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Once-Catholic school's controversy
Obama and Notre Dame's Identity


NOW Comments:
The better part of this
Indianapolis Star video could almost be mistaken for something produced by Notre Dame to recruit prospective freshmen. Scenes around campus are accompanied by narration supplied by author and UND History Professor R. Scott Appleby, who speaks about the school's beginnings in 1842, it's significance to American Catholics, and Notre Dame's current diverse faculty and student population in what is in all but name a secular learning environment. It isn't until the end of the video, amidst scenes of pro-life protesters, that Appleby gets to the controversy surrounding the scheduled Obama appearance, and how the Administration needs to see with what the great "passion" many alumni and others regard the university and how "revealing" this reaction has been. He concludes by bringing up how American "bishops" place the teaching against abortion as "the centerpiece of their moral exhortations to the nation.

And their reasoning is if we get this wrong, we get everything else wrong." All of this is divorced from reality. First, Obama could care less about the protests; he has been invited by the university to be awarded an honorary degree and to provide a commencement address in which he gets to promote to graduates his warped vision of the nation's future (he promises "an inclusive and respectful speech"
inclusive, so he should fit right in!). Unless Notre Dame withdrawals its invitation, Obama wins! Appleby's contention that the "bishops" place the life of the unborn at the forefront of their concerns, their exhortations (such as they are) have been so much hot air. Their bad example of promoting the late "Cardinal" Joseph Bernardin's false "seamless garment" theory (which had the effect of weakening defense of the unborn), of teaching that it is permissible to vote for pro-abortion candidates, and (aside from a few more principled "bishops") their allowing such politicians to receive communion, speak louder than any pro-life pretentions.

Let's remember one key fact: If the Novus Ordo hierarchy hadn't given voters the green light to vote for Obama, there wouldn't be this controversy in the first place. In fact, are the "bishops" who have lined up to oppose the visit merely going through the motions, since their protest is having no effect, something they no doubt knew from the start? You know, this is something that provides credibility to men who have lost much over the past decade with the endless news about child molesting clergy who they've transferred to unsuspecting churches and the enormous payouts to victims.

Given the track record of some of these men, the idea of them seeing this an way to score easy public relation points certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Nevertheless, viewing it less cynically, they are taking the side of the angels on this issue, which is to be commended. We simply want to see them follow up this stand with a substantive, consistent policy against the pro-aborts. This isn't in and of itself going to make them real bishops or even Catholic, but it would be a positive step in the right direction and one for which they might be given the grace to see their way out of the counterfeit religion.

Related Column:

Notre Dame needs to protect its 'Catholic' brand

Background Documention:
President Barack Hussein Obama's pro-abortion record: A pro-life compilation

'Papal' visit is first for Charles since divorce
"Prince Charles visited the Vatican on Monday for his first meeting with a pope since his 1996 divorce from Princess Diana.The heir to the UK throne was accompanied by his second wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who wore the mandatory modest black dress and veil which the Vatican requires for wives of dignitaries who meet the pope."

Related Article:
Is the Pope softening on divorce?

In 'the world capital of modern atheism'
Voters to decide the fate of faith in Berlin schools

Hungarian-Catholics not welcome?
Closing of 'self-sufficient' Cleveland church amounts to ethnic cleansing

Glendon takes principled stand
Ex-Vatican ambassador spurns Notre Dame
"A former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican has turned down the University of Notre Dame's highest award, citing the school's simultaneous honoring of President Obama and its public justifications for doing so. Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon informed the university Monday morning that she would not accept the Laetare Medal, whose past recipients have included America's only Catholic president and a woman on the path to sainthood."

NOW Comments:
Mary Ann Glendon, ironically Obama's former Harvard professor, has rejected the opportunity to receive Notre Dame's prestigious Laetare Medal because the university also intends to honor her pro-abortion, pro-infanticide student. For that she should be commended. Some readers will wonder why we choose to give her more acknowledgement than "bishops" who have spoken out against the Obama visit. Really, there are two reasons: 1. As far as we know she hasn't used her position to okay voting for pro-abortion candidates (we'll retract this if anyone has information to the contrary) and 2. She misses out on receiving a high honor, whereas the "bishops" lose nothing. Yes, she's Novus Ordo, but give credit where it's due.

Film not anti-Catholic, director maintains
The Devil is in the fictitious details in Howard's 'Demons'

Benedict XVI venerating the Talmud, other Jewish books

'New Springtime' update

Does the American 'Catholic' Church have a numbers problem?
"A fascinating Pew report out today finds that most Americans have changed religious affiliation at least once and that within this dramatic religious churn, Roman Catholicism is the biggest loser. Four times as many Catholics are leaving the faith as are joining it, the study finds."

Holocaust, not the Crucifixion, 'biggest crime in the history of humanity'
Küng: Catholicism heading back to Middle Ages
euronews: Do you think there is a risk today that the Church is going backwards, heading towards the middle ages, and that the Vatican II reforms are being called into question?
Hans Küng: Yes, absolutely. The Catholic church is once again taking a course towards reaction, anti-modernism, and the Middle Ages.
euronews: "Why do you think Vatican II is still important today, and what must be saved from it?"
Küng: "Before Vatican II the Catholic church had, basically, stopped the clock in the Roman Catholicism of the Middle Ages.…It was a real combat to firmly establish religious freedom, and freedom of conscience. It was very exciting, and at the time Josef Ratzinger and I shared the same ideas and thoughts. The consequences of Vatican II were immense and historic.…If we cancelled all that, the church would change into a fortified citadel, and trigger the exodus of all those who do not want a return to the past."
(For the full transcript and video at original location, click here.)

NOW Comments:
Fr. Hans Küng (to give him the title he no longer uses) was one of the key Modernist figures of Vatican II; it was there he teamed with other liberal periti in working the successfully bringing about the subversion of the Church. The above interview show him to be every bit as much as Modernist as he was back then, no mellowing with age. Indeed, in 2007 he was the recipient of an award from
German Freemasons for being a "free and brave thinker." (Given Küng's Masonic ties, it is with perhaps a certain unintended [?] justice that the interviewer refers to him as "one of the architects of the Second Vatican Council.") The introduction of the video revives an often repeated tale which speaks of how 1968 student riots turned Küng's then-colleague, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, towards more "conservative" thinking. (Ratzinger himself largely disputes such a characterization, by saying that his thinking remains the same.)

