“Reveal to the faithful the wolves which are demolishing the Lord's vineyard.”
—Pope Clement XIII, Encyclical
Christianae Reipublicae (1766)


Ongoing Amoris Laetitia Fallout: CHAOS WATCH (click)

World Youth Day 2016: Ongoing Coverage (click)


SSPX “Deal” on the home stretch...

Vatican “Abp.” Pozzo: 


Bp. Fellay has Accepted Personal Prelature Proposal, Details being Worked Out

The head of the Vatican’s so-called Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, “Archbishop” Guido Pozzo, has revealed in an interview with the German Christ & Welt that Bp. Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), has agreed to canonical regularization under a personal prelature solution, although details are still being worked out. Pozzo added that this regularization will not take place until the remaining doctrinal issues are resolved, while at the same time clarifying that these issues do not include such “non-essential” and “pastoral” topics as ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, religious liberty, and the relationship between the Church and the modern world.

In plain English: The deal is done, they’re just putting the finishing touches on the wrapping to make it look as presentable as possible.

The interview is somewhat lengthy and has not yet been translated into English in its entirety, although we provide our own translation of some of the more salient portions below. A Spanish translation has been made available here, and the original German can be found here.

C&W: What has changed in the Vatican’s position since the beginning of the [current] pontificate?

Pozzo: There has been an integration of new perspectives. From 2009 to 2012, particularly the theological debate was at the forefront. There were doctrinal difficulties that hindered the canonical recognition of the Society [of St. Pius X]. However, we know that life is more than just doctrine. In the past three years, there has been the added desire to get to know and understand the Society in its concrete reality.

C&W: Why has the SSPX been offered the prospect of the establishment of a so-called personal prelature?

Pozzo: This seems to be the [most] suitable canonical form. Mgr. Fellay has accepted this proposal [Vorschlag], even though we still have to work out some details in the coming months. Only Opus Dei  has this [personal prelature] arrangement [at the moment]; this is a great mark of confidence for the SSPX. It is clear that a canonical solution presupposes a resolution of the doctrinal questions.

C&W: What doctrinal questions are at issue?

Pozzo: As Pope Benedict XVI explained in his interview book Light of the World, the SSPX bishops incurred excommunication because Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre had consecrated the bishops in 1988 without papal approval. After Bp. Fellay recognized the [papal] primacy on behalf of the other bishops in 2009 [sic], the excommunication was lifted. Pope Benedict XVI stated expressly that the excommunication had nothing to do with the Second Vatican Council but with an offense [Verstoß] against the primacy.

C&W: Why is the Society still in a canonically irregular situation?

Pozzo: The rescinding of the excommunication cannot be equated with a canonical recognition, which cannot happen until there is a resolution of the doctrinal problems. As long as this hasn’t happened, the priests cannot exercise their functions [Amt] legitimately.

C&W: So what is still missing?

Pozzo: The heart of the matter is the question to what extent [bis zu welchem Grad] some texts of the Second Vatican Council are in continuity with the perennial magisterium of the Church. We are in complete agreement with the SSPX on the principle that the council can only be correctly understood within the context of the whole of Tradition and the perennial magisterium. The council is not a pastoral super-dogma [sic] but a part of the entirety of Tradition and the perennial magisterium.

C&W: What does this mean?

Pozzo: This means that although Church Tradition does develop, it can never develop in the sense of a new understanding that represents a contradiction to the former understanding, but [only] in the sense of a deeper understanding of the depositum fidei, of the authentic deposit of faith. In this sense all ecclesiastical documents must be understood, including those of the council. These presuppositions, together with an acceptance of the creed [Verpflichtung zum Glaubensbekenntnis], with the acceptance of the sacraments and the papal primacy, form the basis for the doctrinal declaration that is being put before the Society to sign. These are the prerequisites for a Catholic to be in full communion with the Catholic Church.

C&W: You no longer expect the SSPX to accept all of the conciliar declarations, including the texts regarding ecumenism or interreligious dialogue?

Pozzo: The Society professes adherence to the defined dogmas of the faith and the Catholic truths which were reaffirmed in the conciliar documents. These must, however, be accepted according to the degree of assent that is owed them. Doctrines of the Catholic Church that were proposed by the Second Vatican Council that must decidedly receive internal assent include, for example, the teaching of the sacramentality of episcopal consecration as the fullness of the sacrament of holy orders and the doctrine of the primacy of the Pope and the episcopal college in union with its head, as laid out by the dogmatic constitution Lumen Gentium and as interpreted by the Nota explicativa praevia [preliminary explanatory note] that the highest authority wanted [to be added to the document].

