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  1. Suenens: 'Vatican II is the French Revolution of the Church'
    Requiem in honor of King Louis XVI of France (clip)

    “I die innocent of all the crimes imputed to me. I pardon the authors of my death, and pray God that the blood you are about to shed will never fall upon France.” — Last words of King Louis XVI


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    Memorial Mass for Louis XVI
    Hell Broke Loose, or The Murder of Louis
    'Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church'


    Performed by Novus Ordo 'priest'!
    Venerable Benedictine church defiled by Hindu dance

    Carnival Mass in Wurzburg
    Clowns, jesters, majorettes, rainbow vestments and a pop rock band…what more could you ask for?! Well, a valid, reverent Mass would be a nice change.

    Bertone's retention sends a message to the wise

    Benedict XVI's recent retention of "Cardinal" Tarcisio Bertone as Modernist Rome's Secretary of State was a telling move that further belies the "Pope's" undeserved reputation as a friend of Tradition. Bertone, who had reached the Vatican's mandatory retirement age, was nonetheless retained what Benedict, in a letter to Bertone, called “the good carried out.” Specifically mentioned was “your delicate work in establishing dialogue with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.” This was also the same Bertone, of course, who
    faked the Third Secret of Fatima and helped give Communist Cuba a much-needed propaganda boost. So, sure, this is an excellent person to retain...if you're a Modernist!

"…one of the first steps to Socialism"
Fr. Fahey takes on Obamacare
While Fr. Fahey has been criticized by 'free marketers' for his supposed 'quirky' economic positions, he certainly saw what modern welfare legislation was intended to do. In the hard-hitting journal, Fiat, published by the organization that he founded in the early 1940s, Fr. Fahey attacked a social security system that was being proposed for Ireland. The argument against social security could easily be employed in the current healthcare debate:

The proposed Social Security Scheme for this country, as outlined in the White Paper, is in line with similar developments in Great Britain, the United States, and elsewhere. Such a scheme is a sorry commentary on our avowed Catholic social philosophy and our adherence to the principles of social reform set forth in the Papal Encyclicals. The wide diffusion of ownership in productive property is the ideal envisaged in the Encyclicals. The Social Security Scheme cuts across such a solution of the social problem. It is designed as one of the first steps to Socialism. Such Scheme would result in the creation of a vast proletariat, with a correspondingly large bureaucracy to administer it; with membership compulsory for the working population, enforced by the sanctions of prosecution and exclusion from employment. (Fiat, No. 22, 1950)

"America's social welfare legislation is based largely upon the 19th-century German model designed by Bismarck, which was a 'conservative' measure to offset the rising tide of socialism and that of laissez faire." More »

The Abbé de Nantes' Book of Accusation exposed the fraud
The Heroic Virtues Of John Paul II? They Are Mocking Us!

 Our memorandum recapitulating the well-founded accusations against the so-called Servant of God, Karol Wojtyla, has not received the least response. To proclaim the heroic character of the virtues of John Paul II without knowing the objections brought against his possession of the virtues of faith, hope and charity constitutes a lie by omission.

"In 1983, when the Abbé de Nantes took to Rome his Book of Accusation against John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger was in charge of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Not only did he not deny the allegations of the Abbé de Nantes, but he did not deign to appear, leaving Msgr. Hamer to respond by a lie, pretending that Father had acknowledged his errors in 1968 during the preliminary inquiry into his case at the Holy Office!

