“Reveal to the faithful the wolves which are demolishing the Lord's vineyard.”
—Pope Clement XIII, Encyclical
Christianae Reipublicae (1766)

Chaos Frank gets taken to the woodshed...

Former High-Ranking Member of Vatican Curia Rebukes Francis in Open Letter


“Don’t worry, I’m in charge!”

Critical voices in and around the Vatican are growing louder and louder as Chaos Frank’s revolution continues unabated. After an anti-Francis dossier inside the Vatican was leaked a few months ago and just recently a Novus Ordo priest warned Francis that God would strike him dead if he continued on his path, we have now been made aware of an open letter written by a former high-ranking official in the Vatican’s curia that was just released in full in the print edition of the German magazine FOCUS.

The following is our exclusive translation of a post that just appeared in the online edition of the same FOCUS magazine, which summaries the open letter.

[“Ehemaliges hochrangiges Kurienmitglied wirft Papst Eitelkeit und Populismus vor”FOCUS Online, Nov. 27, 2015; no author given. Translated by Novus Ordo Watch.]

Piercing Criticism of Administrative Style

Former high-ranking Member of the Curia accuses Francis of Vanity and Populism

In an open “Advent Letter”, a former high-ranking member of the Roman curia has reprimanded Pope Francis by accusing him of vanity, activism, and populism. He thus criticizes the Pontiff’s administrative style sharply.

This missive is causing a stir: In an open “Advent Letter”, a long-time member of the curia raises serious allegations against the way the Pontiff exercises his ministry. The letter has now been published anonymously by the print magazine FOCUS.

The letter accuses Francis of an “emotional and anti-intellectual attitude which has difficulty with ideas and doctrines.” Some of his remarks raise “false expectations and the harmful impression that the Church’s doctrine and discipline could and should be adapted to the changing views of the majority.” The Pontiff’s conduct suggests he wishes to “somehow reinvent the office of the papacy.” “Instead of loyally safeguarding what was bequeathed to you by your predecessors, you wish to arrogate it rather creatively.”

“Others constantly have to explain what you mean”

The former curial member also criticizes an “exaggerated display of simplicity in your personal lifestyle.” “By the way, if you really want to ride in environmentally-friendly cars, you have to invest more or have someone give you more expensive [automobile] technology: ecology is pricey.” In addition, “a lack of professionalism is no sign of the action of the Holy Spirit.” Expressions such as “breeding like rabbits” or “How am I to …?” might impress people but de facto they lead to grave misunderstandings.”Others constantly have to explain what you mean.”

An Impertinence

By way of summary, the anonymous writer states that “many still have difficulty with the manner in which you sometimes speak and act.” Since he knows that Francis is not yet able to handle criticism too well, he did not put his name on the letter. “I want to protect my superiors from your wrath, especially the priests and bishops with whom I collaborated in Rome for years and from whom I have learned a lot.”

For a high-ranking Catholic priest to criticize Pope Francis publicly in such a sharp manner, will probably be taken as impertinent in Rome: The Church’s servants owe the Pope unconditional obedience.



The only kind of white he should be wearing...

As we’ve been saying, folks, that schism is coming. Get the popcorn ready — and start preparing to receive more converts to the true Catholic Faith and the true Catholic Church. Helpful resources here:
NOW WHAT? How to be a Real Catholic Today and also here: Are You Catholic?

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VIII: Leaving the Modernist Sect


Isn’t it time you too headed for the exit?


Restoration Radio’s show “Escape from the Novus Ordo” returns with Fr. Michael Oswalt, a former Novus Ordo “priest” of the diocese of Rockford, Illinois, who converted to traditional Catholicism (sedevacantism) and was ordained a true priest in 2011. He has penned an open letter to his former diocese of Rockford, Illinois, in which he explains why he left the Novus Ordo religion. The letter is available in English and Spanish:

Born in 1972, no one is a better fit than Fr. Oswalt to help you see the errors of the Vatican II Church (aka Novus Ordo Sect) and advise you on how to exit this false establishment and become a real Catholic, that is, someone who is Catholic in the same way everyone was Catholic until the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 (just before the Second Vatican Council). Fr. Oswalt currently serves as the pastor of St. Benedict Catholic Church in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Novus Ordo Watch is pleased to be the sponsor for Escape from the Novus Ordo throughout this year, which means you will be able to listen to all episodes of this program in 2015 free of charge, without having to have a subscription to Restoration Radio.

Listen on Demand at any time, FREE:

In page that appears, scroll down to where it says “Podcast Player”
and click to play or download to your computer.