It's no surprise that Küng holds the Holocaust over the Crucifixion as "biggest crime in the history of humanity." And how could it be otherwise with him? Given his denial of the Divinity of Christ, it becomes solely a numbers game with him: the death of one Jew versus the deaths of many Jews. Surprisingly, after stating that the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations are responsible for the spread of anti-Semitism and need to make amends, he says that Jews likewise must be tolerant. Tolerant in their relations with various churches is the first thought, but he quickly dispels that notion by specifying that he means tolerance towards Palestinians by allowing them to have a state of their own.

As for Küng's purported fear that "the Church is going backwards," it's exactly what one expect from a Modernist; likewise his talk of an "exodus of those  who do not want a return to the past," as though the correctness of an act is dependent on public opinion rather than principle. Specifically, he opposes the concept of the Church as "fortified citadel" that is in the world but not of it
in other words, he opposes the pre-Vatican II teaching of the Church militant, preferring rather one that seeks in common with the world.

So, when he says that he and Ratzinger "shared the same ideas and thoughts," it is instructive to find out that his ex-colleague (pictured left in front of Tübingen University, where the two of them taught) wrote favorably about how one of the works of the Council was to demolish the bastions (in other words, fortified citadel) of the Church raised up against a world hostile to God in such documents as Venerable Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors. This leveling of the citadel was largely accomplished, according to Ratzinger, by Vatican II's
Gaudium et Spes, which he says was set up in opposition to Pius's decree as a "counter-Syllabus" that supposedly was more in keeping with the Church's place in the modern world (never mind that 20th century persecutions against the Church were far more widespread pronounced than anything Pius faced when issuing his Syllabus in 1864).

What may surprise some readers is that Ratzinger's rant about the necessity to "raze the old bastions" came not during his days as suit-and-tie radical at Vatican II, but as in his 1982 book
Principles of Catholic Theology, long after his alleged "great awakening" as a conservative. So, we believe that
the fear Küng expresses about a return to true Catholicism is really just a bit of playacting on the part of a man who knows very well what the "Tradition-friendly" Benedict is really all about. He knows there is no danger whatever of that happening with Ratzinger. Indeed, when the smoke finally clears and the whole truth about the post-Vatican II era is finally known, we believe it will be revealed that despite their apparent differences, Küng and Ratzinger have been working together behind the scenes to carry out the Modernist agenda for a very long time.

For those who find that difficult to fathom, we ask it be recalled about Ratzinger that he in no way repudiates Vatican II (indeed, he makes acceptance of the Council a precondition for the Society of St. Pius X bishops if they are to enter into "full communion" with Modernist Rome) and, as shown above, that by his own admission his thinking today is substantially the same as it was when he undertook his ruinous work over 45 years ago. Those who fail to keep this in mind and get caught up in all of his lofty  rhetoric and the trappings of Tradition with which he often surrounds himself, also fail to see him for what he really is: an unrepentant Modernist who is committed to "improving" the Catholic Church by plowing under everything that is not in keeping with the spirit of the age.

Cardinal O'Malley speaks at Yom Hashoah religious service

How a Conciliar professor views SSPX's big question

"'Adoption of the Second Vatican Council' will be a condition of the Church on the SSPX in the future talks. So has Pope Benedict XVI formulated it in his letter to the world’s bishops on March 10. The German Bishops' Conference who have by canon lan no right to authorize or prohibit anything made the conditions for a dialogue stricter, by talking about 'complete acceptance' of the Council. But what does 'acceptance' mean? Here lies the second problem of the SSPX, but also that of most of their opponents. Adoption can mean the council is not treated like a robber synod and put in the dock (as was done by Lefčbvre), but it is legitimate, convened and presided over by the Pope and thereby to respect its declarations, constitutions and decrees as a legitimate act of the highest ecclesiastical authority."

Irish 'cardinal' meets with Protestant leaders
"Loyalist leaders and senior Roman Catholic clerics met on Friday, pledging to work together to prevent a return to full-scale violence in Northern Ireland." [Video opens in separate window.]

Vatican and Arab League hold peace meeting

Jesuit-run USF faculty union threatens to file complaint if abortion coverage revoked

'Christ is not in the Host'
Maurice Zundel: The Eucharistic heresy of Paul VI's friend
"Imagine if you hear someone say that he believes Christ is just as present in a soup as in the consecrated Host, in the Mass. Any Catholic would consider that such a person either does not believe in Jesus’ real presence in the consecrated Host, or is a pan-christic Gnostic, such as Teilhard de Chardin. Either way, whoever makes such a scandalous statement would be taken as a heretic.

"Why should we draw any other conclusion, in case it was a priest who made such a scandalous and malicious statement? Why would we leave logic aside, in case the person who asserted this phrase, which is definitely savoring of heresy, was a priest and a friend of Pope Paul VI? For Maurice Zundel was a friend of Mgr. Giovanni Batista Montini – who will become Paul VI – since 1923.…"

Will he get the Novus Ordo vote? …kidding, right?
Divorced 'Catholic' SF mayor to run for CA governor in 2010

Catholic no longer

Fordham University hosts weeklong Jewish conference

Priest resigns from Detroit church after sexual misconduct accusation

With few reinforcements on the way

The continued graying of Novus Ordo clergy

"In 2007, there are 261 active U.S. bishops -- including five of nine cardinals -- leading dioceses; and 41,406 diocesan and religious order priests serving 195 American dioceses. One in every six bishops are closing in on the mandatory retirement age of 75 within the next two years. More than half the bishops will reach the milestone within five years, data from indicates."

