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Renowned theologian warned of dangers
The best council the Protestants ever had


Here's a good brief intro by John Vennari to a largely-forgotten, but still vitally important article in the October '62 issue of the American Ecclesiastical Review by its editor, the renowned theologian Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, on how Vatican II could Fail. Msgr. Fenton was a Council peritus (expert) and the advisor of Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani. Modernist Hans Küng grudgingly acknowledged how Msgr. Fenton was one of Pope Pius XII's favorite American theologians. (see Küng's memoirs: "My Struggle for Freedom"). Directly or indirectly, he was one of the "prophets of doom" ridiculed by John XXIII at the opening of the Council.

Related links:
Penn research points to the influence of non-Catholics on the changes brought by Vatican II
"They (the University of Pennsylvania researchers) concluded that in places where the Roman Catholic Church enjoyed a stable monopoly as the state church, religious leaders were almost impervious to outside influence and opposed to most kinds of change. In areas in which Catholicism was not the established faith but where the religious field was stable, however, leaders of other religious institutions were a crucial source of influence on Catholic bishops who attended and voted at Vatican II."

Second Vatican Council votes

Benedict XVI and schismatic patriarch promote environmental protection
"On Sunday, the Holy Father prayed for God's assistance in protecting the earth for future generations. Both he and Patriarch Bartholomew I have made statements concerning the environment as the 'Day for the Protection of the Environment' approaches."

NOW Comments:
Protection of the environment over the sanctification of souls is what we've come to expect from the usurpers in Rome. Oh, and throw in the linkage with a schismatic for good measure.

Belgian 'cardinal' urged victim to delay sex abuse statement
"The former head of Belgium's Catholic Church suggested to a sexual abuse victim it would be better to delay a public statement on the case until the bishop involved resigned in 2011, a Church spokesman said on Saturday."

German 'Catholic priest' charged with rape

Disgrace of ex-Catholic school

Georgetown U. employees lead drive for same-sex 'marriage

 VIDEO/TEXT  The hermeneutic of heresy
Benedict XVI lectures former students on proper interpretation of Vatican II

No, they helped get him elected!
Is Obama's Xavier U speech an affront to 'bishops'?

Dramatic drop in number of Irish 'priest' vocations

Seeks 'shared experience' with Muslims
'Dominican' U trustee: Catholics should fast during Ramadan


'Death of Communism' update
Spies who look just like us (deported Russians not amateurs)

"The U.S. media is performing a 'disservice' to the American people in the coverage of recent espionage incidents and its portrayal of spying in general, according to counter-intelligence expert Christopher Simmons in a recent interview with International News Analysis Today.

"Simmons is a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, specializing in counter-intelligence operations. Before his retirement from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Simmons was deeply involved in the questioning of Ana Belen Montes, who was a senior Pentagon analyst and one of Cuba's most important master spies in the U.S.

"The recent case of the Russian spy ring broken by the FBI is only the latest case of the disheartening failure of the U.S. media to inform the American public as to what spies do and the danger they pose to the security and survival of our country.

"'The media minimized these people,' Simmons said. 'They were not rogues, this was not a haphazard operation. They followed standard SVR guidelines.'  The SVR is Russia's foreign intelligence service and one of the successors to the Soviet Union's KGB."

[PHOTO: Mug shot of Anna Chapman (nee Anna Kushchenko), one of ten Russian spies arrested in New York City and deported back to Russia earlier this summer. Her British ex-husband, business executive Alex Chapman, said she told him her father was a senior KGB official.]

NOW Comments:
This is just the latest in an ongoing series of clues pointing to the pretended collapse of Communism in Russia. Make no mistake, this roundup is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Communist spies (from Russia, China and other "ex"-Communist countries) in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, and they are vigorously helping to pave the way for the eventual collapse of those nations. The background of the "death of Communism" ruse can be extensively explored in the Novus Ordo Watch Special Report, "
Exposing the 'Communism is Dead' Myth," something that should not be overlooked when we recall our Lady at Fatima telling us that "Russia will spread her errors." At least a portion of that expansion of errors can be attributed to the West dropping its guard in the face of a "reformed" Russia.

LGBT group wants 'increased role' at USCCB
'Aggregate reports on every gay priest'

No doubt!

Conciliar magazine: 'Yoga transformed my Catholicism'
"Hindus have welcomed an article in US Catholic magazine which said: 'Yoga had completely transformed my Catholicism.'