Episode Description:

In this second part of “The Escape Plan”, Father Michael Oswalt provides guidance on making the break from the Novus Ordo Sect. Souls are at stake, and staying in the Modernist church is a danger to one's Faith and a danger to one’s soul.

Realizing the Novus Ordo Sect is not the Catholic Church requires putting an end to attending the Novus Ordo “Mass”. There will be many obstacles, including human respect and love of comfort, but continue to make acts of Faith, hope, and charity, acts of love toward God. God will help you with His grace to continue to build virtue and strength to carry the cross and follow His will as a Catholic.

In this episode, Fr. Oswalt also discusses how leaving the New Church affects the duties of those who are married and those who are single, and how to find the true Sacraments. It takes great courage to leave the Novus Ordo — escape today and begin to live life as a Catholic.

Join Fr. Michael Oswalt and host Jason Guardiano on this informative episode of Escape from the Novus Ordo, and please offer prayers and sacrifices for the conversion of those in the Novus Ordo Sect. 

As Novus Ordo Watch is sponsoring the entire first season of Escape from the Novus Ordo, we are no longer sponsoring the ongoing and very informative Francis Watch broadcasts, to which you can subscribe at Restoration Radio.

Many more talks and sermons, free of charge, are offered at the parish web site of St. Benedict Catholic Church here.

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The “Chosen People” No More: Pope Pius XI clarifies Catholic Teaching on the Jews


At a time when the Vatican II Sect celebrates 50 years of its anti-Catholic document Nostra Aetate, the decree on non-Christian religions issued by the Second Vatican Council in late October 1965 and promulgated with the full (supposed) authority of the false pope Paul VI, Novus Ordo Watch is pleased to make available a complete translation of the decree Cum Supremae of the Holy Office, issued in 1928 (link and quotes further below). This document is significant inasmuch as it reinforces the traditional and true pre-Vatican II Catholic teaching on the Jews, teaching that is gravely at odds with the judeophilic hysteria we have seen since the second half of the twentieth century, especially among “Popes” and other clerics, as well as laity, in the Novus Ordo Church.

Case in point: Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, the apostate Argentinian layman who currently runs around the Vatican calling himself “Pope Francis”. In a book co-authored in 2010 with the Jewish Talmudic rabbi Abraham Skorka, one of his bosom buddies, the then-“Cardinal” Bergoglio claimed:

There is a phrase from the Second Vatican Council that is essential: it says that God showed Himself to all men and rescues, first of all, the Chosen People. Since God is faithful to His promises, He did not reject them. The Church officially recognizes that the People of Israel continue to be the Chosen People. Nowhere does it say: “You lost the game, now it is our turn.” It is a recognition of the People of Israel.

(Jorge M. Bergoglio and Abraham Skorka, On Heaven and Earth [New York: Image, 2013], p. 188)

But is that so? While this is no doubt the understanding of Vatican II, it is clearly the opposite of the Catholic teaching from before the disastrous council.

This can be demonstrated by means of many quotes from Church teaching and the Sacred Liturgy and also by means of examples from Church history before the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 — such as the interesting anecdote of Pope St. Pius X’s meeting with the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, in 1904 —, and it is succinctly summarized in the papally-approved decree already referred to, issued by the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office in 1928:

…the Catholic Church has always been accustomed to pray for the Jewish people, who were the depository of divine promises up until the arrival of Jesus Christ, notwithstanding their subsequent blindness, or rather, because of this very blindness. Moved by that charity, the Apostolic See has protected the same people from unjust ill-treatment, and just as it censures all hatred and enmity among people, so it altogether condemns in the highest degree possible hatred against the people once chosen by God, viz., the hatred that now is what is usually meant in common parlance by the term known generally as “anti-Semitism.”

(Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, Decree Cum Supremae, March 25, 1928; in Acta Apostolicae Sedis XX [1928]: pp. 103-104; trans. by Novus Ordo Watch; underlining added.)

In short, the adherents of today’s Judaism (as opposed to the Judaism of the Old Covenant, before the arrival of our Blessed Lord) are:

  • blind
  • no longer the depository of the divine promises
  • the people once chosen by God, but no more

This stands in clear and direct contrast to the fantasy spouted by Jorge Bergoglio in the book quoted above, the same Bergoglio who, now as “Pope”, has repeated his heretical view of Judaism in his “Apostolic Exhortation” Evangelii Gaudium, nn. 247ff. Although a number of our readers may not be Catholic and perhaps disagree with the pre-conciliar teaching on Judaism and think that Francis and Vatican II have laudably “corrected” it, this isn’t even the point so much — the point we wish to make first and foremost is that there is a contradiction between the pre-conciliar Catholicism and the post-conciliar faux “Catholicism”.