"Now, however, twenty-seven years later, if he thinks to respond to the accusation of heresy, schism and scandal by the indirect means of beatifying John Paul II, it is he who is the liar this time! He lies by omission because, before proclaiming the heroic character of the faith of John Paul II, it would first of all be necessary to respond to the accusation made by the Abbé de Nantes according to which the so-called “Servant of God” was a “corruptor of the Faith.” If the Abbé de Nantes is wrong, let them say it loudly and firmly!"   More >


Denounces use of 'tragedy for propaganda' purposes
Polish 'bishop' claims Jews expropriated Holocaust

Dwindling attendance blamed
Two Rochester (NY) area churches to close

While Novus Ordo hierarchy looks the other way!
Pro-abortion candidate widely supported by 'Catholics' in Rome’s provincial election
"Political and Vatican watchers in Italy are expecting an interesting fight for the governor’s seat of the province of Lazio, the province of Rome and the Papacy, as a virulently anti-Catholic, hard-left candidate takes centre stage. Senator Emma Bonino is the darling of the far-left feminist movement and a leading member of the anti-clerical Radical Party in Italy.…Despite Bonino’s being a major player in the abortion movement, Sandro Magister, Italy’s leading Vatican-watch journalist wrote today that “many of the Catholic clergy and laity” support Bonino, 'and the hierarchy is giving her free rein.…'”

NOW Comments:
"Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of Antichrist." So spoke our Lady at La Salette and the incredible support being given to Bonino by members of "the Church" in once-Catholic Italy is but the latest example demonstrating the prophetic import of those words. In 1949 the Vatican issued Pope Pius XII's warning of excommunication to Italian Catholics voting for Bonino's Communist counterparts, but now Benedict XVI and his cronies in Modernist Rome allow "Catholic" voters around the world to vote for subversives like Barack Obama and Emma Bonino. Again, "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of Antichrist." "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." (Matt 11:15)"

Moral pragmatism at 'new Mass'
Lord, please don't hear this prayer

Charge 'restructuring' plan was concealed from them
Churchgoers sue Camden 'Diocese' for $1M in donations

Benedict XVI's Holocaust Remembrance Day message displays selective memory

"Pope Benedict XVI has marked Holocaust Remembrance Day by denouncing the 'horror' of the Shoah and the 'unheard of brutality' of death camps created by Nazi Germany. The German-born pope issued an appeal Wednesday 'that such tragedies never repeat themselves.'" More »

NOW Comments:
Benedict's remarks coincided with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which this year fell on the 65th anniversary of the Soviet capture of the Nazi's Auschwitz concentration camp. The commemoration technically honors all "the victims of the Nazi era," the focus is squarely on Jewish victims.
While is proper to speak out against man's inhumanity to man, wherever and whenever it occurs and regardless the victims, we do find it problematic that the "Pope" makes a point of speaking out on the occasion of a United Nations-sponsored remembrance that propagandistically targets the cruelty of one regime, Nazi Germany, while omitting the far greater slaughters perpetrated elsewhere in the 20th century, most notably by the Communists in China and Russia. The notion that Germans under Hitler are deserving to be singled out for such crimes, while Chinese principally under Mao and Russians mainly under Lenin and Stalin get a free pass from the remembrance lobby. Worse, is that Benedict, himself a German, is content to play this game, too. He could have used the opportunity to specifically denounce these other acts of barbarism and thus distancing himself from the ideological bias of one interest group, but he chose not to do so, even perpetuating an untruth when he used the word "unprecedented," when, in fact, over ten million Russians had been slaughtered in the Soviet Union more than a decade before a single person was incarcerated in any of the Nazi camps.

88 Obama protesters face up to $5000 and a year in jail
UND's Jenkins continues to stonewall regarding pro-life 'trespass' charges

Pop psychology & the demise of a seminary

'Sacrilege: Liberation enters the Church'
"The 'renewed' seminary of St. Anthony's opened itself to the world. A large number of laypeople from the town began attending services at the seminary, which had become exciting. "By 1968, Eucharistic services incorp
orated outdoor settings, electric guitars and drums, fluorescent vestments, pop art banners, and sculptures decorated with mod designs and slogans" such as, 'Life is where the action is,' and invitations to 'Feel free (free, free, free, free) to be!' Sister Corita (she of the felt banners) and Cesar Chavez (he of the grape boycott) were attracted to this liberated atmosphere. The rector of the seminary, Robert Van Handel, founded a boys' choir and molested the boys. The seminary closed in 1987 because of declining enrollment. In 1989 complaints against Van Handel led to the exposure of the abuse. To whom could the boys have complained earlier? The rector, Van Handel? He was abusing boys. The auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles, Ziemann, who was in charge of the Santa Barbara area? He was himself allegedly abusing boys."