"Titled 'Om-schooled: How Yoga can influence your Catholic prayer,' this article, appearing in the September 2010 issue of the magazine, further says: "Catholics can take a lesson from the Hindu tradition of yoga when it comes to praying with body, mind, and spirit.'"

Grave desecration for fun and profit
Pittsburgh 'Diocese' permits gas drilling in 15 cemeteries

August 22 Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Ratzinger vs. the Immaculate Heart of Mary

In the Vatican's "The Message of Fatima" document that introduced the alleged "third secret" of Fatima back in 2000, "Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger supplied a theological commentary that raised many eyebrows by claiming, among other things, that what was presented as the third secret was, in fact, the authentic and entire (some questioned each of these assertions) and that Sister Lucy's visions may have simply come from illustrations in the devotional books she read.

But his most outrageous claim involved twisting a teaching of the Church that touches proximately on a dogma: the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In his commentary, Ratzinger discusses devotion to the Immaculate Heart in this passage:

In biblical language, the “heart” indicates the center of human life, the point where reason, will, temperament and sensitivity converge, where the person finds his unity and his interior orientation. According to Matthew 5:8, the “immaculate heart” is a heart which, with God's grace, has come to perfect interior unity and therefore “sees God”.

There he cites a beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God. However to suggest "clean of heart" (which he calls the "immaculate heart," using all under case) is somehow the equivalent of the Immaculate Heart distorts and diminishes the meaning of the latter, which is directly tied to the dogma of the Immaculate Conception and the Blessed Mother's sinlessness.

In typical Modernist fashion, Ratzinger deals with ambiguities, allowing readers to believe that pure of heart is synonymous with the Immaculate Heart. Such confusing of terms is something one would never see in an official Church document prior to Vatican II; in point of fact, Pope Pius VI expressly denounced such deceptive language as a stratagem of heretics in his Apostolic Constitution,  Auctorem fidei.

Also Ratzinger shows himself to be thoroughly Modernist in the way he surrounds the heterodox with the Catholic sentiment that Mary should be our model. All well and good, but he does in no way use the opportunity to clearly distinguish in kind between her Immaculate Heart and the sin-stained hearts of other Christians, so the effect is rather that she, being Christ's Mother, may have pride of place among us, but that is all, much the way Modernists will say that the Catholic Church is better than the other religions, but only because she possesses more of the truth, not because she is the one true Church (for the Modernists believe them all to be true religions).

John Vennari, noting a rhetorical shift by Ratzinger after he became Benedict XVI, writes in Catholic Family News that:

Nearly two months after he became Pope, …on June 5, 2005, Pope Benedict spoke more in line with the Traditional devotion saying, “The heart that resembles that of Christ more than any other is without doubt the Heart of Mary, His Immaculate Mother, and for this very reason the liturgy holds them up together for our veneration.” ("Pope Resurrects Third Secret")

Certainly this sounds "more in line" (as Vennari puts it) with Catholic teaching, though it is still not one hundred percent clear; if someone known for orthodoxy was to utter this, then there would be no doubt, but given Ratzinger's track record, even the phrase "Immaculate Mother" may be open to debate. If he'd wanted to clear up the previous ambiguity by making a unequivocal declaration of what he believes in this regard and a renunciation of his previous error, this would have been a golden opportunity, but the sad truth is that neither then nor at any time since 2000 has done so.

Considering that the man had a doctoral thesis rejected as being too Modernist just prior to his ordination (he merely took out parts without changing his views, at the suggestion of a liberal professor), that he was reasonably suspected of heresy by Pope Pius XII's Holy Office, that he was among the chief troublemakers at Vatican II and that he's publicly stated that he still holds to the same radical beliefs he had at the Council, Ratzinger should be given no slack whatsoever when it comes to evaluating the orthodoxy of his views…or, rather, lack thereof.

Look for an eventual capitulation
Pro-homosexual ruling forces last "Catholic" adoption agency in England to close

Illegitimate offspring of an illegitimate sect
One thousand children in Britain, Ireland are children of Conciliar 'priests'

A Modernist liturgy that would marry the Church and the world

Why Catholics should have nothing to do with the Novus Ordo Missae
"Jean Guitton on Dec. 19, 1993 in Apropos (17), p. 8ff [also in Christian Order, Oct. 1994]. Jean Guitton was an intimate friend of Pope Paul VI. Paul VI had 116 of his books and had made marginal study notes in 17 of these:

"When I began work on this trilogy I was concerned at the extent to which the Catholic liturgy was being Protestantized. The more detailed my study of the Revolution, the more evident it has become that it has by-passed Protestantism and its final goal is humanism (Pope Paul's New Mass, p. 137 (cf., p. 149), [Appendix II])."

