legislature confers award on transsexual on Women’s Day

"In order to mark International Women’s Day, the legislature of Buenos Aires decided to confer honors on twenty Argentinean women who 'broke the traditional molds,' including a transsexual activist."

Yet another reason why neither should be elected

Clinton, Obama signed onto to Boxer’s $4,500 climate tax on American Families

And 'gay'-friendly Niederauer didn't condemn it

Perverted 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence' staged mockery of Christ's Passion
"In April 2007, in the city of San Francisco, homosexuals of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence movement made a public parody of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are not aware of any protest against or reparation for this blasphemy made by Archbishop Niederauer: an incomprehensible silence..." (Warning: Photos depict people in immodest or otherwise improper dress.)

NOW Comments:
Tradition in Action put the above link on its "Church Revolution in Pictures" page on March 2nd, and while we share TIA's outrage and call for reparation, we totally disagree with the remark about 'Archbishop' George Niederauer's "incomprehensible silence" over this blasphemy of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence [SPI]. There's nothing incomprehensible about it at all, and the good folks at TIA should know better than to suggest such a thing. After all, they are quite aware that this is not a temporary lapse of good judgment from him, but his modus operandi, as is plainly revealed in the following Google search of their website for "Niederauer." (And there's more that TIA missed, too, including photographic evidence that the two SPI "nuns" to whom Niederauer gave "Communion" had previously counter-protested against pro-lifer demonstrators. For this and numerous other examples of Niederauer's activity/inactivity vis-à-vis the "gay" community, see the following page from the
The Cafeteria Is Closed blog. Please note that the final link of that page, dated January 27, 2007, has a faulty address. This can be remedied, however, by removing the %20 from the end of the web address and then reentering the address. But even before the recent Niederauer-related scandals in San Francisco, his unsavory was evident from the very day in 2005 that Benedict XVI gave him his present job, at which time the sodomites cheered. So why are we in disagreement with TIA? Simply because Niederauer's consistent record shows him to be not Catholic prelate at all, but rather a false shepherd, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a hireling. In other words, for him to utter not so much as a word of protest over the Passion parody, far from being "incomprehensible," is exactly what we'd should expect from someone like him. What's truly incomprehensible is that Tradition in Action would expect a Catholic response from an enemy of the Church! What must Niederauer do for this state of affairs to be comprehensible for TIA, take active part in one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's abominable events?

Related blog:
More scandals from Fr. George Niederauer

How to commit national suicide
Colombia announces free abortifacients for teens
"The government of Colombia has announced a new program through which it will distribute the abortifacient 'morning after pill' as 'emergency contraception' free to all women who are of the age of fertility. 'The measure covers victims of rape and all women who have had sexual relations without protection.  The first must make an emergency request and the second through a priority consultation with her EPS (Health Promoting Entity),' said Blanca Elvira Cajigas, Vice Minister of Health and Well Being in an interview with El Tiempo.

NOW Comments: Colombia marks yet another once-Catholic country that has lost its way since Vatican II and in part because of Vatican II.

Still think there's no subversion in the Church?
Once-Catholic university displayed indecent 'art' of Virgin Mary
"Artwork depicting the Virgin Mary as a stripper stirred trouble while on display at a small Catholic university before the piece was apparently stolen. The print was part of an exhibit last month at the University of Dallas that featured the work of students at Murray State University in Kentucky. Joanna Gianulis, a senior art major at Murray State, said she was trying to raise questions about perceptions of saints and sinners and didn't intend to be sacrilegious.

NOW Comments: Apparently, Gianulis was taking UD at it's word, regarding it's motto:
The Catholic University for Independent Thinkers.