Another way to help Novus Ordo Watch!
Defensor Vitae: Protection for you and your family
A traditional Catholic friend of Novus Ordo Watch has started an on-line store of personal security products at reasonable prices. But she's making a special offer for readers of our website. If you click on the "Safety Mall" tab, you'll find a dropdown menu "Select A Charity." By selecting Novus Ordo Watch 5% of the cost of your purchase will go to help us stay online. What a great opportunity to protect you family and help fight to restore the Church all at the same time. Please visit
Defensor Vitae today!

An indictment of the 'Archdiocese'
Cincinnati Pro-Life Rosary Procession 2010

For over 20 years Catholics in Cincinnati have gathered in January to offer Rosaries to stop the sin of abortion. On Saturday, January 23, the procession had one of it's largest turnouts ever, when nearly 1000 people took part. Catholics in other cities have also have their own gatherings and one of the ironies is that almost invariably these are sponsored by traditional Catholics (though people from the Novus Ordo also take part). We say ironic because prior to Vatican II such events would have been under the aegis of the local ordinary and conducted through Catholic action groups such as the Holy Name Society or the Knights of Columbus. It does not speak well for the so-called "springtime of the Church," when such public displays for the rights of God are all but forgotten by the supposed princes of the Church. For more about the procession and it's parent group, visit the website of the Cincinnati ProLife Committee.

Concerning purported miracle attributed to Pius XII
John Paul II: "I can't do anything. You must pray to this other priest'
"Some details of the case under investigation regarding a possible miracle attributed to Venerable Pope Pius XII have been made public. The story features not just one former Pontiff, but two. On Tuesday morning, Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli published an article in Il Giornale describing at length the situation which 'mysteriously involves' John Paul II."
More »

NOW Comments:

An interesting ploy of the Conciliar Church in recent years has been to attempt to establish in people's minds a bond with the Catholic Church prior to Vatican II. This represents an abrupt change in strategy after decades of disassociating itself from all that went before as part of "the Church was born at the Council" indoctrination. Hence, John Paul II's simultaneous "beatifications" of Venerable Pius IX and his Conciliar antithesis, John XXIII. Now, Benedict XVI continues this sort of unholy pre-conciliar/post-conciliar joining at the hip by at the same time naming Pope Pius XII and John Paul II "venerable". As it turns out, there's been an unexpected upshot to this latest farce. It seems that an apparent miracle of Pius XII occurred in 2005, not long after "Pope" Wojtyla's death. A husband prayed to John Paul II, asking for that his young expectant wife be healed of cancer. Not long after he began imploring the Koran kisser's intercession, the man had a dream in which John Paul II appeared to him and declared, "I can't do anything. You must pray to this other priest." The man then saw in his dream a tall, thin priest he didn't recognize, but would later discover was Pius XII. He then directed his prayers to Pius and his wife was cured. Now the fascinating question here, assuming there was some substance to the man's dream, is: "Why did John Paul II tell him he couldn't do anything?" One person in a comment attached to the linked article opined that the reason was the humility of the Polish "Pontiff." Now, given Wojtyla's apostasy, this would need to be ruled out immediately.  We know of Faith that God would not ratify with a genuine miracle a person who wasn't worthy of the honors of the altar. Therefore, best case scenario, somehow John Paul was able to save his soul at the last moment and ended up in Purgatory, and God allowed him to direct the petitioner to someone who did have great favor with God and could intercede for him. Worst case scenario would find Wojtyla in Hell and God made him direct the man's prayers to the appropriate source. Some might argue that a person in Hell would not have do such a thing because he lacks charity. Still, there are cases where during exorcisms Satan or other evil spirits can, according to Fr. Celestine Kapsner (in Begone Satan!), "be forced to speak the truth even though he is the father of lies from the very beginning." So there's nothing in theory to stop God from using John Paul II against his will from doing such a thing and it's certainly quite plausible given Wojtyla's abandonment of the Faith.

