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The Novus Ordo Files:
NEWS ARCHIVE for October, 2011

NOTE: This month's archive is in the process of being expanded, as there were significant recurring computer problems during the past several weeks. If you have benefited from the website, please help us finally resolve this ongoing problem (click on the button at the right to make a donation).


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Michael Voris's Black Hole of Forgetfulness
Occupy Wall Street, Benedict XVI and 'The Vortex'

Michael Voris' web TV commentary "The Vortex" usually begins more or less the same way. First, you see a still photo of him looking preppy in his sports coat and Justin Bieberish haircut, while an audio track percolates with a funky slap bass guitar riff reminiscent of the Seinfeld theme song (of all things!), soon to be joined by some spacey sound effects. The program begins as he twirls his pencil around in spirals, while greeting his viewers with the show's tagline: "Hello everyone and welcome to "The Vortex", where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed". And to be honest, he often does a pretty good job at exposing them…up to a point.

And what precisely
is that point?

It's the point where he quits talking about radical "priests" and dissident "nuns", troublesome USCCB agencies and just about anyone or anything in the Vatican not named Benedict XVI. No, "Pope" Ratzinger's Modernist lies and falsehoods never get "trapped and exposed" on "The Vortex", because they never even get discussed there; it's like they all get pulled into a whirling vortex of a different sort―
call it Michael Voris's Black Hole of Forgetfulness.  (Oh, occasionally Benedict gets mentioned, but only selectively for things like issuing a decree to crack down on the seminaries or Summorum Pontificum or being ignored or misinterpreted by Novus Ordo liberals; things that to the gullible prove that the "Holy Father" is really on the side of the angels.)

And then there are a few shows when Mr. Voris manages to botch up nearly everything, as in the above commentary, which he's entitled "Church Liberals Strike Again" (we seriously considered calling this analysis "Michael Voris Strikes Again", because the one-sided approach he displays here is so typical of his program). This time he starts out with a Benedict quote or what
appears to be a Benedict quote.
.… full report>>>

The SSPX's dilemma
Bishop Williamson: Jews as Christ Killers
"Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) is up to his old tricks and has angered the European Council of Rabbis with his remarks about the Jews’ role in the crucifixion of Jesus. The bishop believes Jews are Christ-killers — and his latest words on the subject come as Pope Benedict XVI begins an inter-faith summit in Assisi. Among his many attributes, I must say Bishop Williamson has great timing.

The Guardian ran a story last week on the Jewish reaction to the bishop’s comments. However, the story had some problems. “Bishop’s blog raises tensions between Jews and the Vatican” misstates church history and makes assumptions about the relationship of Bishop Williamson to the Catholic Church. And like most reporting on Vatican-Jewish relations misses or misunderstands the pope’s outstretched hand to the Jews.
"    More >>>

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The SSPX, Jews, and Authority
ADL's Foxman: SSPX 'has no place' in mainstream 'Church'
European rabbis call on 'Pope' to condemn bishop's charge of Jewish deicide
WJC urges Modernist Rome to sideline foes of Catholic-Jewish reconciliation

NOW Comments:
What on earth is Bp. Williamson thinking? And what are the SSPX and Modernist Rome plotting? On September 23rd, his Superior in the Society, Bp. Bernard Fellay, wrote him
a stern letter in which, among other things, he was ordered "to remain silent" or face "the starting of the canonical procedure leading to (your) exclusion from the SSPX."

So what does Williamson do? Three weeks later he bulls forward, oblivious to the warning message he's acknowledged receiving, and publishes his online Eleison Comments, despite the threat of expulsion. To make matters worse, the choice of subject matter was highly provocative, like when he reviewed movies or mused about the unbelief of composer Johannes Brahms.  `continues   In addition, Fr. Michael Mary Sim, Superior of the Transalpine Redemptorists, an order that had been associated with the SSPX until it defected to the Novus Ordo sect in 2008, accused Bp. Williamson of seeking "to sow trouble between the SSPX and the Church, and between the Church and the Jewish people" and suggests that the solution is for Bp. Fellay to
"ask the Holy Father to defrock the illegitimate bishop".'