In February of 1926, a Catholic priestly organization was established that called itself the Amici Israel — “Friends of Israel” (note, this was 22 years before the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine). According to Wikipedia, the purpose of this association was “to pray for the conversion of the Jews and to promote a favorable attitude towards them within the Roman Catholic Church. In the first year of its existence, this association was composed of 19 cardinals, 300 archbishops and about 3,000 priests” (source).

This association, although clearly working for the conversion of the Jews to Catholicism (something quite clearly rejected by the Vatican II Church, which admits it operates “no mission to the Jews”), did not last very long. When it petitioned the Vatican for the removal of the Latin word perfidis (“faithless”, sometimes falsely translated as “perfidious”) from the Good Friday Prayer for the conversion of the Jews, Pope Pius XI had both the Sacred Congregation of Rites and the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office look into the matter. Whereas the former responded favorably to the request, the latter refused it. The matter was brought then before the Pope, who approved the decision of the Holy Office to deny the petition, which resulted in the decree quoted above.

However, the decree did much more than simply deny the request to remove one word from the Good Friday prayer. In fact, it altogether suppressed and abolished the association known as the “Friends of Israel”, as it had “embarked on a plan of acting and communicating at variance with the sense of the Church, the mind of the holy Fathers of the Church, and the sacred liturgy.” The Amici Israel had become a threat to the integrity of Catholic doctrine on Judaism and the Church’s relationship with the people known today as Jews. Against this threat, Pope Pius XI moved swiftly and decisively.

The full text of the decree is available at the following link, translated into English:

Unlike in the Vatican II Sect, the head of the Holy Office in the Catholic Church is the Pope himself, which is only reasonable, considering that he has the charge from Jesus Christ, ex officio, to watch over the purity and integrity of the holy Catholic Faith. The secretary of the Holy Office when the above decree was published, was the saintly Cardinal Raphael Merry del Val, at whose initiative the abolition of the Amici Israel came to be. Merry del Val had been the Secretary of State under Pope Saint Pius X, and was one of the latter’s closest friends and most esteemed advisors and collaborators.

It is entirely clear that if the Church moved against the Amici Israel in such a forceful and resolute manner on doctrinal grounds, it could never have approved the dangerous and subversive, nay heretical bunk published by the Second Vatican Council and the post-conciliar Magisterium. As Bp. Donald Sanborn has explained, the “Catholicism” of and since Vatican II is substantially different from the Catholicism before. Still don’t believe it? Just go to your local Novus Ordo parish and see if they let you distribute the 1928 decree of Pius XI to the people — you wouldn’t get permission even in the Vatican to do such a thing!

So, a mere two years after their founding, the Amici Israel were abolished by Pope Pius XI. This is the same Pope, by the way, who nine years later wrote the important encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge, in which he condemned the Nazi ideology on the eve of World War II. The Pope composed the encyclical in German, so that it would not first have to be translated; in fact, His Holiness commanded it to be distributed throughout Germany immediately and read from every pulpit at Sunday Mass on March 21, 1937.

Hatred against people of the Jewish race — the true meaning of “Antisemitism” — is indeed never permissible and a grave sin against charity. However, this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Jews have rejected our Lord Jesus Christ and therefore forsaken their claim to being the Chosen People of God. They, too, like everyone else who is not a Catholic, must convert to the true Faith and the Ark of Salvation, which is the Catholic Church, if they wish to attain Eternal Bliss and escape the flames of hell.

As Fr. Richard F. Clarke, S.J., succinctly put it: “We ought to remember that Catholics are, far more than the Jews were, the chosen people of God…” (Clarke, “The Ministry of Jesus: Short Meditations on the Public Life of Our Lord”, in Beautiful Pearls of Catholic Truth [Cincinnati, OH: Henry Sphar & Co., 1897], p. 542). Yes, “far more than the Jews were,” because while the Jews were the Chosen People of the Promise, Catholics are the Chosen People of the Fulfillment, as the New Covenant has replaced the Old, as the reality has replaced the foreshadowing.

Does the Vatican II Sect believe and preach this? Does Francis? Fat chance! In fact, Francis does all he can to tell the Jews, in words and in actions, how their religion is pleasing to God and they need not convert to Catholicism:

Catholics pray for the conversion of all who are not yet in her fold, and this includes also the Jews — not only in the Good Friday liturgy, but also in the beautiful Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: “Turn Thine eyes of mercy towards the children of the race, once Thy chosen people: of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior; may it now descend upon them a laver of redemption and of life” (source).