Ratzinger: Same authority as Vatican I and Trent
On the authority of Vatican II: Infallible or not?

'As we persevere in our pilgrimage together'
'Pope' tells Lutherans they already possess 'real, yet still imperfect, communion'

The occasion? Hint: He wasn't there to convert anyone
Benedict XVI visits Rome's central Synagogue
Benedict XVI's visit to the Jewish community of Rome was held in an atmosphere of brotherhood and emotion. In his speech before the community gathered in the synagogue, the pope emphasized that "the most authentic spiritual attitude to experience this special and happy moment of grace [is] to praise the Lord .... for granting us this opportunity to come together to strengthen the bonds which unite us."

NOW Comment:
Once more Benedict's action belies the fiction that he's intent on returning to Catholic Tradition. Retracing the steps of John Paul II as well as his own visits to synagogues, everything that he uttered was standard Novus Ordo interreligious rhetoric. There was the usual bowing to his hosts and couching all his talk around their interests. How totally unalike is the Conciliar behavior here to that a real Catholic from centuries back,
St. Vincent Ferrer , who entered a synagogue not with intention of "dialogue," but to preach Jesus Christ crucified to the congregation, after which they became Catholics and the synagogue was converted into a church. But "Pope" Ratzinger would have no part of that; nothing contained in his speech gave them the slightest motive to convert, but rather they believed in the same God as he and their religion cannot be condemned, he assured them.  One particular point he went out of his way to address was what he referred to as the "singular and deeply disturbing drama of the Shoah." He even invoked the teaching of many rabbis that the Holocaust represents an attempt by "the rulers of the Third Reich" to "kill the God who called Abraham" by slaughtering the Jews, which some have pointed out could be taken as an to substitute the Jewish people for Christ as the Savior of mankind. [Aside to Christopher Ferrara: Good news! Remember how you were so concerned that your great champion of the Church, Benedict XVI, might have a problem on his hands with "Cardinal" Walter Kasper? Well, not to worry! The two are getting along together famously and Kasper even accompanied on his historic visit (he can be seen on the left side of the above picture). And you know, it was probably a good idea that Ratzinger brought him along, since Kasper is well versed in Talmudic studies. I guess as it turns out those are two termites you just can't separate, huh?!] 

    1. Still coming out of the woodwork
      Ex-'priest' convicted of sexually assaulting boys
      "A former member of the Brothers of the Holy Cross religious order who later became a Catholic priest pleaded guilty Friday and was convicted of sexually assaulting two boys in the Elm Grove area, one in the late 1970s and the other in the early 1980s Prosecutor Debra L. Blasius said the state will argue that James R. Blume receive a 10-year prison term when he is sentenced March 26.…

      "Blume in the criminal complaint acknowledged that he was forced to take a leave of absence from the priesthood in 1989 because of allegations made by a boy.…At the time, 'the church was like GM. It's called cut your losses and run, so basically they handed me $50,000 and told me to start a new life,' Blume told Elm Grove police Detective Craig Mayer."

      Rotten fruit of the Council
      What hath 'the spirit of Vatican II' wrought?
      "What some refer to as a 'vocations crisis' is, rather, one of the many fruits of the Second Vatican Council, a sign of God's deep love for the Church, and an invitation to a more creative and effective ordering of gifts and energy in the Body of Christ."
      — Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Holy Thursday, April 20, 2000.

      Can even teach in Conciliar schools!
      British "bishop" okays gay civil unions in Novus Ordo

      Exactly! A telling exchange

      "I once heard the story of a parishioner who, having seen his parish priest offer Mass according to the Missal of 1962 for the first time, approached him afterward and said, 'Father, you turned your back on me!'