Paul VI confidant Jean Guitton admitted
Since Vatican II '[Modernism is] the doctrine and method of the Church'
The prominent French philosopher and theologian Jean Guitton (1901-1999) was one of the most significant figures in the Novus Ordo revolution. A friend of both John XXIII and Paul VI, he was invited to the Second Vatican Council as a "lay observer." Although regrettably a firm adherent to the counterfeit church, Guitton nevertheless provided one of the most candid admissions by anyone as to the utterly heretical nature of that robber council, when he wrote:

“When I read the documents relative to the Modernism, as it was defined by Saint Pius X, and when I compare them to the documents of the Second Vatican Council, I cannot help being bewildered. For what was condemned as heresy in 1906 was proclaimed as what is and should be from now on the doctrine and method of the Church. In other words, the modernists of 1906 were, somewhat, precursors to me. My masters were part of them. My parents taught me Modernism. How could Saint Pius X reject those that now seem to be my precursors?”

(emphasis added. Jean Guitton, Portrait du Pčre Lagrange, Paris: Éditions Robert Laffont, 1992, pp. 55-56)

Related Documentation:
Fogazzaro: We want a reform carried out by the legitimate authority

Memo to Bishop Bernard Fellay and other leaders of the Society of St. Pius X: Please take heed lest you be the blind leading the blind into the pit!

Interfaith get together sponsored by ADL
NY Archbishop joins Catholic and Jewish students in symbolic Passover Seder
"Extolling the virtues of unity, religious acceptance and interfaith cooperation, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan shared a symbolic Passover Seder with a group of Catholic and Jewish students. The Interfaith Freedom Seder, organized and hosted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), brought together more than 100 seventh and eighth-grade students from the Immaculate Conception School of Jamaica Estates, Queens and Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau County."

NOW Comments:
Simply put, real Catholics don't do Seders, as they are religious rituals of a false religion, yet this was one of Dolan's first acts after becoming New York's "archbishop" (show above accepting applause at "Mass" when the appointment was announced). Contrary to the propaganda advanced in the Novus Ordo Church, there is no evidence that Seder of modern Jews bear a close resemblance to that celebrated in the time of Christ. And there is one feature of the modern Seder that certainly was not part of the Last Supper and that should be repugnant to every devout Catholic: "The Seder concludes with a prayer that the night's service be accepted. A hope for the Messiah is expressed: "L'shanah haba'ah b'Yerushalayim! - Next year in Jerusalem!" which plainly was not spoken by Jesus and His disciples in the Cenacle. (See Wikipedia's article for
Passover Seder)

And as the press release below shows, the ADL wants to stifle any and all open discussion about the Holocaust; in this case, the fact that many Catholics were also killed by the Nazis. Foxman urges Benedict XVI to see that "there will be consequences (within the Conciliar religion) for those clergy who engage in Holocaust denial." It's amazing how a Jewish advocacy group is allowed to dictate policy to supposed Catholics, but would take offense if the tables were turned and a Catholic leader began telling the synagogues what to do. Now, Foxman is instructing "Pope" Ratzinger to play policeman for those like Bishop Richard Williamson who question any details pertaining to the Holocaust, as though it's the most important (perhaps even the only) issue in the world. Supposedly, one of the gifts of Vatican II to the world was to open dialogue, but in the case of people like Foxman there seems to be considerably more talking than listening!

More ADL/Novus Ordo News:
ADL condemns Brazilian Archbishop's statement on Holocaust; says Church 'must take strong action against deniers

Claimed Christ didn't die for our sins
Some recent authors deny that sacrifice is a central concept in the Bible. Karl Rahner expresses doubts about whether Jesus interpreted his own death as an expiatory sacrifice. Rahner finds the idea of sacrifice in some late New Testament texts that were overinfluenced, in his view, by primitive notions that have subsequently been transcended. Reinterpreting the event for the modern consciousness, Rahner expunges the concept of propitiatory sacrifice and substitutes his concept of symbolic or quasi-sacramental causality.…"

NOW Comments:
Fr. Karl Rahner SJ (shown above left at the Second Vatican Council with his protégé, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI), was one of the titans of the "new theology" (read neo-Modernist theology) that came into vogue in the 1950s and that permeated much of the proceedings at Vatican II. His influence in Germany among liberal Catholics during that period (and after) was enormous, so it comes as no revelation that he was advancing the heresy of no redemption decades before the new kid on the block, "Abp." Robert Zollitsch. got into the act this year during Holy Week.

Conciliar gun to the head

'Bishop': Church knew Lugo fathered children

  1. 'Death of Communism' update
    Soviet strategists accomplish major objective: Germany's vice chancellor urges Obama to remove US nuclear warheads
    "[T]he fulfillment of KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s detailed 25-year-old warnings about the Soviet strategic deception are becoming more and more apparent with the passage of time. Specific developments that validate Golitsyn’s thesis that communism in Eastern Europe transformed itself, rather than 'died,' include:

    1. 1. The federalization of the European Economic Community into the European Union (EU) in 1993, per Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1989 prescription for a “common European home” from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains

    1. 2. The absorption into the EU of “post”-communist countries where leftist parties are still under covert Soviet control via the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, the International Communist Movement, the Socialist International, the Party of European Socialists, European United Left–Nordic Green Left, and other inter-party organizations

  1. 3. The transformation of Europe into a “neutral, socialist” bloc of nations subservient to the Kremlin’s energy imperialism, via projects such as the Nord Stream and South Stream natural gas pipelines… Full Report>

  1. Related Reports:
    Exposing the 'Communism is Dead' Myth
    Psychological Warfare: Understanding Subversion

Pray daily for the conversion of Russia!
Pray that the Church of Darkness leave Rome!

In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph

"In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate
Russia to me, and  she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

'[An] avenger to execute wrath upon him that doth evil.' (Rom. 13:4)
Colorado rep credits Chaput for death penalty repeal vote

Taking 'sensitivity' just a little too farNo joke!
Australian 'archbishop' seeks to give Jews unique status

But further muddies the water
Benedict XVI's spokesman attempts to clarify his use of the term 'therapeutic abortion'

"Italian and some Spanish news media last month carried comments from the head of the Holy See press office saying that Pope Benedict XVI had not 'absolutely' condemned 'therapeutic' or 'indirect' abortion in a speech during his trip to Africa.…

Italian daily newspapers La Stampa and Il Messagero ran headlines saying that the pope's comments were intended as support for the archbishop of the diocese of Olinda and Recife, who had announced the excommunication of those who had procured an abortion on a nine year-old girl pregnant with twins.