Preaching Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church to the Jews is the greatest act of charity one can render them. Woe to those who have, for five decades now, denied it to them.

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Francis: “Never Proselytize in Schools!”


…or anywhere else, for that matter!

Mr. Jorge “Preach the Gospel Always” Bergoglio — aka “Pope Francis” — has once again stressed that the last thing he actually desires is anyone’s conversion to Catholicism, and here we don’t even mean
authentic Catholicism, as found before Vatican II, but even just the NovusOrdo-distorted version of it.

The liberal Italian newspaper La Repubblica (Francis’ favorite, founded by his bosom buddy, the atheist Eugenio Scalfari) published the following on November 21, 2015:

Vatican City: Never proselytize in schools. Pope Francis said this in the Paul VI Audience Hall to seven thousand participants at the World Congress on Catholic Education organized by the Congregation in charge of Catholic Education.

“Christian education — the Pope says — is not only teaching catechism and proselytizing. Never proselytize in schools. Christian education is bringing up the young in complete reality with human values and one of these [values] is transcendence. Today there is a tendency to neo-positivism, which is education in immanent things, in countries of Christian tradition as well as those of pagan tradition. We are closed to transcendence but closure is of no use in education.”

(“Pope: ‘No to proselytism in Catholic schools’”, La Repubblica, Nov. 21, 2015; trans. by Francesca Romana, in “Pope Francis orders no conversions in Catholic schools”, Rorate Caeli, Nov. 21, 2015)

Glancing over the mumbo-jumbo on “complete reality with human values”, we find here Francis once again returning to one of his favorite subjects: No proselytizing! Because heaven forbid that someone should actually desire to forsake his false religion and become a Catholic! This time, the context was education in schools.

Speaking of schools, we remember that when the question of the education of needy children came up over a year ago, Francis emphasized that he didn’t care whether such a child got a Catholic education or a Protestant, Orthodox, or even Jewish one, as long as the child would have enough to eat and would get some sort of education: “If there is a child that is hungry and has no education, what should matter to us is that he gets food and education. I don’t care if this education is given by Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox or Jews. What matters is that this child receives an education and ceases to be hungry” (source). So much for the words of our Lord, “Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that which endureth unto life everlasting, which the Son of man will give you” (Jn 6:27). But then again, we know what Francis thinks about the Holy Eucharist.

To feed a needy child is a most noble and worthy and meritorious cause. But to feed a child physically and then starve him spiritually is diabolical. Ultimately, we will all see the grave, our bodies will have been fed for the last time, and they will become the food of worms. The meat which “endureth unto life everlasting” is infinitely more important, ultimately, than the meat which sustains merely our temporary natural life.

When speaking with “conservative” adherents of the Novus Ordo Sect about the Vatican’s dismissive attitude about evangelization (which, although epitomized by Francis, is also found in his predecessors of unhappy memory), one argument one will typically hear before long is that the term “proselytism” doesn’t actually mean converting someone through evangelization; rather, proselytism, so the argument goes, refers to using dishonest or dishonorable means of converting someone. We addressed this specious argument a while back in a post dealing with one of Francis’ most loyal defenders, Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers:

So, no, the argument that Francis opposes merely dishonest means of converting people while whole-heartedly endorsing the idea of converting people per se, won’t fly. It’s simply not true. His latest denunciation of proselytism is just one more instance in an ever-growing series of statements that make clear he does not seek anyone’s conversion to Jesus Christ and the True Religion. Have a look at the other instances he’s already racked up:

Of course, at other times we do find Mr. Bergoglio insisting that we must “preach the Gospel”, but there he doesn’t use the word “Gospel” in the meaning it had between 33 AD and 1958, but rather in the distinctly Novus Ordo sense at best, which essential equates “Gospel” with spreading Freemasonic ideas about liberty, conscience, dignity, fraternity, religious indifferentism, and, you know, those “human values”. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Great Commission given by our Blessed Lord and bringing people into the only true Church, the Ark of Salvation: "Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Mt 28:19-20) and, “Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned” (Mk 16:15-16).

These all-important saving words of our Blessed Lord, who to redeem mankind and save them from an eternity of hell came into this world, have since been emptied of their meaning and turned into little more than an advertisement to be nice to our fellow man, to feed the hungry and to console the suffering, to give alms to the poor and to shelter the homeless. As laudable as these goals are, they are not ultimately the reason why our Blessed Lord came or why He suffered on the Cross for us, why He rose again and ascended into Heaven and sent the Holy Ghost to establish and vivify the Church and reign in the souls of men, making them children of God.