The SSPX has difficulty with some aspects of the decree Nostra aetate on interreligious dialogue, of the decree Unitatis redintegratio on ecumenism, and of the declaration Dignitatis humanae on religious freedom or with questions regarding the relationship of Christianity to modernity. These are not matters of doctrine, however, nor are they definitive statements; rather, they are instructions or statements of guidance for pastoral practice. We can continue to discuss these pastoral aspects even after a canonical recognition in order to settle [these questions].

C&W: So the Vatican has lowered the bar?

Pozzo: No. In the past years, we clarified what questions are essential and what topics can still be discussed later. Formerly we tried to reach immediate agreement on all questions, unfortunately without success. Now we’ve asked ourselves: What are the truly essential requirements for being Catholic? In consulation with the Pope, these requirements already mentioned are included in the doctrinal declaration that is being put before the Society.

C&W: Who guarantees that the controversial questions will not simply be ignored after the canonical recognition?

Pozzo: The SSPX has committed itself to dialogue. The continuation of the discussion need not scare anyone and can only be enriching for the entire Church. In my talks with representatives of the Society I have encountered many open minds in this regard, even though there are also some more rigid and more skeptical attitudes [to be found] at the same time.

(Julius Müller-Meiningen, “Seid gehorsam — bitte!” [“Be obedient — please!”], Christ & Welt 32/2016; our translation.)

Christ & Welt [“Christ & the World”] is a supplement to the German national weekly Die Zeit. This interview with Mr. Pozzo was published in its edition no. 32/2016 and was conducted by Julius Müller-Meiningen, the same journalist who in 2015 reported on the presence of an anti-Francis dossier that was making the rounds in the Vatican.

We could provide endless commentary on this now, but we can leave that for later, because obviously we have not heard the end of this yet and we might as well just wait until the text of the doctrinal declaration is released in public.

One thing is clear: The Society of St. Pius X as we have known it is history.

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The “Catholic Woodstock” strikes again...

Vatican Launches Explicit Sex Education Program for Teenagers at World Youth Day


The Vatican’s new sex ed program offers the non-censored version, of course...

The entire reason for the existence of the Novus Ordo Sect is the destruction of souls. Although most of the time this is committed through spiritual poison such as heresy, doctrinal error, and impiety administered 
by the supposed “Catholic authorities”, it is also accomplished by a deliberate assault on children’s innocence, modesty, and purity.

Just in time for World Youth Day currently underway in Cracow, Poland, the Vatican’s so-called Pontifical Council for the Family has launched a sexual education program for the youth called “The Meeting Point”, available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. It is being presented this week at the World Youth Day gathering (see Intervention of “Mgr.” Simon, Undersecretary of the Council), where hundreds of thousands of people, mostly youngsters, have their guard down and are happily flirting with the errors of the Vatican II Sect — and with members of the opposite sex, of course.

The Vatican’s new sex-ed program bears the academic-sounding subtitle “Project for Affective and Sexual Formation”. The American pro-life organization Life Site immediately sounded the alarm and published an article with detailed information on the program, as well as a slide show of some explicit images contained in the Vatican “learning material”:

The official web site of this dirty sex ed garbage — yes, it has its own web site! — is available at this location:

The program is free (of course!) and available in its entirety online, where both instructors and victims students can download the material, which is divided into six units. Each unit comes with a slew of lessons and corresponding teaching and learning aids, including a set of movies/movie scenes about sexuality, to discuss and “reflect on” for each unit.

As the Life Site article reveals, some of these movies/clips are nothing short of explicitly immoral (you can verify this yourself by clicking on the bolded text in the following excerpt, which leads directly to the source files where the Vatican-approved filth is found). Have a look:

  • Unit 4 recommends the 2013 R-rated film “To the Wonder” to discuss the “call to the donation of oneself.” Focus on the Family describes the sexual content in this way [WARNING–EXPLICIT]: “So while love is the primary focus of To the Wonder, sex becomes an integral part of its expression. Both Neil and Jane, and Neil and Marina, engage in explicitly rendered intercourse. Nudity stops just short of full; motions and sounds are passionate, erotic, titillating and extended—the blending of bodies to suggest complete intimacy. There's the visual suggestion that Neil and Marina have sex in the coach compartment on a train. An (almost) oral sex scene is used to express distance and dissatisfaction.”