On October 27th Benedict XVI traveled to the Umbrian town of Assisi, made glorious as the birthplace of both the thirteenth century church luminary St. Francis, and the religious order he founded, the Friars Minor (or Franciscans). The trip was made to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of John Paul II's World Day of Prayer for Peace at Assisi, in which his predecessor invited "160 religious leaders spending the day together with fasting and praying to their God or Gods. They represented 32 Christian religious organizations and 11 other non-Christian world religions…"

In response to the first Assisi interreligious meeting, Society of St. Pius X founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre declared: "He who now sits upon the Throne of Peter mocks publicly the first article of the Creed and the first Commandment of the Decalogue. The scandal given to Catholic souls cannot be measured. The Church is shaken to its very foundations." And two years later in 1988, when raising four men to the episcopacy, Abp. Lefebvre would in part defend his act by saying it was in defiance of the authorities in Modernist Rome (significantly, "Cardinal" Ratzinger was mentioned by name), who sought to "reduce Tradition to naught" and against "
the spirit of Vatican II and the spirit of Assisi."

Fast-forward a quarter of a century, and one of those four men echoes the words of Abp. Lefebvre. "Yes, we are deeply indignant, we vehemently protest against this repetition of the days at Assisi," declared SSPX Superior Bishop Bernard Fellay back in January.  "Everything that we have said, everything that Archbishop Lefebvre had said at the time of the World Day of Prayer for Peace in Assisi in 1986, we repeat in our own name. It is evident, my dear brothers, that such a thing demands reparation. What a mystery!”

Well, only a mystery if by that Bp. Fellay refers to is a
mystery of iniquity as was sadly witnessed in 1986, in what was undoubtedly the defining  moment of the entire Assisi event, when the Church of St. Peter was the scene of pagans placing a statue of Buddha atop the tabernacle (right). Over a millennium ago, Catholic churches were once built upon the ruins of pagan temples, but now the tables had been turned, so to speak, and an idol now stood in the midst of a church nearly nine hundred years old.…

Lawsuit looms as school attempts to ditch co-ed dorms
Sex, booze survive at Catholic (in name only) University of America
“'Life is Co-Ed' has become the unofficial rallying call of the Catholic University students unhappy and unconvinced by their president’s unprecedented decision to revert all dormitories to single-sex living quarters."

Related News:
C.U.A. also to be hit with suit for discriminating against Muslim students

Maybe it was all just a big mistake…yeah, sure it was!
USCCB agency gave $1.3M in to 'gay', pro-abortion. Marxist and other subversive groups
"In 2009, American Life League joined with several other concerned organizations to form the Reform CCHD Now Coalition. In March of 2010, the coalition sent a report on CCHD to each bishop, showing that, in 2009–2010, 51 out of 237 groups receiving CCHD funding either directly or through coalition membership promoted abortion, birth control, homosexuality, and/or Marxism. Thus, 21% of the groups funded by CCHD were involved in such work."

They decide her
errors aren't compatible with theirs
USCCB committee repeats caution on 'Sister' Elizabeth Johnson book
"The doctrinal committee of the US bishops’ conference issued a new statement abo
ut Quest for the Living God after the author had submitted a lengthy response to their original criticism. In a 21-page critique issued in March, the bishops’ committee had found that the Johnson book 'contains misrepresentations, ambiguities, and errors that bear upon the faith of the Catholic Church as found in Sacred Scripture, and as it is authentically taught by the Church’s universal magisterium.'”

NOW Comments:
Let's see. It's said to contain "
misrepresentations, ambiguities, and errors that bear upon the faith of the Catholic Church as found in Sacred Scripture, and as it is authentically taught by the Church’s universal magisterium (emphasis added)." In other words, it's faithfully following the teaching much of what's been taught since
Vatican II. So what are the Novus Ordo "bishops" getting bent out of shape about? Rather than criticizing her, the USCCB should be giving her an award, unless perhaps her misrepresentations, ambiguities and errors are different from those promoted by them…and therefore, unauthorized, to boot!

VIDEO  Holy defiance to the blasphemy of antichrists!
French Catholic resistance to Jesus-mocking 'theatre' doubling each day
"It started with a dozen or so Catholics from Renouveau Francais. Then more came along to replace those who had been arrested. By Tuesday night there were more than 150. Last night there were more than 300. The riot police treat the French Catholics with brutality, and arrest everyone in sight including priests, but every night the number of protesters has doubled. Doubtless there will be an even larger number tonight.