Another ex-Catholic school rejects its heritage
Xavier University (LA) to host speech from Obama
"Xavier University, a Catholic college, will host a speech on August 29 by pro-abortion President Barack Obama. The speech will mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina but the college is coming under fire because it violates a request from the nation's Catholic bishops."

Blessed be her glorious Assumption!

"It was fitting that she, who had kept her virginity intact in childbirth,
should keep her own body free from all corruption even after death."

                                                              ― St. John Damascene

Munificentissimus Deus (Pope Pius XII defining the Dogma of the Assumption) 

The staff of Novus Ordo Watch extends our warmest holy day greetings to
our benefactors and readers on this great feast of the Blessed Mother of our Lord.

EWTN's friar makes a mess he can't clean up
Fr. Groeschel's absurd defense of Benedict XVI's 'ecumenism'

NOW Comments:
What's behind the confused views of Fr. Benedict Groeschel (right), a real priest who was ordained in 1959? Is he a progressivist who had such leanings prior to Vatican II or another sad case of a Catholic who allowed his faith to be twisted as a result of the Council? In either case, his wearing of a traditional Capuchin habit belies beliefs that have strayed far from Tradition. At one point in the video, after going through a partial list of Benedict's false "ecumenical" activities (but one that ignores blatantly apostate acts, such as him
praying like a Muslim in Turkey's Blue Mosque), he asks: "Now does anybody think Pope Benedict is not a Catholic, that he doesn't believe that the Catholic Church is the true religion?" Then he quickly answers his own questions in a incredulous tone, "Of course not."

Maybe Benedict is "Catholic" according to the definition used in the sect to which Fr. Groeschel now adheres, but that involves embracing the Modernist error condemned by Pope St. Pius X: "All religions are to a greater or lesser extent good and praiseworthy." One traditional Catholic writer has pointed out regarding the connection between Modernism and the Vatican II position explicitly expounded by John Paul II (and likewise held by Benedict XVI):

This is the natural child of the erroneous and blasphemous idea of the foundation of religion which Modernists hold. Since all religions are simply external expressions of the "consciousness" of the age in which they exist, they are all, subjectively considered, true (and there is no objective truth, remember). JPII has made this idea the cornerstone of his "pontificate". It would be superfluous to list the immense number of occasions on which he has outraged the first Commandment by indulging in acts of public prayer and/or worship with non-Catholics, pagans and other non-Christians. He is faithful to Vatican II in this : "...for the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using (these separated Churches) as means of salvation..." (See The Heresy of John Paul II)

Fr. Groeschel falls into a semantic trap when he asks if anyone thinks Benedict denies that, "the Catholic Church is the true religion." Well, yes, "Pope" Ratzinger may believe that the Catholic Church is a true religion, but certainly not the one true religion established by Christ for the salvation of souls, for if he did so he would actively seek (like every true Pope in history) to bring those in false religions out of their darkness into the light of the true Church. Like the Modernist he's always been, Ratzinger believes regarding the different faiths that false teaching which was categorically condemned by St. Pius X; namely that:

…every religion, even that of paganism, must be held to be true. What is to prevent such experiences from being found in any religion? In fact, that they are so is maintained by not a few. On what grounds can Modernists deny the truth of an experience affirmed by a follower of Islam? Will they claim a monopoly of true experiences for Catholics alone? Indeed, Modernists do not deny, but actually maintain, some confusedly, others frankly, that all religions are true. That they cannot feel otherwise is obvious. For on what ground, according to their theories, could falsity be predicated of any religion whatsoever? Certainly it would be either on account of the falsity of the religious sense or on account of the falsity of the formula pronounced by the mind. Now the religious sense, although it maybe more perfect or less perfect, is always one and the same; and the intellectual formula, in order to be true, has but to respond to the religious sense and to the believer, whatever be the intellectual capacity of the latter. In the conflict between different religions, the most that Modernists can maintain is that the Catholic has more truth because it is more vivid, and that it deserves with more reason the name of Christian because it corresponds more fully with the origins of Christianity. No one will find it unreasonable that these consequences flow from the premises. But what is most amazing is that there are Catholics and priests, who, We would fain believe, abhor such enormities, and yet act as if they fully approved of them. For they lavish such praise and bestow such public honor on the teachers of these errors as to convey the belief that their admiration is not meant merely for the persons, who are perhaps not devoid of a certain merit, but rather for the sake of the errors which these persons openly profess and which they do all in their power to propagate. (Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis [On the Doctrine of the Modernists] September 8, 1907)