  • Unit 6 recommends the 2010 R-rated film “Love & other Drugs” to “reflect[] on the part of the formula with which a man and a woman express their mutual consent to contract marriage.” Focus on the Family describes the sexual content in this way [WARNING–EXPLICIT]: "For a good chunk of the film, Jamie and Maggie seem to be in a constant state of lovemaking. They smash into cabinets, writhe on the floor, pant and moan, engage in oral sex and loudly express their orgasmic responses. Audiences see both of them completely naked. (Only their pubic regions escape the frame.) It's pretty explicit stuff…Later, after Maggie and Jamie tape one of their sexual escapades, Josh finds it and watches it. It's implied that he masturbates while doing so. And he spends the rest of the film making crude comments about his brother's anatomy.”

  • Unit 2 recommends the 2013 film "Stockholm" to raise the question, “Is it really worth it to give myself to the first person that approaches me?” Hollywood Reporter describes the film as a “cat-and-mouse” game where the man “expertly dresses up his desire for sex with her as real feeling” while “quizzes him about his real motives for his interest in her.”  After the “commitment of sex has happened,” which appears to be graphically depicted based on previews, the couple starts to find out “who they really are and that they’re seeking entirely different things.”

(Pete Baklinski, “At World Youth Day, Vatican releases teen sex-ed program that leaves out parents and mortal sinLife Site, July 27, 2016)

The secular and independent movie review site
Common Sense Media has reviewed the first two of the three films mentioned above. Click on the following links to see the whole evaluation:

If only “Fr.” John Zuhlsdorf had had a hand in this, then The Lives of Others would have probably made the list as well. 

But be that as it may, the Pontifical Council for [What’s Left of] the Family has put together a promo video for its sordid program, which shows some general immodesty but is not as explicitly sexual as the learning material:

Ironically, the promotional materials for this sex ed program speak of “chastity” and “dignity” while showing young women dressed like hookers and mingling familiarly and intimately with young men. It would be quite humorous if it weren’t so serious. Our Blessed Lord warned sternly: “But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Mt 5:28). Consenting to or entertaining a mere unlawful thought or desire of such kind suffices to commit a mortal sin of impurity. In light of this, how can the Vatican put out such trash that is bound to lead countless souls into mortal sin?

A standard Novus Ordo objection that is typically made at this point goes like this: “Are you saying sexuality is wrong? God made us male and female. He created us with our bodies and our sexual differences. He made us with all our desires. Our bodies aren’t dirty! We shouldn’t be afraid of the other sex!” Where this objection fails, however, is in what it leaves unsaid: Entirely missing from this objection is the truth about original sin and concupiscence, which is the effect of original sin. It is a most dangerous error to act as though we were all in the state of original innocence, in which our passions would obey our reason perfectly and clothes would not be needed to cover our nakedness (cf. Gen 2:25).

Since the fall of Adam and Eve, alas, men have labored under concupiscence, especially with regard to sins of the flesh (cf. Gal 5:17), which are sins of weakness to which we are particularly prone, wherefore we must guard ourselves against them all the more diligently. In the Modernist’s conspicuous omission of this fundamental and all-important truth, we find once again the Naturalist denial of original sin and its effects. The Novus Ordo Church is a cesspool of Modernism and Naturalism, and hence it is not surprising that this objection, based as it is on a denial of original sin, would frequently be heard from this camp. 

Pope Pius XI outlined Catholic doctrine on this matter in his 1929 encyclical on Christian education:

Another very grave danger is that naturalism which nowadays invades the field of education in that most delicate matter of purity of morals. Far too common is the error of those who with dangerous assurance and under an ugly term propagate a so-called sex-education, falsely imagining they can forearm youths against the dangers of sensuality by means purely natural, such as a foolhardy initiation and precautionary instruction for all indiscriminately, even in public; and, worse still, by exposing them at an early age to the occasions, in order to accustom them, so it is argued, and as it were to harden them against such dangers.

