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German Authorities Try to Shut Down
Traditional Catholic Web Site, Seek Arrest of Editors
for "Incitement of the People"

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The German-speaking traditional Catholic news and commentary web site Kreuz.Net (Kreuz, pronounced "croyts", is German for "cross"), famous for its politically-incorrect writing style and over-the-top anti-liberal rhetoric has long been a thorn in the side of German prosecutors, politicians, Novus Ordo "bishops", homosexuals, and liberals and anti-Catholics at large. The identity of the authors and editors of Kreuz.Net is unknown because the web site is operating with full anonymity. A wave of public protest erupted against the site after it published a scathing anti-homosexual commentary on the October 1 death of German actor Dirk Bach, an open homosexual, in which Kreuz.Net referred to him using a factually-accurate but politically-incorrect and highly inflammatory label, and saying he was now "burning in eternal homo hell." They also called him - quite rightly - a "corrupter of morals."

Unlike in the United States, making remarks that are commonly considered highly offensive and/or insulting against individuals (even if deceased) is not protected by "free speech" but is actually illegal in Germany, punishable with fines and/or imprisonment, as it is considered to be an assault on "human dignity". This is a crime known as Volksverhetzung, "incitement of the people" (see here). (Ask Bp. Richard Williamson, SSPX - he's been persecuted and legally prosecuted for stating on German soil what his personal conviction was regarding a matter of profane history. Yes, he's being legally prosecuted for holding the "wrong opinion" on something!)

So, it is not surprising that in a country like this, speaking the truth on certain matters will be considered "offensive" - and therefore be illegal. (In Ontario, Canada, already, it is now said to be "illegal" for publicly-funded schools to teach children that abortion is wrong! See story here.) A German publisher of homosexual pornography has offered 15,000€ (approx. $20,000) to anyone who can help identify the people behind Kreuz.Net, after hackers from around the globe failed in all their efforts to take down the web site. Now prosecuting authorities have stated they are considering raiding the homes or offices of individuals suspected to be involved with Kreuz.Net.

It is not clear what makes the German authorities think they have jurisdiction over this case, as there is no hard evidence that any illegal activity has actually occurred on German soil. Though Kreuz.Net is published exclusively in the German language, none of the web servers associated with the site appears to be located in Germany, and there are other countries where German is spoken as well (such as Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg). Not surprisingly, the sodomite lobby in Germany is strongly supporting the persecution of Kreuz.Net.

Welcome to the new "free" world of liberal humanism, where people are so tolerant they will seek your imprisonment (or worse) for saying the "wrong" thing, or the right thing in the wrong way.

Update: Kreuz.Net took itself offline in December 2012 on its own initiative; while the reason is not known with certainty, the "unofficial" word is that it was done to protect the identity of the individuals involved as the pressure from law enforcement and other groups became more and more acute. 

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