"Each is liable, under Article 431-1 of the French Criminal Code, for penalties ranging from one to three years in prison for defending the image of Jesus from feces. Had they been defending the Talmud or the gas chambers they would be lauded as heroes. What is now most sacred in the West, Christ or Antichrist?" [Left: The defaced portrait of Christ as it appears at the end of the play,
Sul concetto di volto nel figlio di Dio (On the Concept of the Son of God’s Face)]

Related Links:
Christian group faces charges for disrupting Paris play
French Christian fundamentalists attack blasphemous play
 VIDEOS   Major protests of play where fake feces was thrown at Christ picture

NOW Comments:
We at Novus Ordo Watch salute these protestors who braved jail time to boldly speak out against this Christ-hating work for stage. In the wake of the protests, Italian playwright Romeo Castellucci, in a joint statement with the Théâtre de la ville,
denied that there was excrement on face of Christ, merely black ink. “That’s untrue and I find the idea horrible,” said Castellucci on 22 October and the statement repeats the denial, saying that it represents a shroud. Castellucci shows himself here to be a true son of the devil, lying about the play and feigning shock and disgust at the very idea of such a thing. For he's the same man who just six months prior to this, far from denying that feces was what supposed to have defaced the portrait, had a good chuckle over this disgusting plot device with a reporter for London's newspaper, The Guardian:

Every evening before the curtain goes up, various vials of steaming brown liquid must be churned in order to get the texture, consistency – and, inevitably, the odour – exactly right. The only consolation is that this is synthetic prop s***: "You didn't think it was real?" jokes Castellucci. "I don't actually produce it myself."

A play about excrement may seem like the extreme of theatrical endeavour. But in the wider context of Castellucci's often deeply disturbing work, s*** is just another day in the office. ("Romeo Castellucci: Christ…what is that smell?")

No story of this sort would be complete, however, unless the French Conciliar hierarchy express their support. Support for the protestors? No, for the immoral play, of course. On the other hand, those demonstrating against this wickedness hiding under the mask of art were roundly condemned: The following passage shows them being mislabeled as dupes and told to stop, while the play, during one point of which "a strong smell of feces invades the theater," is blasphemously compared in a favorable sense to Christ's crucifixion:

Especially discouraging for the protesters has been the fact that several bishops, including the archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, and the bishop of Rennes, Mgr Pierre d’Ornellas, were publicly interpreted Castellucci’s dung-carting “work of art” as a legitimate portrayal of human decadence and a thought-provoking show.

The cardinal, referencing a term coined by Lenin, named the protesters “useful idiots” and called for the public demonstrations to stop. Mgr d’Ornellas asked Catholics to “take time to understand” the play: while the stage-play is “provoking”, he wrote, no “christianophobia is involved” and should only help remind everyone about “the most ordinary of trivial sufferings: man’s comedown in old age” answered by the “profound manifestation of love” on the part of the son. The old man “emptying himself of his dignity” should remind us of Christ “emptying Himself ‘unto death, and the death of the Cross’”, he added.
(" Paris 'Cardinal', several other 'bishops' defend anti-Christian play")

Will Benedict XVI discipline these mitered degenerates? We all know the answer to that one. And when he does absolutely nothing against them in defense of Our Savior, we can be sure that the neo-traditional defenders who foolish think he's really on the side of Catholic Tradition (the real "useful idiots" in this scenario) will no doubt make ridiculous new excuses for himthe usual excuses for the inexcusableas they always do (the more things change, the more they stay the same). They are useful idiots because they think that by upholding everything this modernist in shepherd's clothing does (save that they can't explain away, which conveniently gets ignored), they are working towards the restoration of the Church, but all the while being deceived into following the call of a false Papa.

But it's wrong to dwell on the negatives, because there is so much to be thankful and encouraged about what's taken place in France. Let these noble demonstrators be inspirations and models to all Catholics, for there are many such battles to wage in the days ahead, and we most surely will need the same courage and fortitude to stand up for Our Blessed Lord against the forces of darkness who are enjoying their momentary time of triumph. In these days, every victory for God should be celebrated with a
Te Deum, even our partial victories!


New springtime' update
Nuns: a ‘dying breed’?