Such persons grievously err in refusing to recognize the inborn weakness of human nature, and the law of which the Apostle speaks, fighting against the law of the mind [Rom 7:23]; and also in ignoring the experience of facts, from which it is clear that, particularly in young people, evil practices are the effect not so much of ignorance of intellect as of weakness of a will exposed to dangerous occasions, and unsupported by the means of grace.

In this extremely delicate matter, if, all things considered, some private instruction is found necessary and opportune, from those who hold from God the commission to teach and who have the grace of state, every precaution must be taken. Such precautions are well known in traditional Christian education….

(Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Divini Illius Magistri, nn. 65-67; underlining added.)

Even grown and older people, too, must continually be on their guard against the vice of impurity, through custody of the eyes, modesty in clothing, decent company and wholesome conversation, control over one’s mind, frequent reception of the sacraments, and a strong prayer life. The temptations of the flesh will not cease for as long as we live. Even St. Paul the Apostle was not exempt from constant vigilance: “And lest the greatness of the revelations should exalt me, there was given me a sting of my flesh, an angel of Satan, to buffet me” (2 Cor 12:7); “But I chastise my body, and bring it into subjection: lest perhaps, when I have preached to others, I myself should become a castaway” (1 Cor 9:27).

The Novus Ordo Meeting Point sex ed program is simply the latest extension of “Pope” John Paul II’s disgusting “theology of the body” — a euphemism for what is in reality “sexual phenomenology” — , which has corrupted the hearts and polluted the souls of countless youngsters under the guise of “papal” teaching. In the United States, Christopher West has made a veritable career out of teaching it, whereas Randy Engel has blasted the Wojtylian pornology in an 81-page study entitled, “John Paul II and the ‘Theology of the Body’ — A Study in Modernism”

Gone are the days of true Catholic shepherds, who cared for their flock’s spiritual well-being above all else. Gone are the days of the Young Man’s Guide for boys and the Catholic Girl’s Guide for young ladies. Gone are the days when the parents alone — or, in their absence or failure, a suitable spiritual guide — decided when and how to intstruct their children in the facts of life, with modesty and tact. This has always been the Catholic teaching:

Finally, with the discretion of a mother and a teacher, and thanks to the openhearted confidence with which you have been able to inspire your children, you will not fail to watch for and to discern the moment in which certain unspoken questions have occurred to their minds and are troubling their senses. It will then be your duty to your daughters, the father's duty to your sons, carefully and delicately to unveil the truth as far as it appears necessary; to give a prudent, true and Christian answer to those questions, and set their minds at rest. If imparted by the lips of Christian parents at the proper time, in the proper measure, and with the proper precautions, the revelation of the mysterious and marvelous laws of life will be received by them with reverence and gratitude, and will enlighten their minds with far less danger than if they learned them haphazard, from some unpleasant shock, from secret conversations, through information received from over-sophisticated companions, or from clandestine reading, the more dangerous and pernicious as secrecy inflames the imagination and troubles the senses. Your words if they are wise and discreet, will prove a safeguard and a warning in the midst of the temptations and the corruption which surround them….

(Pope Pius XII, Address to Women of Catholic Action, Oct. 26, 1941)

Banish from your heart that cult of pleasure, and do your best to prevent the spreading of a literature which considers as its duty the description in full of the intimacies of married life under the pretext of instructing, guiding and reassuring. In general, common sense, natural instinct and a brief instruction on the clear and simple maxims of Christian moral law, are sufficient to give peace to the tender conscience of married people. If, in certain circumstances, a fiancée or a young married woman were in need of further enlightenment on some particular point, it is your duty to give them tactfully an explanation in conformity with natural law and with a healthy Christian conscience.

This teaching of Ours has nothing to do with Manichaeism and Jansenism, as some would have people believe in order to justify themselves. It is only a defense of the honor of Christian matrimony and of the personal dignity of the married couple.

(Pope Pius XII, Address to Midwives on the Nature of their Profession, Oct. 29, 1951)

In 1950, Fr. Leslie Rumble published a little guide for parents on how to instruct their children in sexual matters without offending their tender ears or endangering their innocence while keeping it age-appropriate. The text is available online in full and free of charge:

Our Blessed Lord issued a stern warning when it came to the question of corrupting children: “And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea” (Mark 9:41).