We have denounced Francis’ false soup-kitchen gospel before, for example, in the following posts:

Francis reduces Christ the King, Redeemer of Mankind, to the status of a nice teacher with a merely natural and worldly mission: to ease human suffering. But no one needs the Incarnation for this, no one needs a Resurrection for this, no one needs a Church for this, no one needs sacraments for this, and no one needs a Pope for this. 

Since its inception after the death of Pope Pius XII, the Modernist Vatican II Sect has done all it can to attempt to abolish the Catholic Faith, and the fruits are clearly visible today. Francis is merely putting the finishing touches on the mass apostasy that was begun with the first of the false popes, John XXIII, who prepared the way for the destruction by a number of means, but chiefly with these: the appointment of Bp. Giovanni Battista Montini as “cardinal” (this was practically necessary to enable him to be chosen “Pope” after John XXIII’s death), the establishment of the “Pontifical” Council for Promoting Christian Unity, and the calling of the Second Vatican Council.

Of course, we have the divine gurantee that all attempts to destroy the Roman Catholic Faith and subvert the Church from within will ultimately fail; however, in the meantime, countless souls are still being led to hell. Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me” (Jn 14:6). This truth is something Francis does not believe, or if he does, he hates it with all his guts.

Francis is clearly the vicar of someone, just not of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Vatican II: The Documents Examined

Bp. Donald Sanborn dismantles the Chief Errors
of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65)


The Modernist monstrosity known as the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican opened on October 11, 1962, and officially closed on December 8, 1965, almost exactly 50 years ago. “Vatican II”, as it came to be known, laid the doctrinal and pastoral groundwork for the Novus Ordo Religion, which is why in most cases, the “New Catholicism” that emerged after the death of Pope Pius XII (1958) refers back into the past no further than “Pope” John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli, d. 1963), its founder, and his disastrous council, where Catholicism was essentially demolished and reinvented from the ground up.

Vatican II, which was solemnly promulgated and imposed by Roncalli’s successor, “Pope” Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini, d. 1978), has been called the “French Revolution in the Church”, and with good reason, as it introduced the Freemasonic notions of liberty, equality, and fraternity from the revolution of 1789 into the structures of the Catholic Church under the concepts of religious freedom, ecumenism, and collegiality, the three pillars of the council that have caused havoc throughout the Catholic world ever since.

Philosophically considered, the father of Modernism is Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), whose chief work Kritik der Reinen Vernunft (Critique of Pure Reason) was put on the Index of Forbidden Books. Kant’s revolutionary philosophy, which made truth consist not in conformity of the mind to reality, but in conformity of reality to the mind, came to be termed the “Copernican revolution in philosophy”. Similarly, we may say that the Second Vatican Council constituted the “Copernican revolution in theology,” because it transformed theology from being clearly theocentric (God-centered) into being anthropocentric, that is, man-centered. Since Vatican II, everything in the Roncalli Sect (the false “Catholic Church” which we also term the “Novus Ordo Sect” or “Vatican II Church”) revolves around man. Even God Himself has been relegated to little more than a servant of man, whose only purpose is to forgive our sins, solve our problems, and provide us with a nice life, both in this world and in the next:

God is dethroned in the Novus Ordo religion, and man is put in His place. This is eerily reminiscent of St. Paul’s warning in 2 Thessalonians 2 of the “revolt” that must “come first” after he who “withholdeth” is “taken out of the way”, by whom is meant, as Cardinal Manning explains, the true Pope:


With a true Pope out of the way, the forces of evil have unfettered reign to impose their wickedness, their apostasy, on the entire globe, even under the guise of a faux “Catholicism” that is far removed from the real Catholicism of the past, something that is easily seen when comparing the magisterial documents of the true Church before the Roncalli usurpation in 1958 with the documents that were issued after. This web site is dedicated to proving that disparity between the true Catholic Church and the false Modernist sect that retains the name of Catholic but has emptied the label of its distinctive meaning.

On October 20, 2012, our friends at True Restoration dedicated a special three-hour episode of its edifying Restoration Radio program to examining and refuting the heresies and errors of the Second Vatican Council. Its special guest was Bishop Donald J. Sanborn of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida, who explained at length how the documents of Vatican II contradict the prior and true Catholic teaching on a number of important points, and how the council embraced the very errors previously condemned by the Church’s authoritative Magisterium.