A fitting development
Church leaders welcome announcement on Royal Succession
"Catholic Church leaders in the UK and Scotland have welcomed today's announcement on the Royal Succession by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit in Perth, Australia.

"The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales said: 'I welcome the decision of Her Majesty's Government to give heirs to the throne the freedom to marry a Catholic without being removed from the line of succession. This will eliminate a point of unjust discrimination against Catholics and will be welcomed not only by Catholics but far more widely. At the same time I fully recognize the importance of the position of the Established Church in protecting and fostering the role of faith in our society today.…'"

NOW Comments:

This reminds us a little of the famous quote from the late Franciscan Fr. Carl Pulvermacher that go
"Once there are no more valid priests they'll permit the Latin Mass." Today, if any royal fiancée were to be a "Catholic", it's highly likely that it would be the kind who'd have no problem with the Anglican/neo-Druid "Archbishop of Canterbury", Rowan Williams, co-officiating the wedding ceremony! Certainly the differences between the Novus Ordo and Anglican sects are growing fewer and fewer, so the expression "disparity of cult" doesn't have as much  the in this regard. And for that matter, it's probably not out of the question for L'Osservatore Romano to one day issue an apology for the trouble the Church inflicted on the Tutors several centuries ago,

But i
ts Faith was stolen decades ago
St. Mary's Cathedral bell stolen in S.F.

Only 35% say opposition to 'same-sex marriage' important
Survey: Religious identity slips among U.S. 'Catholics'
"One in four Americans call themselves Catholic, but a survey released Monday finds this is more a cultural brand label for many than a religious identity."

Abuse scandal goes on unabated
Cloistered 'priest' gets prison on sex charge
"A Melkite cloistered priest, who pleaded no contest in September to the indecent assault of a 14-year-old boy, offered no apology to the victim at his sentencing Thursday in Susquehanna County Court.

"The Rev. Philip Ferrara, 49, was sentenced to six to 24 months in state prison by President Judge Kenneth Seamans. He also must undergo a sexual offender evaluation and receive treatment."

Really? Don't believe it!
Obama is alienating 'Catholic' voters
"Catholics make up about a quarter of the American electorate and have backed the popular-vote winner in every presidential election since 1972. That track record continued through 2008: While weekly churchgoing Catholics slightly favored Sen. John McCain, Catholics as a whole backed President Barack Obama by a margin of 54 to 45 percent.

"Given the role Catholics played in Obama's 2008 victory and their habit of picking presidential winners, you might think that an embattled president with a 40-percent approval rating would be working overtime to solidify his support among this crucial voting bloc. Instead, Obama seems intent on convincing Catholics that their faith in him was unwarranted."

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ObamaCare Nunsense in Scranton (Sr. Carol Keehan, "Catholic Health Association" CEO and Obama supporter , downplays decision of hospitals to sell.)
Will Obama destroy Franciscan University of Steubenville? (Keep in mind that the vast majority of their people didn't vote for him anyway.)

NOW Comments:
St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist Colleen Carroll Campbell argues that because Obama has reneged on the pledge he made at Notre Dame to work with pro-lifers to find "common ground" (sic) on the abortion issue, while pushing "for a mandate that would require Catholic institutions to violate the teachings of their church by covering contraceptives in their health care plans – including sterilization and drugs that induce abortions," he runs the risk of losing the bloc of "Catholic" voters who in 2008 helped propel him to the White House.

We at Novus Ordo Watch beg to differ with Campbell's appraisal. Mightn't some who voted for him then, withhold their support in 2012? Sure, but we submit those will be few and far between. Why is this?

Simple. No true Catholics or other intelligent, well-informed pro-lifers voted for Obama…
none. They were the ones who were rightly alienated by him from the start (as should all people of good will), for they knew that not only was he an avid defender of (among other things) abortion "rights", but while a State Senator in Illinois infamously
opposed a measure that would protect abortion survivors from infanticide. So notorious an enemy of the unborn, then, was Obama at the time of his Presidential candidacy in '08 that there seemingly was no way that anyone in the Novus Ordo "Church" could reasonably vote for him, given that sect's supposed pro-life policies.