Hence we understand the true Catholic Church’s unyielding stance on these matters. In its decree De “Educatione Sexuali” et de “Eugenica”, dated March 21, 1931, the Holy Office reiterated the Church’s condemnation of sex education, referred back to Pius XI’s encyclical Divini Illius Magistri, linked above, and explicitly warned against “dangerous reading [!], obscene shows, filthy conversation, and any occasions of sin” (Acta Apostolicae Sedis XXIII [1931], p. 119). Not so the Vatican II Sect, which promotes filthy movies, scandalous pictures, and obsence talk under the pretext of “educating” the youth.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them” (Mt 7:15-16).

In light of the Vatican II Sect’s sex ed garbage that has recently received new impetus from “Pope” Francis in the disastrous exhortation Amoris Laetitia (nn. 280-286), we have created a bumper sticker that attendees of Cracow’s World Youth Day may be interested in getting:


With or without the
Meeting Point pornography, however, any World Youth Day experience always proves to be an occasion of sin for healthy youngsters. The links below show why the event the secular media has dubbed the “Catholic Woodstock” is indeed worthy of its moniker:

WARNING: Many of the below links contain different degrees of immodesty and therefore incitements to sin. Browse carefully. If in doubt, do not click. 

We’ll conclude this post by a nice snapshot of “accompaniment” practiced by the then-“Bishop” (now “Cardinal”) Gerhard Ludwig Muller in 2005, as he reached out to the peripheries at World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany:


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Requiem for an Embarrassment

Dead on Arrival:


An Autopsy of Salza & Siscoe’s
True or False Pope?

In a brand-new 30-minute video, embedded below, a cancer-stricken Fr. Anthony Cekada provides a high-level dissection of the main problems with John Salza and Robert Siscoe’s attempt to refute Sedevacantism in their book True or False Pope? Refuting Sedevacantism and other Modern Errors. After eliminating various red herrings and emotional arguments made by the anti-sedevacantist duo, Fr. Cekada shows that the foundational argument of the entire book is fatally flawed: Salza and Siscoe, who claim to have researched this topic for 10 years, do not even get the basics right about the sin of heresy. They claim that the sin of heresy is necessarily, by definition, a matter of the internal forum alone, and so they effectively deny that there is such a thing as public sin. To Salza and Siscoe, the sin is internal and the crime is external, by definition. The truth, however, is different: As a sin, heresy can be internal or external, and if external, it can be secret (occult) or public, as the following snapshot from the video summarizes:


The crime of heresy is always external, it is true, but this is not the same as saying that only the crime can be external. The sin can be external as well, namely, whenever it is externalized by signs, acts, words, or omissions. The sedevacantist argument has always been based on the public sin of heresy, not the crime.

Fr. Cekada’s video response, Dead on Arrival: True or False Pope, can be viewed in the player below. The direct YouTube link is available here.

After this video, expect the usual response from Salza and Siscoe: Lots of nasty ad hominem attacks, a twisting of sedevacantist arguments, refusal to concede any error on their end at all, and a smug declaration that they have once again been victorious.

As for Novus Ordo Watch, we will shift into full gear against Salza and Siscoe once our web site has been upgraded (yes, our web site is getting a complete makeover, didn’t you hear about it in TRADCAST 014?!). Considering that they have still not retracted their libelous accusation against us from months ago, we are not in a terrible hurry, and our challenge still stands: RETRACT AND APOLOGIZE.

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The “Catholic Woodstock” is back...

World Youth Day 2016:
Live Coverage


“World Youth Day” (WYD) is a major Novus Ordo event that occurs every 2-3 years and was begun by “Pope” John Paul II in 1987. It has been dubbed by the secular media the “Catholic Woodstock”, and for good reason.

This year’s World Youth Day is taking place in Cracow, Poland, beginning on Tuesday, July 26 and ending on Sunday, July 31. The official logo for this year’s WYD is displayed above. As usual, it is abstract, bizarre, ugly, and anyone’s guess as to what it’s supposed to signify.

“Pope” Francis will join the festivities beginning July 27. That’s when things will get really crazy, based on what we saw during the last World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the links below show. The best part of the entire WYD 2016 event, however, will undoubtedly be Francis’ in-flight press conference abord the “papal” plane on the way back to Rome, since that is when Francis will once again respond off the cuff to questions that have not been vetted in advance, and it is in such situations that his contempt for and rejection of Catholicism is most visible. It was on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro three years ago that Francis gave the first such conference, and it was there that he uttered the infamous phrase that will forever be associated with his disgraceful “pontificate”: “Who am I to judge?”