This show is available to the public for free, sponsored by Novus Ordo Watch. You can access it at this link:

In addition to this highly-informative audio broadcast, in which Bp. Sanborn explains the Catholic doctrine and Vatican II’s opposing Modernist errors using exceptional clarity and easy-to-understand language, Restoration Radio is now also making available a transcript of the entire program.

While the transcript is not free of charge, True Restoration has kindly agreed to provide the transcript to anyone who makes a $25.00 (USD) donation to Novus Ordo Watch, its show sponsor. 

Here are the content highlights of the transcribed show, in the order in which they are discussed:


  • Vatican II — dogmatic or pastoral?
  • What is “interpretation”?
  • Vatican II has a single mind and a single interpretation
  • Councils clarify, not obfuscate

Ecumenism: Unitatis Redintegratio

  • Roots in Modernism, Liberalism, Liturgical Movement
  • Goal: A dogma-less, one-world religion
  • Heresy: Holy Ghost using non-Catholic sects?
  • The true Church cannot defect
  • The “Fundamental Truths” myth

Church in the Modern World: Gaudium et Spes

  • Ratzinger: A “revision of Pius IX’s Syllabus”
  • The point: man has changed
  • Church must serve international socialist world-building
  • Dignity of man is the supreme principle to uphold

Dogmatic Constitution: Lumen Gentium

  • Detaching the structure of the Church from the Church of Christ
  • “Subsists” = confuse, not clarify
  • Ratzinger’s reading is heretical
  • “Pilgrim church” and “substantial anchorages”
  • A heresy against the Creed
  • Ambiguous: “the Christian faithful”

On Non-Christian Religions: Nostra Aetate

  • Confusing the natural and supernatural orders
  • False religions: means of damnation
  • Pope St. Gregory VII: Soft on Islam?
  • The Jews get a free pass
  • Calumnies about the Church and the Jews
  • We do NOT worship the same God
  • Faith is a condition for apostolic authority
  • The Church is bound by dogmas
  • Vatican II contradicts Catholic teaching

On Religious Liberty: Dignitatis Humanae

  • Pope Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors: Errors required to be condemned
  • Osama Bin Laden acts in accordance with his religious beliefs
  • Pope Pius IX invoked his apostolic authority
  • Giving “value” to false religions
  • A permissible “toleration”?
  • A moral heresy

On the Sacred Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium

  • Hijacking the Liturgical Movement
  • The pre-Vatican II ecumenist: Beaudiun
  • Heretics in 1940s Brooklyn
  • Again, adapt the liturgy; modern man has changed
  • Remove what’s non-ecumenical

Miscellaneous Questions

  • Can you say Vatican II was “non-binding”?
  • Read the conclusion of each document!
  • Modernism in the 20th century
  • How did it get by so many bishops? 

The transcript is 75 pages in length and not available to the general public until January 1, 2016 (and then, too, it won’t be free). If you are already an annual member with True Restoration, the transcript is available to you right now and without any further charge. However, if you are not an annual member, right now the only way to obtain the transcript is to make a donation of only $25.00 (USD).

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Let us be clear: You can listen to the entire 3-hour program for free at any time (click here) — it is only the transcript that is not free.

If you would like to support Novus Ordo Watch in other ways, please review our 12 ways you can help Novus Ordo Watch and spread the word!

Thank you for your kind support. May God bless you!

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Episode 009 Now Available

The Traditional Catholic Podcast


In TRADCAST 009, released on November 18, 2015, we spend roughly 50 minutes to present to you two info-packed segments of hard-hitting Catholic commentary and analysis. We take a look at “Pope” Francis’ obsessive condemnation of metaphorical idolatry (“idolatry of money”, “idolatry of consumerism”, etc.) and contrast it with his curious failure to condemn real idolatry (as found in paganism), nay, his veritable confirmation of heathen idolaters in the practice of their false and abominable religions!

In the second portion of our podcast, we begin a multi-part series, to be continued in subsequent TRADCAST episodes, that unmasks and refutes the false arguments advanced by John Salza in the recent TradCatKnight radio program, “Sedevacantism, Fatima, and Freemasonry,” hosted by Eric Gajewski. The program, which aired on Oct. 25, 2015, was also used to promote Salza’s upcoming book on Sedevacantism, co-authored with Robert Siscoe, entitled, True or False Pope?. We go through all the main arguments and dismantle them step by step.