In point of fact, Fr. Groeschel actually is an unwitting witness to the very faithlessness of these pseudo-Popes he confusedly upholds when he talks approvingly of something Ratzinger uttered while meeting with the leaders of false religions, saying: "…it was extremely fascinating…the Pope used a word I have never heard a Pope use in that context, a very simple word, the first person plural…we, the pronoun. I never heard that before. I could never imagine a Pope calling the religions of the world 'we.'" (Actually, his memory is a bit faulty here as John Paul II―whom he clearly considers a Pope―also used the term in certain instances, such as his interreligious extravaganza, the 1986 "World Day of Peace" at Assisi.)

Well, we agree with him about not imagining a Pope to say such a thing, because a true Pope never would! But nothing is more natural than for a Modernist than to refer to all religions (which are held to be true) as "we," since he sees them as all coming from God (or at least coming from supposedly authentic religious experiences). No real Catholic would ever use "we" in such a context, hence it is quite reasonable to say that Benedict XVI is not Catholic (nor Pope), and likewise Fr. Groeschel is not Catholic if he also adheres to the heresy.

Thousands evacuated in Lourdes bomb scare

Outrage upon outrage

Court rules to allow Belgian clergy abuse inquiries
"A Brussels appeals court ruled Friday to allow an investigating magistrate to continue looking into alleged sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy, in cases that came to light after police seized documents, computers and data discs from the Belgian archbishop's residence in June."

Related link:
Danneels approved pedophilic catechism?

Pro-sodomite 'nun' interviewed by 'gay' newspaper

'Sr.' Jeannine Gramick: Half of Novus Ordo priests are homosexual

”Sr. Jeannine Gramick, founder of a dissenting outreach effort to homosexual persons, in an interview with a Dallas-area homosexual paper has claimed to see a disconnect between laity and the Catholic bishops. She also asserted that as many as 50 percent of Catholic priests are homosexual."

Equally immoral practice

'Catholic' church approves water cremation

Exposing the liturgical revolution
Paul VI: To liberate the Mass of St. Pius V is to condemn Vatican II

Paul VI: "Let us consider the liturgical reform. I will go even farther. Not only we kept all the past, but we recovered the source of the most ancient tradition, the most primitive, closer to the origins. Now, this tradition had been darkened by the course of the centuries, mostly in the Council of Trent."
Jean Guitton: "It is hard not to unleash the feeling that Trent has abandoned or rejected what existed before Trent, for example, that the Trent Mass, there, where the Council insisted about the sacrificial character of the Mass (which mystically renews the sacrifice at the cross) was disguised by an anti-Lutheran reaction, in which Luther was more in accordance with truth than the Council, once Luther claimed to get back to the primitive source.…”
Paul VI: “I recognize that the difference between Saint Pius V liturgy, and the Council liturgy (often called, I don’t know why, Paul VI Liturgy) is very small. Regarding the appearance, the diversity [of the offertory of the two masses] lays on a subtlety. But this Mass of Saint Pius V, as we see in Ecône (that is, in the Society of St. Pius X), has become the symbol of the Council’s condemnation. Now, we will never accept, under any circumstances, that one condemns the Council by means of a symbol (emphasis added)."

yes, it's permitted!
Alaskan Conciliar 'parish' to host Episcopalian 'ordination' of homo rights leader

 VIDEO/TEXT  Novus Ordo regulates heresy
Well-known Novus Ordo dissident priest's rant goes viral
“A prominent priest here may face church discipline for criticizing Roman Catholic teaching on celibate priests, birth control and papal authority in a video that's gone viral.

NOW Comments:

Fr. Joseph Breen (ordained in 1961) has been saying the same sort of heresy for decades and gets an occasional wrist slap here or there, which is all that he'll get this time, if anything happens to him at all. (Check out the blue blazer he's wearing in the video; it's like he's advertising:
Heretic for Hire.) All the issues he raises are not that radical to many if not most in the Conciliar Church: there is a strong push for married priests, a sizeable majority believe/practice birth control, and the whole Vatican II error of "collegiality" significantly minimizes the concept of Papal primacy. And remember, there are Fr. Breen clones everywhere from the local church all the way to Modernist Rome; he's just singled out to give the illusion that there is still Catholic orthodoxy to be found in the the Vatican II religion.