The following motu moment is brought to you by the FSSP…
Instant Mass: Ordinary to extraordinary rite in just 5 minutes!
The Transformation: Novus Ordo table to Traditional altar
The above video been on the Internet a while and we've seen it before, but it never fails to make an impression on us. Actually, the events recorded above took fifteen minutes, but they've been sped up and edited to run just over a third of the time in the clip. At first, it almost seems this is a sitcom that came out after Summorum Pontificum was issued, because there's no question about the unintentional humor. Funny but sad, because these people believe that the motu proprio is a godsend from a tradition-friendly pope, who genuinely wants to revive the true Mass. For these people and any others who may harbor such views, Novus Ordo Watch poses a friendly challenge:

  • Show us even one instance in the entire history of the Catholic Church prior to Vatican II where such a radical makeover as above was required before a Mass could be reverently offered?
  • Similarly, show us anywhere prior to Vatican II that such extreme efforts (adding tabernacle, crucifix, Mass candles, false front, etc. to the Freemasonic-looking table) were needed because two forms allegedly of the same Roman Rite were so radically different from each other that the two could in no way be reconciled and offered at the same altar?

Let them look in vain for such a footnote in their volumes of Church history, specifically liturgical history, for the exhibition recorded above is unique in the annals of our Faith, unique to the Novus Ordo captivity. This very fact ought to give these people pause for thought, because the the proper reaction to the the confusion inherent in the above video is to acknowledge it not as a positive development for the Church, but as cognitive dissonance (2+2=5). It is time that they remove their blinders, for the situation can in no way be one that is pleasing to God.

Related column:

"One and the Same Rite": How Benedict XVI tries to destroy the Traditional Mass

And another distortion about the original prayer
More protests about Benedict XVI's revision of Good Friday prayer for Jews
"The harshest of these [Jewish protests
NOW] has come from the assembly of the Italian rabbis. In a statement signed by their president, Giuseppe Laras, this said that the new prayer constitutes 'a defeat for the very preconditions for dialogue' and is 'only apparently less strong' than the previous version. It 'also legitimizes in liturgical practice an idea of a dialogue aiming, in reality, at the conversion of the Jews to Catholicism, which is obviously unacceptable to us.' And therefore, 'in relation to the continuation of dialogue with Catholics, at the very least a pause is required for reflection that would permit understanding fully the actual intentions of the Catholic Church concerning dialogue itself.'"

NOW Comments:
The protests give Benedict XVI some cover to justify his prayer for those Catholics who have a problem with it as weakening and already weak formulation of the prayer. In reality, there is little for Jews to find offenses from there point of view, save the implied (yet false) call for their conversion. As we've mentioned before, "Pope" Ratzinger  Beyond this, once again it is falsely alleged in print that Ratzinger has revised a prayer dating back to the earliest centuries, when in fact all he's revised is an already twice-revised prayer from the 1962 Missal.

Novus Ordo Watch Flashback: August 2005
Novus Ordo 'priest' defends, endorses Satanic rock singer, sings in metal band himself
"Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson sparked furor when he announced his desire to perform in Croatia - but a Croatian Catholic priest has leaped to his defense. Priest Anton Bobas, who claims the best concert he ever attended was seeing Manson live in Germany three years ago, says: 'How could Manson turn young people into Satanists and drug addicts in the two hours of his act?'" (From the NOW News Archive of August 2005)

Related links:
BBC News: Croat priest stands up for Manson
Audio Heaven blog on Glasnici Nade
My Space video of Glasnici Nade

NOW Comments: It is good every now and then to plumb the depths of conciliar "tolerance" to see what's down there. We're not just thinking here about a cleric's open admiration for the avowed antichristian rock star Marilyn Manson (nee Brian Warner, shown above left visiting one of the figures who profoundly influenced him, the late "high priest" of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey), however insane that may be. No, beyond that is the fact that "Fr." Anton Bobas is still a "Dominican priest" in good standing in the Novus Ordo church. So Bobas made international news for defending a vile, openly Satanic rock star and had his own metal band, but gets a free pass from Modernist Rome and his Modernist Dominican superiors. Understandable, of course, he's not doing anything really offensive to Ratzinger, like, say, defending the Traditions of the Catholic Faith. Now, that can get you in trouble.