      "To which the priest replied, 'It isn't about you, Joe.'"

      from Sacred Then And Sacred Now: The Return of the Old Latin Mass by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

      It should go without saying that by citing this anecdote Novus Ordo Watch neither agrees with nor endorses the positions taken in said book, which promotes Benedict XVI's false solution to the liturgical revolution, Summorum Pontificum. Rather, it is included here because it reflects very well the uncatholic mentality (referred to in The Ottaviani Intervention as the "spiritually and psychologically destructive elements" — emphasis added) formed as a result of attending Paul VI's "new Mass." 

    Vienna - A record number of Austrians left the Catholic Church in 2009, disgruntled by the Vatican's controversial decision to readmit a bishop who questioned the Holocaust, local media reported Wednesday.

    Read more:

    da Raphael Federspiel (February 28, 1918 - January 13, 2010)
    This devout traditional Catholic lady was a wife, the mother of 14 and grandmother (and great-grandmother of countless more), a gifted poetess, a Third Order Franciscan, a witness to the unknown light prophesized by our Lady at Fatima and, we're happy to say, a friend of Novus Ordo Watch.

    When she was 19 (about the time of the picture at left) she witnessed what she later learned was the sign from heaven of the pending Second World War, about which she has written. She and her husband, Frank, were staunch defenders of the Faith, who fought the changes that were introduced into their parish during the late 1960s in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

    She was buried out of Immaculate Conception Church in Cincinnati, OH. May she rest in peace. [One of her poems can be read here.]

    Minister: Vatican II fulfilled many of Luther's desires
    Conciliar-Protestant joint service held in Germany
    "In his talk, minister Christian Schmidt said these words: 'Protestants are grateful and happy because so many of the important things Martin Luther desired for the Church have become completely natural to the Catholic Church since Vatican II.' Among other things he mentioned 'the emphasis given to the Bible, the introduction of vernacular into the religious service and the notion of a common priesthood of believers.'"

    "The number of Catholics leaving the Church soared last year, according to Catholic press agency Kathpress. It reported today that 53,216 people had left the Church last year - 30.9 per cent more than in 2008."

    Glad to see he's focusing on what's really important for souls [LOL]
    Benedict XVI bemoans failure of 'climate change' conference

    Vienna - A record number of Austrians left the Catholic Church in 2009, disgruntled by the Vatican's controversial decision to readmit a bishop who questioned the Holocaust, local media reported Wednesday.

    Read more:

Funky procession, bro!
Celebrating a 'Jesuit's' final vows


YouTube caption:
"This was taken at the start of the celebration of Final Vows for Br. Jim Sanders, SJ."

NOW Comments:
This is further evidence that the Catholic concept of vows being something solemn and of profound significance is completely alien to those raised in the Vatican II Church. The pity is they're told what they're doing is Catholic and no one tells them otherwise.

VIDEO/TEXT  Sick joke: Portrayed as protector of youth
Statue of former 'Archbishop' Weakland stirs new debate
"I couldn't believe it. That this was a practical joke, that this was someone joking about this.", says SNAP Rep Peter Isley. The joke Isley is talking about is this statue. It has an image of former Archbishop Rembert Weakland.

"Isley, a member of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), says Weakland's image should not be the Cathedral of St. John. The statue, as well as a bust of Weakland stands in the Cathedral of St. John. Weakland left his position in 2002 after admitting to a sexual relationship with a seminary student decades earlier. Isley says, 'this is an individual responsible for transferring, concealing and moving dozens of priests who sexually assaulted raped young children and immortalized himself in bronze.'"

  1. Related Link:
    [Closeup photos] Weakland sculpture controversy: It's just not another sex abuse story

    Weakland shredded copies of sex abuse reports


Tales from the Novus Ordo's Darkside

A young Beninese woman must be forcibly
restrained after being possessed by a voodoo god.
Yet, John Paul II praised the cultists for their beliefs.

Voodoo You Trust?
John Paul II's Betrayal in Benin


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