The next day, however, Fr. Frederico Lombardi SJ, the pope's official spokesman, denied that the pope had been referring in his speech to the Brazilian situation. He was quoted by Sandro Magister, one of Italy's most respected Catholic journalists, saying, 'The pope absolutely was not talking about therapeutic abortion, and did not say that this must always be rejected.'…

'Pro-life advocates in Italy have said that the confusion Fr. Lombardi was attempting to avoid has ultimately been exacerbated by his attempt at clarification, particularly in his unclear use of the euphemistic term 'therapeutic abortion.' This term has been identified by pro-life advocates as a pseudo-medical neologism that is employed by the abortion movement as a propaganda tool."

NOW Comments:
Does "Pope" Ratzinger actually support some abortions? The knee-jerk answer would be, "No, of course not." But the above story bears further investigation. Let's not forget that Benedict sent a letter of congratulations to pro-abortion militant Barack Hussein Obama, and has routinely allowed pro-abortion politicians to remain members of the Novus Ordo Church, be honored at once-Catholic universities and even receive communion at the whim of the local "bishop." Nothing should surprise when it comes to Ratzinger, though we're also sure that the above comes with another readymade plausible denial waiting in the wings, should the need arise.

Charismatic Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

John Paul III?
Third Paraguayan woman says ex-'bishop' Lugo fathered her child

Obamanista said reversal of Mexico City Policy 'will save lives' (sic)
Pro-abortion militant Donna Brazile to be honored at Xavier U.

But he admits some Council teachings are ambiguous!
Pell: SSPX must accept Vatican II


NOW Comments:
In the above interview, 'Cardinal' George Pell, head of the Novus Ordo Church in Sydney, Australia, is asked whether he favors the lifting of the "excommunications" of the four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X. Answering in the affirmative, he says that if they are to come back they must accept Vatican II and reject anti-Semitism. What's interesting is what comes next. The interviewer asks him if that means he believes that Vatican II contains teachings that all Catholics must embrace, and Pell goes, "Yes, I think so…yes, yes, basically.…" He thinks so. Now this man is supposed to be part of the teaching authority of the Church, yet he doesn't know for certain if Vatican II constitutes part of the Magisterium? He's not sure whether those teachings absolutely require the assent of the Faithful, but he's willing to bind the SSPX to accept them? Amazing! The bit about the bishops accepting the Vatican II condemnation of anti-Semitism is aimed, of course, at Bishop Richard Williamson, but that's assuming a lot about his beliefs, as his widely known comments about Jewish deaths during World War II were in no way anti-Semitic, for he only questioned how many died. At no time did Bp. Williamson excuse Nazi atrocities, or worse, say that they were something good, which of course would have anti-Semitic. Pell goes on to call the SSPX "that wing of the Church," which of course would be nonsense if he were talking about the Catholic Church, for if a group is truly Catholic, it is not part of any faction. But all of this is the skewed thinking of the Conciliar Church in action. Thank you, "Cardinal" Pell, for the object lesson!

But no problem per se with antichrist speaking there
Obama honorary degree remains sticking point for D'Arcy
"Bishop John M. D'Arcy is telling Catholics that President Obama could rightly be brought to the University of Notre Dame to discuss health care or immigration, but being given an honorary law degree at commencement defies the nation's bishops."


NOW Comments:
While it's commendable that "Bp." D'Arcy opposes the conferring of a degree on such a man, unfortunately he supports the same ambivalent political stance advocated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a stance that helped catapult Barack Hussein Obama to the White House last fall with more the 50% of the "Catholic" vote. The c
>orrect Catholic position regarding those invested with power comes from St. Peter: "God is not a respecter of persons. But in every nation, he that feareth Him, and worketh justice, is acceptable to Him." (Acts 10:34-35) Since Obama is guilty of working the greatest manner of injustice against the unborn and newly born, and as such he is not respected by God, and neither should he be respected by godly men. Yet what D'Arcy and his fellow "bishops" want is to ignore Obama's militant support of crimes crying out to God for vengeance, as though that's a mere inconvenience that can be overlooked. It's true that there are times it is absolutely necessary for Americans to deal with a President regardless of political differences, but to allow one who is an antichrist to the campus of a supposedly Catholic university is unacceptable, to say the least, whether it is to be given an award or merely to speak. And there's a sick irony in Notre Dame officials conferring an honorary law degree to a man who consistently has sought to do everything in his power to pervert the law unjustly against the God-given rights of the unborn and newly born, as well as in the fact that his appearance is scheduled to come just a few months after the university established a pro-life fund! Are they insane?

CSI called in
Ohio 'priest' found dead

Letter read in church by proxy
Monterey 'bishop' addresses multiple sex abuse charges

Children 'are not safe'

List of 'priests' accused of abuse to remain private

Crisis in the SSPX
Fr. Méramo: Bishop Fellay accepted 95% of Vatican II
"How is it possible to accept what you stated eight years ago (in an interview to the daily La Liberté on May 11, 2001, published by DICI n. 6, on May 18, 2001), that is, that 'we go along with about 95% of the Second Vatican Council,' without being a liberal and modernist? The liberals and modernists themselves acknowledge that Council Vatican II was 'the 1789 in the Church,' according to Card. Suenens, that is, the French Revolution of 1789 inside the Church.

"Or as then Card. Ratzinger (today Benedict XVI) said: 'The problem of the Council was to assimilate the values of centuries of liberal culture' (Marcel Lefebvre, They Have Dethroned Him, introduction). Thus, it is clear that whoever accepts 95% of Vatican Council II, accepts 95% of the French Revolution inside de Church, and also assimilates centuries of liberal culture in the Church. And 95% is a very high percentage.