Assisi USA 2008
Benedict XVI's interreligious apostasy

Forgiveness vs. vengeance
Jesus and Muhammad's words, actions, teachings contrasted
"If a computer acts up, the technician resets it to the default settings it had when it left the factory. If followers of a religion act up, one should examine the default settings the religion had when it left its founder. One can examine the life of Jesus from the four Gospels. One can examine the life of Muhammad from the Quran, Hadith and sources like the Sirat Rasul Allah.
A review of these resources reveal:

* Jesus was a religious leader.
* Muhammad was a religious leader and a military leader.
* Jesus never killed anyone.
* Muhammad killed an estimated 3,000 people, including beheading 700 Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe in Medina, A.D. 627…"

Benedict XVI prays with schismatic leader in Vatican chapel

The Vatican II revolution revisited
Religious freedom: a delusion, a crime, an apostasy!
"The declaration
Dignitatis humanae on religious freedom, the inevitable preamble to the 'opening' of the Church to the modern world, is the conciliar charter of their mutual 'reconciliation': without the recognition of every man’s social right to religious freedom, no 'dialogue' is possible. 'This document is essential,' Pope Paul VI said to Mgr De Smedt, the reporter of the schema on 30 September 1965, at a crucial moment of the conciliar debates. 'It determines the attitude of the Church for several centuries. The world is waiting for it.' This world that the Council promised to please..."

Ferrara Termite Control hard at work

'Cardinal' Kasper on Good Friday prayer controversy
"Kasper’s letter, which he (or someone) strategically leaked to the press, has no doctrinal or juridical import whatever. The letter to Rabbi Rosen begins: 'Dear Rabbi Rosen, Upon my return to Rome, I found your letter of 10 February 2008 regarding the prayer formulated for the extraordinary rite of the Good Friday liturgy.' It is simply ludicrous to contend that the Pope personally 'authorizes' as his teaching such informal private missives from the heads of Vatican departments to individual recipients. To be perfectly candid, I am disgusted that any traditionalist would seize upon this letter as evidence of a papal intention to betray us. This is the essence of rash judgment; and rash judgment of papal intentions is an especially grave matter.

"Worse, in his letter the always-pernicious Kasper has managed to mislead both Jews and some traditionalists by declaring as follows:

"The reformulated text no longer speaks about the conversion of the Jews as some Jewish critics wrongly affirm. The text is a prayer inspired by Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans, chapter 11, which is the very text that speaks also of the unbroken covenant. It takes up Paul's eschatological hope that in the end of time all Israel will be saved. As a prayer the text lays all in the hands of God and not in ours. It says nothing about the how and when. Therefore there is nothing about missionary activities by which we may take Israel's salvation in our hands."

NOW Comments:
Since the issuance of the "new, improved" Good Friday prayer by Benedict XVI, The Remnant's Christopher Ferrara has used every trick in his defense attorney's black bag to convince traditional Catholics that they should be pleased with the results. His smoke and mirrors act consists of some ploys he's used before. For example, in the above passage he attempts at once to distance "Pope" Ratzinger from Kasper as far as the latter's remarks, and to insinuate that Kasper is a malign influence in the otherwise holy and tradition-friendly Vatican.

Ferrara maintains that it is "ludicrous to contend that the Pope personally 'authorizes'" the contents of Kasper's letter. True enough, but when Benedict makes no effort to publicly correct his "wayward" confidant on such a matter, especially as Kasper's personal letter became international news, then in this case the "Holy Father's" silence clearly suggests his assent to its contents. It's up to Benedict, not Chris Ferrara, to set Kasper straight, should the "Pope" really be misinterpreted, and the fact that he did not do so is in itself a refutation of sorts to one of the main contentions of Ferrara's column. Ratzinger and Kasper are on the same wave length about this, after all.

Later, Ferrara ridicules traditionalists who disagree with his newfound devotion to Ratzinger, when he writes: "For it seems there are some traditionalist
s who actually hope that Kasper and Bertone will succeed in their maneuvering, so that they can proclaim a vindication of their audacious thesis that Pope Benedict XVI is a sinister Hegelian modernist who intends to 'synthesize' tradition and novelty into some hideous hybrid that would destroy the Faith." (For a columns dealing with Ratzinger's Hegelianism at some length, see High Church, low Church and See no Hegel, hear no Hegel.)

And yet the very sorts of things at which Ferrara now scoffs, are precisely the same that he himself wrote of Ratzinger a mere two months before the latter's election:

Yes, “our only friend in the Vatican” has struck again. More and more it becomes apparent that this man is perhaps the most industrious ecclesial termite of the post-conciliar epoch, tearing down even as he makes busy with the appearance of building up. The longer Ratzinger “guards” Catholic doctrine, the more porous the barriers that protect it become.

