What's yet to be revealed?
Images of 'gay' torture porn found on disgraced Canadian 'bishop's' computer
"The child pornography on Catholic bishop Raymond Lahey’s computer was a smaller and less graphic collection than some other child porn collections, one of his lawyers suggested during his sentencing hearing Thursday.

"Ottawa police Det. Andrew Thompson agreed with defense lawyer Solomon Friedman that the 588 images on Lahey’s laptop computer were fewer than some other collections he’s examined in his six years investigating child pornography. Thompson was a lot less willing to agree that the collection wasn’t as graphic, however.

"Images involving the torture of young boys was 'right up there' with some of the worst stuff he’s seen, Thompson said. 'It doesn’t depict infants, but the explicit images of torture are disturbing,” said Thompson, who called some of the images 'quite graphic.'

"Thompson added that he rarely had seen offenders who had not only pictures and videos, but also sexually explicit stories. And Lahey was the first to seemingly have a reference to himself in one of his tales — or so the mention of a “Father Raymond” in one of the stories would make it seem.…"

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NOW Comments:
We suspect that these revelations may be the tip of the iceberg. Lahey's guilty plea may simply be a ploy to dodge prosecution for
more far serious charges. It's safe to say that unless death intervenes we haven't heard the end of the Lahey scandal, and it is our firm conviction that should the whole truth ever be known it will be revealed that Lahey, who in 2009 agreed to a $15M settlement with the victims of "pedophile priests", will prove to be one of the worst offenders of all!

And with him it would be pedophile in the strict sense, as his laptop contained images of boys who appeared to be only eight or ten years old. One article states that "since 2005 Bishop Lahey traveled to Indonesia Malaysia, Thailand, Spain and Germany. These are countries that are notorious when it comes to child pornography." That's undoubtedly looking at this all wrong . Lahey wasn't jetting to the Far East to just view porn (if at all), since he could just as easily done so from the comfort of his own easy chair; rather, we believe he flew halfway around the world to find a ready outlet to satisfy his sexual proclivities in countries where
child prostitution is a lucrative business protected by corrupt government and law enforcement officials on the take.

In the end, it may turn out that the only difference between Raymond Lahey and most other clergy abusers in the counterfeit church is that he had the guile to seek victims where there would be no multi-million dollar settlements, because it's where there would be no one to hear or care about their tortured cries.