You can listen to our podcast by clicking the YouTube video above, or you can go to our TRADCAST 009 page, where you will find all the information you need for this show, including links to articles, blog posts, news stories, etc., mentioned in the podcast, and where you will also find ways to download this episode to your computer and sign up to be notified of new episodes by email.

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Fallout from the latest Francis Fiasco

Novus Ordo Priest warns Francis the Holy Ghost will Strike him Dead or Incapacitate him!


As we predicted early on, Francis has caused nothing but chaos in the Modernist Sect since he began to play “Bishop of Rome” on March 13, 2013. Apparently not familiar with the job description of even Novus Ordo “Pope”, Francis has recently announced that when it comes to the question about whether Lutherans and “Catholics” can participate in each other’s “communion” (which he called the “Lord’s Supper”), he will leave this to “those who understand”, to “the theologians”, because it is “not my competence”, as he said in an answer riddled with heresy on November 15 during a visit to one of Rome’s Lutheran churches. If you haven’t seen this story yet, be sure to check out our post on it, as well as a few other commentaries:

It has been evident from the beginning that theology isn’t his thing (especially not Catholic theology), and yet this admitted fact doesn’t keep him from constantly “instructing” his sheeple through daily homilies that usually consist of gratuitous insults and pseudo-spiritual rambling with a hefty portion of bizarre metaphors that have no clear meaning apart from what Francis spontaneously assigns to them, as manifested by the context. Not to mention his constant speeches, interviews, phone calls, addresses, and endless documents.

After issuing the motu proprio granting drive-thru annulments, after promoting more Naturalism in his visit to the U.S. and Cuba, and after a tumultuous synod on the family and another scandalous interview by Eugenio Scalfari, Francis has now kicked things up yet another notch by announcing this past Sunday that Lutherans should just “discern” if they can receive Novus Ordo communion, after “talking to the Lord” and “moving forward.” Well that would also settle the issue of “Catholic” adulterers, wouldn’t it?

All this is taking place even after it had already come to light that some high-ranking clergy in the Vatican were becoming restless about Francis’ path of theological and spiritual destruction and preparing to move against him in some way or another. And just yesterday, on Nov. 16, the reliable Novus Ordo insider Edward Pentin, journalist for the National Catholic Register, reported the following on Twitter: “Senior Vatican official speaking anon[ymously]: ‘This pontificate poses serious risks for the integrity of Catholic teaching in faith and morals’” (source):

We’ve said before that the Bergoglian chaos can’t last much longer without someone blowing a fuse soon. Well, it looks like now someone has. 

On November 16, “Father” George David Byers, a Novus Ordo parish priest in North Carolina who blogs at Arise! Let Us Be Going!, and who is actually one of those special “missionaries of mercy” appointed by Francis for the upcoming jubilee year, published an open letter in which he warns the “Pope” that if he should attempt to make this sort of “communion-for-all” nonsense part of the infallible ordinary Magisterium, that the Holy Ghost would intervene and prevent him from doing so, either by causing his death somehow, or by incapacitating him:

I note your overture to a Lutheran woman at the Lutheran church on Via Sicilia in Rome on 15 November 2015, the one who asked about intercommunion (starting minute 21.00 on the Vatican YouTube video).

I had to wonder before if your recent interview with Eugenio Scalfari was correctly reported. I now have no doubt.

With due respect to your person and your office, I ask you not to make this kind of thing part of what you want to publish about the Synod with the authority of the infallible ordinary magisterium, which you inferred you would most certainly do in your speech of October 17, 2015.

If you do this, going against the doctrine of the Church, grave matters of faith and morals, on so very many points on so very many levels …, and precisely as the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter, and this not just to a journalist, or a single woman, but to the universal Church, deciding what is now a matter of extreme controversy, well, you won’t be able to do it. You will either die or be incapacitated, much as Pope Sixtus V dropped dead before he could accomplish his own will on a matter also touching on marriage and divorce, which I wrote about for your own benefit....

...But the Bishop of Rome has no right to change the truth before the Living God, who is Himself Living Truth. You will not get the chance to do this, as you will surely die of natural causes, or because you are martyred, or because you are otherwise incapacitated.


Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir.

— Father George David Byers // 16 November 2015 // Andrews, NC, USA

(“Death or Incapacitation of Pope Francis: Soon”, Arise! Let Us Be Going!, Nov. 16, 2015)

Very interesting stuff. Although it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to invoke the infamous saying of Martin Luther at the end, with which the German heresiarch justified his resistance to Catholic dogma and to the Pope: “Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir” (“Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.”). Seriously — Martin Luther, in a post against Francis for promoting intercommunion with Lutherans? Hello?!