That's one crazy recessional, man!
2010 Summerfest 'Satchmo' Jazz Mass at St. Augustine Church, New Orleans

NOW Comments:
Just when we thought we'd seen about every possible way the Novus Ordo liturgy can offend Catholic sensibilities, along comes the Jazz Mass to prove us wrong. What makes this particularly outrageous beyond the obvious lack of reverence is the spirit of utter frivolity, the feeling that what one is witnessing is the sort of particularly boisterous party that would cause the neighbors to call the police and complain about a disturbance of the peace.

He gave communion to its leader and implicitly 'canonized' him
Benedict XVI remembers Taize community on bittersweet anniversary
"Pope Benedict has joined himself in prayer with the Taize community as the anniversary of the death of their founder, Brother Roger, and the milestone of the community's 70th year, approach. The Pope called the founder 'a pioneer' in building the unity of Christians.…

"The anniversary has led many Christian leaders, including Pope Benedict, to send letters to the community, communicating their greetings, congratulations and condolences.…Concluding the letter to the community, Cardinal Bertone conferred the blessings of Benedict XVI on the Taize community and all who work with them in seeking the unity of Christ's disciples."
NOW Comments:
How much more evidence of Benedict's religious indifferentism is needed?

Related links:
Ratzinger gives communion to 'Brother' Schutz
Benedict XVI says Protestant Roger Schutz is in Heaven
Brother Roger Schutz died a Protestant

 AUDIO  Hear it now on YouTube in it's entirety!!!
Hutton Gibson's explosive new interview about Benedict XVI and the Vatican II conspiracy 

Invokes John Paul II and Benedict XVI
'Catholic' group seeks to abolish death penalty
"On January 29, the Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Death Penalty (CMN) was launched. According to its executive director, Karen Clifton, the CMN was created 'with the encouragement of the USCCB.…'

"The 'seamless garment' argument used by Clifton, of course, raises questions about what those connected with the Catholic Mobilizing Network will be saying about the pro-life position of politicians. As everyone knows too well, this version of Catholic social teaching has been used for more than four decades to provide cover for Catholic politicians who do not oppose abortion."

NOW Comments:
John Paul II's teaching on capital punishment, alluded to in the article, while not totally ruling out the use of execution, minimized its legitimacy almost into non-existence and attacked it as cruel and depriving the condemned the opportunity to reform (this last point against the true Catholic teaching, which maintains that the death sentence helps the condemned to sharply focus on the Four Last Things in a way that many people never have). So, John Paul II's position (like so many ambiguous Vatican II teachings) gives opposite sides of the issue arguments to defend their position; in fact, the Catholic Mobilizing Network actually quotes both JP II and Benedict XVI approvingly on its website.

 VIDEO  Now that's embarrassing!
Vested French clergy swing and sway to soft rock

One of Irelands most notorious 'pedophile priests'
Special report on the Bill Carney cover-up

[NOTE: This is a 14-minute clip from an investigative documentary about the Novus Ordo cover-up of the notorious "pedophile priest," Bill Carney. After being convicted of two counts of "indecent assault" against children in 1983, he was allowed to continue his work as a parish priest. It's believed that he was a serial pervert who molested a minimum of 32 boys and girls; one of the alleged victims, Paul Dwyer, would later commit suicide. The film also covers the 'Murphy Report' 2009 which reports into the cover up of Clerical sexual abuse in Dublin.]

Atheist gives N.Y. 'Catholic' schools $5.6 Million
"Retired hedge fund titan Robert W. Wilson lost his faith in God years ago, yet he believes in Catholic schools and gave $5.6 million to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York this summer."

NOW Comments:
St. Ignatius Loyola once wrote: "How much a man loses, not only of liberty but of authority, who accepts gifts!" Imagine how much greater the loss when
that gift comes from the godless!

Lots of good seats still available!

"The numbers of people leaving the church are usually made available during August every year. This year the number are so dreadful that nothing is to be published until January 2011. They are clearly hoping something will turn up- but for the post-Conciliar church the age of miracles is long passed."