Indeed, as I have pointed out more than once on these pages, it was Ratzinger who wrote in 1987 (in the second edition of his Principles of Catholic Theology) that the “demolition of bastions” in the Church is “a long-overdue task.” The Church, he declared, “must relinquish many of the things that have hitherto spelled security for her and that she has taken for granted. She must demolish longstanding bastions and trust solely the shield of faith.” Now it seems that with the bastions all but demolished, even the shield of faith is about to clatter to the ground.

Poor Mr. Ferrara seems to have forgotten having written this (perhaps Ginkgo biloba will help your memory lapse, Chris!), because now the destructive termite label has shifted from "Demolition Joe" Ratzinger to the "Always-pernicious Walt" Kasper. This is all the more puzzling since Ferrara clear states that he has "pointed out more than once" how Ratzinger had written of his commitment to destruction in the Church. So if we traditionalists are adhering to an "audacious thesis" concerning Ratzinger's nefarious intentions, we are only repeating the same line of thought to which Ferrara also subscribed a number of times in 2005 and before.

The real question is whether Benedict XVI has really given us any reason to believe he's changed for the better. It must be noted that even back in 1987 when he was writing about the need for the Church to demolish bastions, he was John Paul II's "watchdog of orthodoxy" and already exhibited some of the same pseudo-conservative traits that Ferrara accepts as legitimate. But Chris Ferrara's own sense of what constitutes Catholic orthodoxy is so warped that although "Pope" Ratzinger goes and prays in a mosque, a apostate act that would have gotten any priest defrocked prior to Vatican II, he's absurdly held up as a champion of all things Catholic by The Remnant's absentminded columnist.

Oh, and by the way, since the subject here is the Good Friday revision, it's of note that Ferrara wrote of it as his erstwhile industrious termite's
Papal Masterstroke, the subtitle declaring "Pope's Good Friday prayer reinforces infallible Church teaching." He maintains that the changed prayer "leaves intact the Church’s unambiguous call for the conversion of the Jewish people." As we've seen above, one of Ratzinger's closest colleagues has refuted this position and that refutation has not been challenged by the only one who can speak to the matter authoritatively. (We challenge Chris Ferrara to show any other documentation dating anywhere in the public life of Fr. Joseph Ratzinger where he has ever called for the conversion of Jews either in spoken or written. However that, we submit would be a fool's errand, as no such documentation exists.)

The fact is that the prayer was changed in the first place due to Jewish pressure. Besides, for Ratzinger to pen a prayer promoting the conversion of the Jews is contrary to his own belief system, which postulates that they have their own equally valid covenant, their own road to salvation, and that the Catholic Faith in better than Judaism only in degree, not in kind. (And yes, Chris, that's Modernism. (For proof of Benedict's false views on the subject, see
 VIDEO  The amazing heresies of Benedict XVI (part 1 of 7); his false teachings regarding the Jews begin around 2:34.)

As far as Ferrara's remark about the "audacious thesis" of some traditional Catholics that Benedict XVI "intends to 'synthesize' tradition and novelty into some hideous hybrid that would destroy the Faith," this is something that is spelled out fairly explicitly in the letter accompanying Summorum Pontificum, the motu proprio "liberating" the 1962 Missal, where "His Holiness" instructs the "bishops" that "the two Forms of the usage of the Roman Rite can be mutually enriching: new Saints and some of the new Prefaces can and should be inserted in the old Missal. (emphasis added)"

If that isn't mixing tradition and novelty into a hybrid, what would be? If, when this is implemented and it becomes more accurate to talk about newly published "1962" Missals as 1962/2008 Missals, then aren't we speaking of a hybridization? Of course we are. And the revised Good Friday prayer, which will go into any subsequent "1962" Missal printings, is a step in a process, conditioning people to accept change for change's sake so long as it seems "orthodox." But Chris Ferrara must ask himself whether he really can accept a prayer that is a revision of a revision of a prayer that has served the Church nobly for the better part of two millennia, and indeed is one of the oldest parts of the liturgy. Then he must follow that question with these: Can a Catholic really trust as a friend and restorer of Tradition a man who is not returning to the ancient prayer of the Church, but is content foisting a readymade substitute aimed at placating enemies of the Church and deceiving the gullible? And for that matter, what sort of defender of Tradition allows what in theory is a solemn prayer for one of the greatest holy days of the Church calendar into a political football?