"Then comes the great question: What are you saying when you affirm that you are going to dialogue with Rome on doctrinal issues? What are you going to discuss? The remaining 5%? This alone bluntly demonstrates the parody, deception, lie and falsity [of your position], all executed with the great appearance of seriousness while in fact everything was becoming increasingly rotten."

NOW Comments:
Kudos to Fr. Méramo for having the courage to speak the truth. The above passage is from his response to Bp. Fellay, after the latter expelled him from the Society of St. Pius X and his expulsion was due to speaking out against the looming capitulation. What is extremely disturbing is that Bp. Fellay is silencing those in the SSPX who are speaking out for Catholic Tradition and trying to warn him of his folly before it's too late. It's as though Bp. Fellay's message to them is, "I will continue my compromises with Modernist Rome as I please and whosoever dares challenge me shall taste my wrath. Keep your mouths shut if you know what's good for you." These are frightening days for SSPX priests who seek to hold fast to the Church's true Magisterium, while there Superior is engaging in a Stalin-like purge against them.

Background of the betrayal
The Pope of the Council: John XXIII and Masonry
"If John XXIII interrupted the chain of condemnations and excommunications accumulated by all of his predecessors in being silent on Masonry, it cannot however be said that he was neutral on this subject. According to the experts’ unanimous consensus, it is under his pontificate that was begun the volte face, and that for the first time dialogue was opened. We present the evidence: Dupuy, the Grand master of the Grand Lodge of France, declared that 'John XXIII and Vatican II provided formidable impetus to the task of clarification, and to reciprocal détente in the relations between the Church and Masonry.' (emphasis added)"

JAW DROP! Brazen heresy broadcast on German television
Zollitsch: Christ did not die to atone for our sins
"The Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference and archbishop of Freiburg, Robert Zollitsch believes that Christ’s crucifixion is just a psychological support for those who suffer. On Holy Saturday, the archbishop denied the Expiatory Death of Christ in an interview with the German TV station 'Hessischer Rundfunk.'

"Christ 'did not die for the sins of the people as if God had needed a sacrificial offering or something like a scapegoat,' the archbishop said.…

"The journalist asked Zollitsch: 'You would now no longer describe it in such a way that God gave his own son, because we humans were so sinful? You would no longer describe it like this?'

"To this question Zollitsch replied with a clear "no.…'" (emphasis added)

For  video  and full transcript of program, see
Chairman of German Bishops’ Conference denies fundamental Catholic doctrine at Gloria.TV.

NOW Comments:
Say what you will about "Archbishop" Robert Zollitsch (click link to see some of his other beliefs, such as support for formal state recognition of "same-sex" unions), but you have to admit that when it comes to spouting heresy, he doesn't mess around, but goes straight for a really big dogma to trash. No simple denial of a "secondary" dogma, like the Primacy of Peter for him; Zollitsch aims straight at the very heart of the Catholic Faith, tackling a core belief so essential that, along with the Holy Trinity, Original Sin, the Incarnation and the Resurrection, it serves as the foundation for all of the other dogmas. Down through the ages many have denied the efficacy of Christ's death to redeem, but it's taken Zollitsch to go beyond simple heresy and turn it into psychobabble: The Crucifixion seen as but a mere therapeutic prop for the suffering.

The really scary thing is that considering the times we live in Zollitsch's remarks aren't really all that daring. He was able to voice them on German television with the full understanding that likely not more than a handful of people in Novus Ordo churches would even know enough about the Faith to disagree with him and far fewer would make the effort to object. Quite frankly, many of them would regard the issue to be relatively minor or might even side with Zollitsch.

Of those who do object to his heresy, some contacted Gloria.TV to express themselves. The website reported of some of its readers wanting Zollitsch to "recognize the Second Vatican Council" and added "The Council declared - in line with the twenty preceding Councils - that Christ made atonement for the sins of the people." (see the decree
Christus Dominus) Interestingly, despite Vatican II's many departures from Catholic Tradition, those pushing for Modernist change knew well when to back off, for despite the liberal leanings of many bishops in attendance, it would have been impossible to find a way to get a majority of them to deny this bedrock belief
they weren't that far gone.

Making reference to Vatican II makes sense to many conservatives in the Conciliar Church, because they accept the premise that it doesn't constitute a break from the past; further, they can turn the tables on Zollitsch, who, like most Novus Ordo "bishops," makes constant appeal
s to the council to justify pushing forward his radical agenda. This is the wrong approach, obviously, as it gives a false council equal footing with the authentic ones. Rather, what Zollitsch needs to do is to recognize the true Magisterium of the Church up through the reign of the last undisputed Vicar of Christ, Pope Pius XII.

Now, some will ask whether Benedict XVI, whose many heresies don't appear to include this one (at least not overtly; he has stated that Christ "has taken all our sins upon himself," but how does he interpret that?), will discipline Zollitsch for his remarks. We don't think so; at most, he may be asked for a "clarification" of his views, but even that would surprise us. Why? Simply because in the Conciliar Church the parameters are wide for varying "theological opinions," even when a dogma is involved, and very few (as in almost none) are the times when a Vatican II "Pope" has pressured anyone to retract a heretical teaching. And to be quite honest, the ones who were pressured (you can count them on one hand) should seriously consider asking for an apology from Modernist Rome, because someone like Hans Küng has denied or otherwise questioned just about every dogma imaginable and is still a Novus Ordo priest in good standing (he received not so much as a suspension and the nebulous prohibition from him being granted the title "Catholic theologian," imposed by John Paul II and much ballyhooed in conservative Conciliar circles, isn't to be taken seriously, as he's a best-selling author whose books on theology can be found in the libraries and as in-class texts of virtually every ostensibly Catholic college and university around the world, schools at which he is and has been welcomed as an esteemed and honored guest for decades).

Related Column:
Denial of the heart of Catholicism by head of German bishops

Background Check:

Poor Germany: Zollitsch new head of bishop's conference
Zollitsch: Novus Ordo has 'no room' for Bp. Williamson

Show trial to follow?