Below we present our substantial coverage of WYD in Cracow. The links will be updated as more information becomes available, so check back here often.

Schedule of Events

Live Twitter Feeds

Live WYD Video Feeds (when available)

Live Video Feed from Centro Televisivo Vaticano

click player to begin live stream (when available)

Recorded Video Feeds in English
(future events can be watched live at the links as they happen; more links to be added)

Miscellaneous Resources

News & Articles on WYD 2016 (Secular, Novus Ordo, Semi-Traditionalist)

Flashback 2013: World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro 

Novus Ordo Sites covering World Youth Day:

This page will be updated frequently until the close of WYD

By the way, this is what the Divine Mercy “Sanctuary” looks like in Cracow, Poland (click photo to enlarge):



Welcome to the Novus Ordo religion. We invite you to become a Catholic instead.

Dedication scheduled for July 25

House of Horrors:
Hideous New SSPX Church in Madrid


In Madrid, the capital of Spain, the Society of St. Pius X spent the last few years building a new church. The building has now been completed, and the solemn dedication ceremony is scheduled for this coming Monday, July 25, which coincides with the parish’s titular feast, for the church is dedicated to St. James the Greater, Apostle. 

Normally, none of this would be news, for the SSPX builds new parish churches around the globe all the time. The case of St. James the Apostle Church in Madrid, however, is different, because the exterior of the now-completed building is so hideous that it might as well be a Novus Ordo church. One may also easily mistake it for an office building, a library, or worse.

Here are a few sample pictures of this monstrosity (click each photo to enlarge). Make no mistake about it, this church is no longer under construction — it’s done!


The outer facade facing the main road


Another view of the same


The SSPX logo is plastered all over the outer wall


These interesting windows face a side street


A wider view


A view from the corner

You can check this out for yourself. Simply go to Google Maps and use Street View for the following address: Calle de Catalina Suárez, 16, 28007 Madrid, Spain.

By the way, did you notice the odd-looking statue at the top of the building? Here is a close-up:


What is this? The Grim Reaper? Actually, it is supposed to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom the SSPX claims to be especially devoted. Here is a closer view still:


No eyes, no mouth, and just a hideous overall appearance. How much this must have cost? Or perhaps it was a gift from the local Masonic Lodge?

Lots more photos of the church, both during and after construction, can be found at the following links:

Bp. Alfonso de Galarreta is the District Superior for Spain and Portugal and will presumably be the celebrant for the dedication on July 25. No doubt we will get plenty more photos in a few days.

Not much commentary is needed here. It seems that in Madrid the Lefebvrians are trying to out-Novus-Ordo the Novus Ordo, at least as far as exterior church architecture goes. No doubt, with this new Capilla de Santiago Apóstol — Chapel of St. James the Apostle — the SSPX will be yet another step closer to being fully accepted by Modernist Rome. At this point, the writing is, even quite literally, on the wall.

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     Published July 21, 2016

Ready for World Youth Day: The Polish Dancing “Nuns”!

The Michael Voris Show is over...

Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex: Author E. Michael Jones flattens Church Militant


[UPDATE 23-JUL-16 14:58 UTC: ChurchMilitant’s Christine Niles accuses Jones of Calumny/Libel]

This is nothing to gloat over, it is just awful, tragic, and depressing because souls are at stake, but it goes to show once more that this whole phenomenon of Novus Ordo celebrities giving you the “real Catholicism” has got to stop.

Michael Voris, the well-known face of Church Militant and its Vortex program, is now becoming the latest in a series of fallen heroes the Modernist Sect has rolled out from time to time as the “real Catholics” one should attach oneself to if one is disillusioned with the namby-pamby ultra-Modernist status quo. Other individuals whose hyped-up status ended in disgrace include: “Fr.” John Corapi“Fr.” Alberto Cutié“Fr.” Francis Mary StoneFr. Benedict Groeschel, and Fr. Kenneth Roberts.