When, and only when, he can answer such questions in a compelling fashion, should anyone take his arguments seriously.

VIDEO/TEXT  'Communism is Dead' update
Soviet strategists install Medvedev as Putin's 'successor' in Russian 'election'
"Not surprisingly Vladimir Putin's anointed successor, Gazprom CEO, and Komsomol graduate Dmitry Medvedev has won Russia's presidential election, which means Putin will be appointed prime minister again. Thus, while the KGB dictator will animate his puppet from the background, Putin himself will be carrying out the dictates of the restored/continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Russia's state-run economy is thriving on revenue generated by oil, natural gas, and arms exports, the 'ex'-communist/'ex'-KGB oligarchy is lining its pockets, and the West continues to perceive the Russian "Right,' as personified by Putin's Chekist administration and United Russia's domination of the State Duma, as the real powerbrokers in Moscow." (Scroll down right column of linked page to "Multimedia" section for Reuters video of Russian election
—it can be found directly across from photo of Chinese soldiers.)

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Putin confirms it! Russia is the nation which will chastise Europe
"Post"-Communist Russia's secret Leninist leadership
Strategic objectives of the Perestroika deception in Russia and worldwide

The Perestroika Deception updated

Novus Ordo Watch Special Report:

Exposing the "Communism is Dead" Myth

"If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world raising up wars and persecutions against the Church, the good will be martyred,
the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated."

                                                                    —Our Lady at Fatima

"JP2 all the way, all the time"
Catholic rap with 'Fr.' Stan Fortuna

An interview with/performance by "Fr." Stan Fortuna, who tells about his World Youth Day "gigs," a book he's written based on the teachings of "the great John Paul II," and more. While we're at it, we ran across a Fortuna School of the Eucharist video, which is 7+ minutes of rap tedium accompanied by stills of him saying the "new Mass." (Impossible to watch all the way through!)

Related link:
Stan Fortuna link on the "fresh. hip. catholic."
CatholicSound website 

Agrees that church should be 'more fun'!
Mahony promotes yoga, liturgical dance
"Alexis asked, 'Is their anything against the Catholic church being more fun? I mean the priest talks and kids don't pay attention, so couldn't we sing and dance, and make it more like gospel churches do, so kids will want to participate? I was just wondering if that was against our faith?' 'Sounds good to me!” replied Cardinal Mahony. 'Our parishes need to offer a variety of liturgies which appeal to different age groups and to different likes. Youth Masses with groups such as Life Teen are really helpful!'”

Yes, but what about the spiritual toxicity?
World Youth Day pilgrims safe despite toxic contamination
Padre Pio exhumed, body is 'well preserved'
"In the most discrete manner possible, the body of St. Padre Pio was exhumed at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning by a group of medical experts, while Church representatives observed."

A 'return to the roots of the faith'
Benedict XVI approves interfaith forum with Muslims
"Pope Benedict XVI gave his approval Wednesday to the creation of a permanent Catholic-Muslim interfaith forum that will hold it inaugural meeting this November in Rome, the Vatican said."

Novus Ordo 'archbishop' abducted in Iraq

Useful idiots department
'Cardinal' Bertone visits Cuba, attacks the American embargo
"On his trip to Cuba - February 20 to 27, 2008 - Card. Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, strongly attacked the American economic embargo against Cuba. Bertone qualified this anti-communist position of the United States as "unjust and ethically unacceptable." In a press conference he stressed that the restrictive measures imposed by Washington "constituted an oppression of the Cuban people and a violation of their independence," reported Granma, the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party. The Cardinal also affirmed that the Vatican is pressuring the American government to suspend the embargo."

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The Real Cuba (a site that exposes what the news media is silent about)

Tales from the Novus Ordo's Darkside

A young Beninese woman must be forcibly
restrained after being possessed by a voodoo god.
Yet, John Paul II praised the cultists for their beliefs.

Voodoo You Trust?
John Paul II's Betrayal in Benin


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