Of course, the operative word there is "supposed", because behind all of the hypocritical doubletalk mimicking Catholic social teachings, is a pronounced contempt for the unborn (yes, there are some in that sect who truly are pro-life, yet  lamentably are all too ready to accept the words of their false shepherds without paying sufficient attention to the lack of positive action consistent with those words). And this isn't anything new. In 1973, when the post-Vatican II subversion of the Church had been moving virtually unobstructed for nearly a decade, Supreme Court Associate Justice William Brennan, a Catholic in name only, was allowed to remain in the "Church" despite being one of the most significant facilitators of legal abortion, when he voted with the majority to impose neo-pagan legalized slaughter of the unborn in the
Roe vs. Wade decision. Not only was Brennan not excommunicated, at his death 24 years later, he was
given a 'Catholic' burial out of St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, DC.

More recently, Senator Ted Kennedy, one of the greatest enemies of the unborn,  was
similarly honored in Boston two years ago, where he was eulogized as "a wonderful Catholic" at a service presided over by the phony conservative pro-lifer "Cardinal" Sean O'Malley, who defended his presiding over the funeral against pro-life critics, whom he sternly accused of doing "irreparable damage to the communion of the Church (sic)." (When O'Malley gives Kennedy a "requiem" with all the pomp and circumstance that his pseudo-Catholic "Church" can muster, then he can be safely added to the list of "prelates" who are PLINOs, that is Pro-Life In Name Only.)

And then there's the ongoing respect shown to leaders who uphold the "rights" of the baby killers at even the highest levels of the Vatican II "Church", including Benedict XVI (shown at right shaking hands with Obama, as he warmly welcomes him to the Vatican―remember to wipe the blood off, Your Phoniness). The argument by some that Benedict "had" to meet with him because a Pope is unconditionally required to meet foreign leaders and dignitaries is false (Fr. Ratzinger's bogus claims to the Chair of Peter notwithstanding), as has been shown on numerous occasions down through history.

In recent times, Pope St. Pius X famously
refused an audience with Theodore Roosevelt
in 1910, because former President had announced his intention to address a Methodist group while in Rome. Can anyone imagine St. Pius X would have graced with a meeting the likes of a notorious, unrepentant proponent of abortion and infanticide (not to mention "gay rights")?!

Just think how much of a public relations coup with Novus Ordo "Catholics" it was for Obama, to be welcomed at St. Peters and photographed exchanging smiles and gifts with the man that so many confusedly look to as Pope. Don't think that the Obama reelection team isn't going to exploit this to the hilt with the Vatican II crowd, along with his being honored for his contributions to jurisprudence (sic―what a sick joke, honoring a man whose entire public career has shown him as someone who has contempt for both Divine Law and Natural Law, not to mention Constitutional Law) at the law schools of prestigious ex-Catholic universities.

This carries over into the "sacramental" life of the counterfeit "Church", as well, with the reception of what passes for communion by abortion enablers like Vice President Joe Biden, and Senators John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi, to name a few (oh sure, there are a some  Conciliar "bishops" and "priests" who at least in theory―and a few in fact―refuse it to such public figures, but such clerics are in a pronounced minority and viewed as irrelevant oddballs, since the politicians find can easily enough find many, many others who readily
will give it to them―in the Novus Ordo "Church at the very least there obviously is no enforced, across-the-board policy to which all clerics must adhere).

But getting back to the Campbell column we can see by the foregoing examples that Conciliar staunch pro-lifers in the United States cannot count on the support of the their leaders to stand up for the unborn. In fact, the in 2008 the USCCB made sure that Obama would get the support of lukewarm defenders of life, by providing them with a readymade excuse that we paraphrase as: "I'm voting for a relentlessly pro-abortion candidate, but I'm
not voting for him for that reason", thus reducing this from a non-negotiable issue (battling the ongoing legal approval of mortally sinful acts) down to the rank of those that are morally neutral, such as whether or not, say, to raise taxes for road maintenance. (Hey, it just one issue out of many, no big deal!).

Considering this sort of background, there is absolutely no reason to expect some mass exodus away from Obama in the next election. By and large, the U.S. "bishops" supported him last time around (though feigning a nonpartisan position) and that shouldn't change. Sure, like before they'll whine about this or that provision of his socialist healthcare plan, but it should be recalled that they've always defended Obamacare in general. And that's going to equate business as usual: Them falling back on their sinister "okay to vote for pro-abortion politicians for other reasons" dictum that in the end will permit the electoral fence-sitters to vote again for Obama with clear, if misled and gravely malformed, consciences. In the end, this is yet another solid reason to reject these men as having the slightest legitimate authority in the Catholic Church and to vigorously oppose their claims to the contrary.