On July 10, 2016, E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Wars and director of Fidelity Press, released a book entitled The Man Behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex, a 71-page work that claims to tell the inside story of Church Militant as an operation suffering theologically and organizationally under the narcissism of its frontman, Michael Voris, a self-confessed former sodomite whose delusions about his own self — still wounded by a past of unnatural vice that can only be overcome by years of penance — are at the origin of his whole super-Catholic-fighting-for-orthodoxy shtick. In fact, according to Jones, Voris’ claim that he was revealing his own sordid past in order to pre-empt the Archdiocese of New York from exposing him, was a lie. The Archdiocese had no such plans; Voris simply needed a credible excuse for why he was outing himself. Based on alleged inside information, Jones recounts the events that really led to this decision. By what moral authority the author presumes to disclose internal business communication, presumably private correspondence, and hidden sins, is not clear. What is clear is that the matter is now public.

The book is available only in electronic format at this point and can be purchased here:

A preview of the contents and customer reviews are also available at the link above. The official description of The Man Behind the Curtain at Jones’ web site reads as follows:

The Man Behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex by E. Michael Jones. In April 2016 Michael Voris's homosexual past finally caught up with him. The crusading on-camera face of Church Militant TV who had been the scourge of homosexuals in the Catholic Church turned out to be a homosexual himself and tried to bring closure to the scandal by outing himself. But even if damage control brought about a quick fix, many questions remained unanswered. The Man Behind the Curtain addresses all of those questions.

(Source: “The Fidelity Press E-Book Collection”, Culture Wars; italics used for bold print.)

The content of the book is often sordid, disturbing, and depressing. Our decision to even publish this post was not an easy one, because we are certainly not interested in spreading gossip. However, the release of this book by such a credible and respected author is too big of a story to ignore. It has immense implications for the conservative/semi-traditional wing of the Novus Ordo Church, and hence we ought to inform the public about it.


To be clear: Novus Ordo Watch makes no claim as to the accuracy of the content of Jones’ book, and we certainly do not endorse his Novus Ordo theological views. We wish merely to draw attention to the fact that this book has been published and that a serious author stands behind its now-public contents. Although Jones (pictured left) keeps his sources anonymous, it is clear that he is privy to lots of inside information, as is evident, among other things, from the many e-mails he quotes.

E. Michael Jones is a dyed-in-the-wool Novus Ordo and no friend of traditionalists in general, much less of sedevacantists in particular. But unlike many internet loudmouths, Jones is a respected and serious author who has credibility. Some of his books have been produced by such recognized publishers as Ignatius Press and St. Augustine’s Press. Jones’ work focuses mostly on issues of culture, society, and (the Novus Ordo version of) Catholicism. In 1993, Jones debated the British Lefebvrist Michael Davies on the Society of St. Pius X and the question of schism.

When Michael Voris announced to the world on April 21, 2016, that he had lived as a sodomite for years before his conversion, we did not make a big announcement about it. One or two tweets, perhaps a post on Facebook, and that was it. We thought it was the higher and better road to take, especially since our essential criticism of Voris pertained to his erroneous theology and his refusal to rebuke Francis for the same things he blames everyone else for, and not for what he may or may not have done 20 years ago that he has since repented of. 

However, not everyone else thought the same way. Some people in fact seemed to detect that something was fishy about the whole thing. The following is a list of links to articles authored by different people, all non-sedevacantists, who commented on Voris’ confession back in April:

But be all that as it may, we very much intend this post to be the last one of its kind regarding Michael Voris and Church Militant. The real problems with the Novus Ordo Sect and its various fight-from-within factions are theological

So, let this latest scandal be yet another warning to people not to get invovled with — and be potentially burned or scandalized by — such celebrity personas and organizations that promote them. Due to their inexperience, the youth in particular are in danger of getting sucked into such “cool”, “super-Catholic” organizations.


Semi-traditionalists and neo-conservatives in the Vatican II Sect who now experience a crisis of faith because of this are merely demonstrating that they have put their faith, their trust, their hope in a human being or a human apostolate rather than in God and the true Catholic Church. But as Holy Writ counsels us: “Put not your trust in princes” (Ps 145:2), and, “It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes” (Ps 117:9). Just like with obsessing about private revelations and apparitions, people who attach themselves to celebrity personas have not understood Catholicism.