"An end of the investigation of the British Bishop Richard Williamson due to alleged racial hatred is not in sight. Williamson denied the Holocaust in an interview with a Swedish television station . According to the Local Public Prosecution on Tuesday, a mutual assistance request is being made to Sweden to interview the responsible journalist."

It's called trying to keep up with Notre Dame in the outrage department
Georgetown University to honor pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden with award

Second such allegation this month

Woman claims ex-'bishop' Paraguayan president fathered her child
"Another woman came forward today asking president Fernando Lugo to recognize her 6-year-old son, becoming the second woman this month to make a paternity claim against the former Catholic bishop. Benigna Leguizamon, 27, told four separate Paraguayan media outlets that Lugo had fathered her son while still bishop in the diocese of San Pedro, where he led parishioners until 2004."

'Hey! I prayed like a Muslim, what else do you want?!'
Islamic hardliners demand 'Pope' apologize for prophet comments before Mideast visit
"Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday demanded Pope Benedict XVI apologize ahead of his Mideast tour for his previous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad that many Muslims interpreted as insulting their faith. The controversy centers on a speech the pope made in September 2006 about Islam and violence in which he quoted a Medieval text that characterized some of the teachings of Muhammad as 'evil and inhuman,' particularly 'his command to spread by the sword the faith.'"

Former Buffalo church to become mosque
"A Muslim group has purchased the former Queen of Peace Catholic Church, rectory, convent and school on Genesee Street and plans to use the complex as a community center and mosque."

Banished priest now full-time ‘gay rights activist’

Superiors told him to shut up about it
Ex-'priest' accuses another of teen abuse
"A former Roman Catholic priest filed a lawsuit Monday claiming that as a teenager in Southern California he was sexually abused by a priest who was his mentor. Ben Rodriguez, who left the priesthood in 2006, claims that Gordon J. Pillon molested him multiple times from 1978 to 1981 at Pillon’s apartment in the rectory of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in La Habra."

Background Article:
Bishop removes La Salle priest over sexual accusations

D'Arcy backtracks, now okay with protests at ND against Obama

Montreal 'Cardinal' equates abortion to self-defense

VIDEO/TEXT/PICTURES   When an antichrist comes to campus
Obama demands Georgetown U cover Christ's monogram for his speech
"Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”–symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there.…"

Reality Check:
For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." Mark  8:38

Related Articles:
Render unto Caesar
How Georgetown caved in to Obama's infidel request
Protests come to campus alongside Obama  (with video)
Paint it black: Statue of Blessed Virgin vandalized at Georgetown (with photo)

NOW Comments:

Some Traditional Catholics have complained that Georgetown shouldn't have caved in to him, but the real problem is letting him come to their campus to speak. Forget his office, this man is the most pro-abortion President ever, who even allowed
infanticide when an Illinois Senator (his Communist sympathies we'll leave for another time). Perhaps Obama deserves a thank you for one thing: By getting Georgetown to cover up the Christ monogram, he's contributed in the fight against false advertising, as Christ hasn't been welcome on campus there for years and years!"

Keeping your wits when those around you are losing theirs
Awakening from a false obedience: Courageous SSPX priests oppose planned sellout
[An excerpt from a priest's letter to Bp. Fellay] "On that occasion I spoke out – with great repugnance – on behalf of other priests who encouraged me to do so. I was not just expressing my personal opinion. For five years, I have been convinced that this development constitutes part of a skillful process designed by certain subversive priests who managed to occupy strategic positions in the SSPX (as superiors, in seminaries, media and finances) in order to lead it to this merger [with modernist Vatican].…"

Portland 'priest' reassigned after questionable handling of funds

'Moving beyond the Church, even beyond Jesus'

From Christ or Chaos 

Piracy, Conciliar Style: Levada at the CDF
"As is the case with the man who appointed him, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, William Levada, who went to Saint John's Seminary in Camarillo, California, with fellow Modernists Roger Mahony and George Niederauer and Tod Brown, does not believe that he is bound to accept past dogmatic definitions as these are subject to different interpretations 'in new circumstances and in the light of new challenges.'"

California 'priest' investigated for child molestation

Fake pro-lifer Kmiec defends Obama's Notre Dame moment

South Bend 'bishop' criticizes protests planned for Obama at ND
"Following a meeting with Notre Dame University President, Fr John Jenkins, Fort Wayne - South Bend Bishop John D'Arcy has called on Catholics to 'stay away from unseemly and unhelpful demonstrations' against President Obama. 'I urge all Catholics and others of good will to stay away from unseemly and unhelpful demonstrations against our nation's President or Notre Dame or Father John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.,' Bishop D'Arcy wrote."

NOW Comments:
It is symptomatic of the times that a supposed Catholic bishop would implicitly defend the appearance of an enemy of Christ at a once-Catholic university, on which occasion a honor is to be conferred upon a supporter of sins crying out to God for vengence.

Easter blessings from Novus Ordo Watch

O death, where is your sting? O hell, where is your victory?

Christ is risen, and you are cast down!

Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen!
Christ is risen, and the angels rejoice!
Christ is risen, and life is set free!
Christ is risen, and the tomb is emptied of its dead.

For Christ, having risen from the dead, is become the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

To Christ be glory and power forever and ever. Amen!

―St. John Chrysostom
(an excerpt from an
Easter Sermon)

Classic Modernist doubletalk
Benedict XVI denies Christ's Resurrection while 'affirming' it
"Easter is not based on a myth, a theory or a fairy tale, but rather on the very real historical event of Christ's death and resurrection, says Benedict XVI. The Pope said this today during the Easter message he delivered from St. Peter's balcony at midday before he imparted his blessing "urbi et orbi" (to the city of Rome and the world). He began with the question: 'What is there after death?'"