On the false Novus Ordo 'Consecration of Bishops'

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New Bishops, Empty Tabernacle

Open Letter to John Vennari
"The operative clause in canon 18 is: '…as for those things that remain unclear or in doubt…' Now, canon 188.4 is very clear textually – it means that if certain conditions exist (like public defection from the faith), 'any office becomes vacant upon the fact and without declaration...' When John Paul II declared before a Jewish audience in a synagogue in Mainz, Germany in 1980 that the Old Covenant had not been revoked by God, a public defection of faith occurred. There was nothing unclear. There was no doubt. Every requirement of formal heresy was present: a public denial of Catholic dogma and pertinacity.[31] Canon 2314 is included under the Third Part (On penalties for indi
vidual delicts) of the Fifth Book (On Delicts and Penalties), Title 11 (On delicts against the faith and unity of the Church) of the 1917 Code of Canon Law. Canon 2314 states in para. 1, 'All apostates from the Christian faith and each and every heretic or schismatic: 1. Incur by that fact excommunication.'

"This is exactly what popes, fathers and doctors of the Church, theologians and canonists of the Church have been teaching for centuries: excommunication is ipso facto when the sins of heresy, apostasy, or schism are committed. 2314.2 states, “Unless they [all apostates, heretics, and schismatics] respect warnings, they are deprived of benefice, dignity, pension, office, or other duty that they have in the Church, they are declared infamous, and [if] clerics, with the warning being repeated, [they are] are deposed [sic].'  juridical process (trial) is indicated here, and therefore, 2314.2 does not apply, because being the supreme legislator, a pope cannot be judged by an ecclesiastical court. As A. Vermeersch wrote, 'At least according to the more common teaching, the Roman Pontiff as a private teacher can fall into manifest heresy. Then, without any declaratory sentence (for the supreme See is judged by no one), he would automatically (ipso facto) fall from power which he who is no longer a member of the Church is unable to possess.'”

Claims he covered up global child abuse
SNAP: 'Pope' should be tried for crimes against humanity

Surprised when a shark bites?

California 'bishops': 'Puzzled'? No, disingenuous

'Fruits of Vatican II' update

Candlelight vigil held to protest Connecticut church closing

 Pseudo-Franciscan urges 'respect' for demon 'gods'
Spirit of Assisi 2011 interreligious apostasy propaganda

Two of a kind
Liber Accusationis Quartus: From John Paul II to Benedict XVI
"Here we find the explanation of the Pope’s refusal to consecrate Russia, which the Most Blessed Virgin Mary explicitly demanded at Fatima. In the eyes of the Pope, this demand is… diabolical, yes indeed! Benedict XVI identifies it with the third temptation by which the Devil offers Jesus domination over the world.

"According to him, what is the 'true content' of this third temptation? The Pope observes that, 'in history, it continually takes a new form'. The very first form was that of 'the Christian Empire…' after Constantine’s conversion!

"Practically speaking, it amounts to mistaking the motto of St. Pius X, Omnia instaurare in Christo, with the third temptation of Jesus in the desert. It amounts to saying that the reign of the Capetians, in the kingdom of St. Louis was the reign of the Devil and that Joan of Arc was a witch… Here, in the writings of the Pope, one can discern the tip of the Devil’s tail. For, according to him, "concrete political and social structures have been sent from the immediate sphere of the sacred, from the legislation of divine law, to the liberty of man'

This means to democracy, which banishes all other sacred authority from political, economical and social life. According to Benedict XVI, this abdication of "divine law" in favor of  "the liberty of man" goes back to evangelical times. Nevertheless, it has remained misunderstood until the time of the “Enlightenment”, which the Church condemned up until the Second Vatican Council, which finally 'canonized' them." more >>>

Tales from the Novus Ordo's Darkside

A young Beninese woman must be forcibly
restrained after being possessed by a voodoo god.
Yet, John Paul II praised the cultists for their beliefs.

Voodoo You Trust?
John Paul II's Betrayal in Benin


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