Naturally, this goes for Novus Ordo Watch too, which is also a merely human apostolate: Please do not “follow” Novus Ordo Watch in the sense of outsourcing your faith, your intellect, or your will to it. We only try to be a tool that helps you discover and understand what the Catholic Church teaches and how this differs from the false doctrines of the Modernist Vatican II Sect. We try as much as possible to keep the focus on content and away from the people who produce it: Embrace sedevacantism because you realize it is true, not because Bp. X, Fr. Y, or Mr. Z says so.

Be attached to our Lord Jesus Christ, His true (!) Vicars, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints. Be attached to our Lord’s Mystical Body, the Church. This alone is where you will find salvation. The true Catholic Church does not need to be “resisted”. She is not in need of a super-orthodox layman that fights the heretical bishops, for the simple reason that if any bishop is indeed a heretic, he is no longer a bishop of the Church.

In 1885, Pope Leo XIII laid out the correct attitude Catholics must have with respect to their bishops, and it is not the attitude Michael Voris has nor any of the self-appointed semi-traditionalist pundits like Michael Matt, Chris Ferrara, or John Vennari:

To the shepherds alone was given all power to teach, to judge, to direct; on the faithful was imposed the duty of following their teaching, of submitting with docility to their judgment, and of allowing themselves to be governed, corrected, and guided by them in the way of salvation. Thus, it is an absolute necessity for the simple faithful to submit in mind and heart to their own pastors, and for the latter to submit with them to the Head and Supreme Pastor. In this subordination and dependence lie the order and life of the Church; in it is to be found the indispensable condition of well-being and good government. On the contrary, if it should happen that those who have no right to do so should attribute authority to themselves, if they presume to become judges and teachers, if inferiors in the government of the universal Church attempt or try to exert an influence different from that of the supreme authority, there follows a reversal of the true order, many minds are thrown into confusion, and souls leave the right path.

(Pope Leo XIII, Apostolic Letter Epistola Tua)

This goes to show once more that this middle position of recognize-and-resist is contradicted by Catholic teaching. If Francis is the Pope, then to be truly Catholic, one has to subscribe entirely to the Novus Ordo magisterium. Then everything the Catholic Church teaches about herself applies exactly the same way to the church of which Francis is the head. But this would result in a contradiction, of course, because the Novus Ordo religion differs essentially from the Catholic religion of Pope Pius XII and his predecessors.

This leaves only one option: The only way to be a real Catholic today is to be a sedevacantist.

Here’s how to do that.

Other Links of Interest:

From the frying pan into the fire?


Vatican Rumors: Schönborn to head CDF, Müller to Mainz?

The Malaysian Novus Ordo paper Herald has published an interesting article regarding expected upcoming personnel changes at the Vatican. Citing “well-placed sources” at Vatican City, the July 15 article states that Francis had originally meant to make some major changes to the Roman Curia in mid-May, which are now expected to take place in September, after the long summer hiatus. Here is a link to the full article:

The Herald makes a number of interesting predictions. The most explosive of them is the following: Francis may transfer “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller, currently the head of the so-called Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), to the vacant see in Mainz, Germany — and move “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn, currently the “Archbishop” of Vienna, from the Austrian capital to Rome to become Muller’s successor at the CDF. This would be a bombshell and guarantee that Francis’ steamroller of apostasy will be operating at full throttle without interference from the CDF for years to come. (The CDF, we remember, is the Novus Ordo version of the Holy Office, charged with overseeing and ensuring doctrinal orthodoxy throughout the Church.)

This prediction, although it is unclear whether it is just a “good guess” or a credible rumor, certainly comes with a solid foundation:

Although Muller is as much of a Modernist as the rest of the gang in the Vatican, he has repeatedly spoken out against adultery, something effectively sanctioned by Francis’ new course. For his part, Schonborn is everything that is wrong with the Novus Ordo religion all rolled up into one individual: He is on record praising homo couples, he has expressed his delight at a transvestite blasphemer’s victory in a European song contest, he has stabbed at least two local priests who spoke against homosexuality in the back, he has been accused of being a Freemason, and of course he has given his full support to the now-defunct “Find-Fight-Follow” chaotic liturgical youth movement. 

We will have to see how all this plays out. Meanwhile, get the popcorn ready.


“Cardinal” Muller, then “Bishop” of Regensburg, at World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany

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