NOW Comments:
Oh wait, we think we just found the missing Austrian "Catholics." They're all over at the
There, that explains it. Mystery solved!

Yielding to antichrist coercion

Wisconsin 'Diocese' offers birth control insurance, but warns employees not to use it
"A Wisconsin state law is forcing the Madison (Wis.) Catholic Diocese this month to begin offering its employees insurance coverage for birth control. However, a diocesan spokesman said employees will be warned against using the benefit and that open defiance of Catholic teaching on the issue could ultimately lead to termination."

NOW Comments:

The crypto-Marxists take another sizable step in their "long march through the institutions," stifling still more religious rights in American society. The "Diocese" plays along, issuing a mock-Catholic "warning" to employees, all the while knowing that many of them will quietly take advantage of the availability of the birth control coverage. Artificial contraception is widely practiced in the Novus Ordo with anywhere from 70% to 80% of "Catholic" women utilizing it. While technically it is against the moral teaching of that sect, the standard practice is for "priests" to counsel couples to "follow your conscience" and, much like the former policy of the U.S. military regarding "gays,"
"Don't ask, don't tell."

They now outnumber the boys!
Vatican paper comes in praise of altar girls
"Earlier this week, more than 50,000 young altar servers from around the world flocked to Rome for a gathering with Pope Benedict XVI. It's a regular event, but this year there was a twist: For the first time, altar girls outnumbered the boys roughly 60-40."

Related links:

Benedict XVI's altar girls
Another outrage from L'Osservatore Romano! Allowing girl altar servers ended prejudice
A monumental de facto approval of altar girls

Jumpin' and jivin' Franciscans

'Mass' attendance lower among the young

The uncertain tomorrow of 'Catholic' Italy
"One of the figures that would seem to prove the tenacity and vitality of Catholicism in Italy is attendance at Sunday Mass. For more than thirty years, all of the findings have shown levels of attendance at Mass that are very high compared with other countries of Western Europe: about 30 percent of the population say that they go every Sunday, another 20 percent from one to three times a month, and another 30 percent on Christmas, Easter, and the other major feast days.

"It should be enough to consider, for the sake of comparison, that in France those who say they go to Mass every Sunday are less than 5 percent of the population."

NOW Comments:
30% Sunday "Mass" attendance is cited as proof of the "tenacity and vitality of Catholicism in Italy" and is "very high" relative to other Western European countries is a real indictment of the Novus Ordo. What's really telling is that the 30% figure is said to be higher than the real number of faithful Italian churchgoers. But in a sense that's a good thing, because at least fewer people are involved with the counterfeit church; the bad news, of course, is that they haven't discovered (or in some cases, rediscovered) the true Catholic Faith.

Must we obey tyrants?

Sobran: The State and Heresy
"Nearly all Christians distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate regimes; if rebellion is always a sin, how can we have a duty to obey the successful rebel when he assumes power? Must we obey the tsar one day, and the Lenin who topples him the next? Does St. Paul mean to say: 'Thou shalt obey anyone who holds coercive power over thee'?"

Well-earned, no doubt!
B'nai B'rith honors Benedict XVI

From Christ or Chaos
Ex-SSPX priest discusses his journey to sedevacantism
"Paul VI solemnly promulgated the decrees of Vatican II and if we accept him as a true Pope we must submit to Vatican II. However, we know that there are errors and heresies in Vatican II .So the inevitable conclusion must be that Paul VI was not a true Pope but an anti-pope because it it is impossible that a true Pope officially promulgate errors and heresies in an ecumenical council since it will go against the dogma of infallibility. That is why Vatican II was not protected by the Holy Ghost since it was not an ecumenical council but a robber council headed by an anti-pope. In history, there were cases of robber councils precisely because they were not approved by a true Pope.

"Since Benedict XVI's election, he has continued his commitment to Vatican II. He continued violating the First and Second Commandments by visiting false places of worship such as synagogues and mosques. He prayed like Muslims in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey on November 30, 2006. On August 19, 2005, he took an active part in a Jewish worship service in a synagogue in Cologne, Germany. Last year, he went again to his synagogue and mosque during his pilgrimage to the Middle East."

Tales from the Novus Ordo's Darkside

A young Beninese woman must be forcibly
restrained after being possessed by a voodoo god.
Yet, John Paul II praised the cultists for their beliefs.

Voodoo You Trust?
John Paul II's Betrayal in Benin


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