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Report: Francis Spills the Beans,
John Paul II to be "Canonized" April 27


VATICAN CITY [Edward Pentin] — The Vatican has yet to make the date official, but Pope Francis has already let it be known in a private conversation that Blessed Pope John Paul II will be canonized on April 27, 2014.

A reliably informed source close to the Vatican asked Pope Francis about the date recently, to which the Pope replied with a laugh: “I can tell you now if you like. It will be April 27.”

“I was surprised by his frankness, but he took a step back, laughed and then told me the date,” the source said. “He was surrounded by top officials who didn’t seem to mind.”

Among those within earshot was Archbishop Georg Gänswein, prefect of the pontifical household, who will be partly responsible for organizing the canonization ceremony.

Blessed Pope John XXIII, who led the Church from 1958 to 1963 and convened the Second Vatican Council, is also expected to be canonized on the same date.

During a papal press conference on his return from Rio de Janeiro July 28, Pope Francis said both popes will be canonized “together,” but said it was unlikely the canonizations would take place during the autumn or winter, as many Poles will be traveling to Rome by bus, and the roads are already icy in Poland and parts of Europe in December. “I think the date needs to be rethought,” he said.

After speaking with Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul II’s former private secretary and current archbishop of Krakow, he said two other possibilities arose: Christ the King Sunday, which falls this year on Nov. 24, and Divine Mercy Sunday 2014, which will be April 27....


The countdown above displays how much time the Semi-Traditionalists at The Remnant, in the SSPX, and others have to figure out how to deal with the bogus "canonization" of John Paul II without having to conclude that Francis is a False Pope and the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church

Update 9/30/13:
The Vatican has now officially declared that April 27, 2014, will be the day of the "canonization." (Source)

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