NOW Comments:
"Pope" Ratzinger's comments concerning Christ's Resurrection reveal him to be an unsurpassed master in doubletalk: He manages the not-too-easy task of denouncing Modernist interpretations of the Resurrection, while in the end positing one of them himself!  He states that the Resurrection "is not a theory, but a historical reality," and "is neither a myth nor a dream, it is not a vision or a utopia, it is not a fairy tale, but it is a singular and unrepeatable event: Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary, who at dusk on Friday was taken down from the Cross and buried, has victoriously left the tomb." Sounds pretty orthodox, right? But then he takes an abrupt left turn by declaring: "Jesus is risen not because his memory remains alive in the hearts of his disciples, but because he himself lives in us, and in him we can already savor the joy of eternal life." While Christ could not live in us without the Resurrection, that is an effect of the Resurrection and not its reason, as suggested by Benedict. And although he refers to our Lord as having risen in a "glorified body," it is permissible to wonder what precisely he means by that or whether he's engaging in some form of mental reservation, since in his book,
Introduction to Christianity, he writes: “To recapitulate, [St.] Paul teaches, not the resurrection of physical bodies, but the resurrection of persons…”

Benedict XVI explicitly denies the resurrection of the body

Background of the betrayal
Bugnini’s '51 Easter Vigil: 'First Step' to the Novus Ordo
"Laymen who frequent Masses offered under the auspices of Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum or organizations such as the Society of St. Pius X are under the impression that the rites they see performed there represent the apex of pre-Vatican II Catholic liturgical tradition vis-ŕ-vis the New Mass of Paul VI. In the case of the Holy Week, however, this impression is false, because these groups use the 1962 Missal. This Missal incorporates a great number of liturgical changes that were introduced in the 1950s and that prepared the way for the Novus Ordo." [Note: Analysis of other Holy Week changes can be found at the bottom of the linked page."]

 VIDEO/TEXT  Frivolous take on confession  
Novus Ordo ad apes hooker-punching pitchman

Could face 20 years in prison
Former California KofC director indicted for embezzling from group

Piety…what's that?
Hip-hop Holy Week

Related Article:
Frenetic Holy Week in Santiago, Chile

L'Affaire Williamson
"Italian journalists writing for Il Reformista and Il Giornale were claiming that the (Bishop Richard) Williamson affair was the result of a conspiracy between Ali Fegan and the Swedish national TV network and the French journalist and Lesbian activist Fiametta Venner who had written a book, Les Nouveaux Soldats du pape, attacking the SSPX in France and an unnamed official in the Vatican, with good contacts in Scandinavia, who wanted to thwart the re-union. The bishop of Sweden, Anders Arborelius, OCD, was no friend of the SSPX in Sweden and clearly upset by the SSPX’s campaign to reconvert Sweden back to the Catholic faith. Arborelius spoke of inclusivity as the chief characteristic of Catholicism, something clearly at odds with racism and intolerance, which he seemed to imply was motivating the SSPX in its attempts to convert the Swedes. By the end of the first week of the controversy, Vatican Spokesman Federico Lombardi was one of the few people who still claimed that the timing of the reversal of Williamson’s excommunication and the Swedish broadcast were 'absolutely unrelated.'”

NOW Comments:
No one will accuse E. Michael Jones,  the author of the above column, of being a friend of Traditional Catholicism. A number of his articles in the past took aim at various groups and individuals, all with the intent on making them appear foolish and even dangerous. And in the current piece he's at it again, leveling pot shots equally in the direction of two ostensibly traditionalist targets: the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) and The Remnant's Christopher Ferrara. Nevertheless, there also is quite a bit of interest, including the passage above. Even in some of what he writes against the "recognize and resist" crowd, he makes a few valid points, though we obviously must take exception to his conclusions.

Offer to give him religious instruction (LOL)
Hindus praise 'Pope' for citing Upanishads on Good Friday
"Hindus have applauded Pope Benedict for including verse from ancient Hindu scripture Upanishads in the Good Friday Meditations and Prayers led by him at Roman Coliseum. Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it was a remarkable gesture from Pope and invited him to study more ancient Hindu scriptures, which were very rich in philosophical thought. He or other Hindu scholars would gladly provide the help and resources in this regard, if asked, Zed added."

NOW Comments: For those familiar with the thought of Benedict XVI there is nothing remarkable about the gesture; in fact, it is absolutely in character for the man who once wrote that "For the Christian, Krishna is a dramatic symbol of Christ.…" ["Cardinal" Joseph Ratzinger, Principles of Catholic Theology, Ignatius Books, 1982, p. 326] Krishna (pictured above, in some of his many forms), of course, is a Hindu deity, more precisely, an avatar (or incarnation) of Vishnu, the second member of Hinduism's false trinity (the other two gods being Brahma and Shiva). Now, in the Old Testament we see "types" of Christ, that is, people or things that in a sense signify or symbolize Him (for example, Isaac, especially as God commanded his father Abraham to sacrifice him), but in writing as he has, Ratzinger attempts to do something totally different and that is to link our Lord with what Holy Scripture and Holy Mother Church plainly tell us is a demon (Psalm 95:5; 1 Cor. 10:20). As St. Francis Xavier, the great missionary to India who did so much to lead that spiritually oppressed people out of the darkness of Hinduism, once forcefully declared: "All the invocations of the pagans are hateful to God, because all their gods are devils." Likewise is the Ratzinger quote hateful to God, as it manages to be both blasphemy and apostasy.

The idea that Christians see in Krishna a "dramatic symbol" for Christ is so utterly alien to the sensus Catholicus that it is amazing even such a Modernist as Ratzinger would so boldly make such an assertion in print. For him to be able to do so speaks volumes  about the great success of the Vatican II revolution in standing fundamental Catholic teachings on their head to an extent where scarcely anyone so much as raises a whimper of protest!

If true Catholics
wouldn't try to equate Christ and Krishna, then just who would? For one, those who adhere to New Age ideas like the so-called "Cosmic Christ." Also, certain humanists who see Christ as merely one of many similar hero myths of ancient world.

Oh, and get this: Hindus. "Actually, it doesn't matter – Krishna or Christ – the name is the same. The main point is to follow the injunctions of the Vedic scriptures that recommend chanting the name of God in this age." (See picture on the right, which promotes
the false idea of a unity of the two.) So taught Swami Prabhupada, founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, a group that popularized Hinduism in the West (the late ex-Beatle George Harrison, a fallen-away Catholic, was its best known adherent). In Canada another guru has put out a video touting how supposedly Christ consciousness and Krishna consciousness are one and the same. (This "consciousness" means the attainment through yogic meditation of a sense of oneness with the universe, ultimately leading to the serpent's lie in the Garden of Eden:  "Your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil." [Gen. 3:5])  So these are Ratzinger's "Christians" who embrace the heretical Christ/Krishna link.

Benedict XVI's quoting of false scripture of pagans approvingly on the most solemn of all feast days is an enormous outrage, but as we've seen it is quite in keeping with the destructive thought of a man who would dare equate a devil with our beloved Savior. It is time Catholics look past Ratzinger's occasional nods toward Tradition and start seeing him for what he really is, a dangerous enemy of Christ and His Church.

Reality Check:
"Modernists do not deny, but actually maintain, some confusedly, others frankly, that all religions are true. That they cannot feel otherwise is obvious. For on what ground, according to their theories, could falsity be predicated of any religion whatsoever?…In the conflict between different religions, the most that Modernists can maintain is that the Catholic has more truth because it is more vivid…"
Pope St. Pius X [from the encyclical Pascendi]

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Wojtyla gets a third eye: John Paul II's pilgrimage to India
Hindu dancing at St. Bede's church
Hindu dances performed at Lourdes

Hideous painting featured in Conciliar church on Good Friday

In their Church everything is open to debate!
Novus Ordo 'convert' Tony Blair tells Benedict XVI to 'rethink' his views on 'gays'
"Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking in an interview with a homosexual magazine, has advocated that Pope Benedict XVI 'rethink' the Catholic position on homosexual acts. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are 'intrinsically disordered' but does not comment on homosexuality's origins. The Church also calls on Christians to treat homosexuals with 'respect, compassion, and sensitivity,' the
Catechism of the Catholic Church says."

The loneliness of being a Traditional Catholic

SSPX's love/hate relationship with Modernist Rome
The Bride of Frankenchurch
"So does Bishop Fellay really think that we are going to discover that Dignitatis Humanć, the decree on religious liberty, meant to say exactly what Gregory XVI and Pius IX said, namely that religious liberty is an insanity? Is Ratzinger really going to say that this document in fact means that religious liberty is an insanity?

"Does Bishop Fellay really think that Ratzinger is going to say that the decree on ecumenism really means that the Roman Catholic Church is the one, true Church, outside of which there is no salvation, and that all non-Catholic religions are false sects, and that ecumenism really means that all who are in these false sects must abjure their errors before God, and become Roman Catholics in order to be saved? Does it really mean that non-Catholic sects are not, in fact, means of salvation, contrary to what the document explicitly states?"

Related Articles:
Quo Vadis, SSPX?
The Catholic Faith is not negotiable!

An accusation concocted by Communists
The Pius XII as Hitler's friend calumny: A myth refuted
"The "black legend" of a pope who was a friend of Hitler and a supporter of totalitarian regimes was not born, as is often maintained, in Jewish circles, in response to the presumed silence of Pius XII on the Holocaust, but in the communist world, in the period during which, shortly before the end of the second world war, the division of the world into two opposing blocs was approaching, one under Soviet influence and the other under that of the United States...."

Quebec's apostates in action

Bp. Williamson not welcome in negotiations

Levada: Schism with Lefebvrites not healed yet
"In his first public comments since Benedict lifted the excommunication of the four bishops in January, Vatican doctrinal chief Cardinal William Levada tells TIME that important, and potentially insurmountable, differences still separate the Vatican and the group known as the Society of St. Pius X. Pointing to the Pope's letter last month to the world's bishops that addressed the controversy, Levada says the removal of the excommunication was a 'gesture of mercy ... [and] invitation to a dialogue.' But as matters currently stand, Levada says, 'the Society lacks canonical status to exercise ministry in the Church.'"

News from the Rockville Centre 'Diocese'
A tribute to our modern pastor

NOW Comments:
Yes, your pastor is a real "prize." (Then, again, you've had more than your share of "
prizes" over the years, haven't you?) His style is thoroughly updated and a stunning example of the "new springtime" in practice. And your "bishop" really knows how to pick 'em. But please don't whine about it. If "Bp." Murphy appointed him, then everything should be okay, right? After all, Murphy's been running things since he was tabbed for the post by John Paul II in 2001 and no one in Modernist Rome has a problem with him, so get over it, would you? Then, again, you could buy a clue and figure out that nothing's going to change, because it's the Novus Ordo Church and not the Catholic Church we're talking about. It's time for you to wipe your hands of that counterfeit and find a truly traditional Catholic church to attend. In the end, whining never changes anything, it just makes you sound pathetic.

Leftist 'community organizing' infiltrates Oklahoma Conciliar churches

Call me 'Vin'

Vincent Nichols named head of Novus Ordo in England

"Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham will succeed Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor as leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, sources confirmed tonight. The news will be formally announced at a press conference at Archbishop's House, Westminster, at 11 am tomorrow morning (Friday, April 3)."

NOW Comments:
What we read here about Nichols is that he "a forceful character who was once regarded as a liberal" who has "some old-style liberals in his entourage," and who has "never celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form," though he is not expected to "restrict its celebration…." So we're talking, in other words, about an English version of Ratzinger. (True, if you want to be a stickler, Ratzinger did once say the Latin Mass, but that was prior to becoming "Pope," when he was a "Cardinal" under John Paul II.) In any event, this does seem to be the sort of appointment to be expected from Benedict XVI.

A rhetorical question?

'Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?'

'By inviting Barack Obama to deliver the commencement address and receive an honorary degree at Notre Dame, the Rev. John Jenkins has polarized the Catholic community nationwide -- and raised a question. What does it mean to be a Catholic university in post-Christian America?"

Tales from the Novus Ordo's Darkside

A young Beninese woman must be forcibly
restrained after being possessed by a voodoo god.
Yet, John Paul II praised the cultists for their beliefs.

Voodoo You Trust?
John Paul II's Betrayal in Benin


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