Well, at least Mr. Byers recognizes that Almighty God protects all legitimate successors of St. Peter from doing things that would run contrary to the infallibility of the Pope and the infallibility and indefectibility of the Catholic Church. But herein lies the rub: This only, of course, applies to true Popes and the true Church. Therefore, we know that Byers’ prediction will come to nothing, because Francis is not a true Pope, and his sect is not the Catholic Church.


Francis the Lutheran, left, and “Fr.” George Byers

What is puzzling to see is that although we have a number of people in the Novus Ordo acknowledging that Francis cannot cross the line without proving false his claim to being Pope, it seems that this line keeps moving further and further out. Perhaps “Fr.” Byers is not aware, but Francis
 long ago crossed that line. For example, by canonizing as a “saint” the public apostate Karol Wojtyla, aka “Pope” John Paul II. Canonizations are infallible acts of the Roman Pontiff. Since a public apostate cannot be a Catholic saint, Francis definitively proved that he is not a true Pope because he, using infallible and definitive language, declared John Paul II to be a Catholic saint.

Remember? Let’s review:

Sorry, “Fr.” Byers, but Francis did not drop dead before “canonizing” John Paul II. Back in 2011, The Remnant’s celebrated rhetorician Christopher Ferrara had already dared to make a similar prediction, insisting that it would be impossible — yes, he used that word! — for a Pope to make John Paul II a saint, and he even insinuated that Benedict XVI possibly resigned in order to prevent such a “canonization” — a most ridiculous argument for sure!

Yet, what happened? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The bogus canonization went ahead as planned, and Francis thereby definitively ruled out any possibility that he might be a lawful and valid successor of St. Peter. In short: His goose is long cooked, over-cooked at this point. 

So, we would like to remind all Novus Ordos, and esp. the Rev. Byers, that Francis has long crossed the line that is impossible for a true Pope to cross. Let’s stop moving it further out; let’s stop pretending that he hasn’t long done what is impossible for a Pope to do. 

The game is over. So let’s stop continually changing the rules to keep this farce of a game alive.

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“Chaos Frank” on shared “Communion” with Lutherans:


“I leave that Question to the Theologians and those who understand… 
Life is Bigger than Explanations”


Someone call Jimmy Akin and the rest of the Novus Ordo cleanup crew: Chaos Frank has made a mess again! With him visiting an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rome on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015, we knew to expect anything but Catholicism from the Modernist lips of Jorge Bergoglio. And sure enough, he did not fail to deliver.

Not surprisingly, a Lutheran woman married to a “Catholic” asked the “Roman Pontiff” if Lutherans and “Catholics” would not finally be allowed to share each other’s “Communion”. As a reminder, Lutherans have no valid priesthood and no valid sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. They deny the dogma of Transubstantiation and adhere to the heresy of Consubstantiation, also known as “impanation”, which holds that Christ is somehow present alongside the bread, which remains bread, after the “consecration”:

The following transcript of “Pope” Francis’ words has been made available by Rocco Palmo of Whispers in the Loggia. What Francis says is such a perfect blend of heresy and idiocy that it’s best we just post it in its entirety and leave it largely uncommented. We are marking in red font some of the more outrageous and ridiculous parts:

The question on sharing the Lord’s Supper isn’t easy for me to respond to, above all in front of a theologian like Cardinal Kasper – I’m scared! 

I think of how the Lord told us when he gave us this mandatum to “do this in memory of me,” and when we share the Lord’s Supper, we recall and we imitate the same as the Lord. And there will be the Lord’s Supper in the final banquet in the new Jerusalem – it’ll be there! But that will be the last one… in the meantime, I ask myself and don’t know how to respond – what you’re asking me, I ask myself the question. To share the Lord’s banquet: is it the goal of the path or is it the viaticum [etym. “to accompany you on the journey”] for walking together? I leave that question to the theologians and those who understand. 

It’s true that in a certain sense, to share means that there aren’t differences between us, that we have the same doctrine – underscoring that word, a difficult word to understand. But I ask myself: but don’t we have the same Baptism? If we have the same Baptism, shouldn’t we be walking together? And you’re a witness of a likewise profound journey, a journey of marriage: itself a journey of family and human love and of a shared faith, no? We have the same Baptism. 

When you feel yourself a sinner – and I’m much more of a sinner – when your husband feels he’s sinned, you go forward to the Lord and ask forgiveness; your husband does the same and also goes to the priest and asks absolution, [thus] I’m healed and kept alive in my Baptism. When you pray together, that Baptism grows, becomes stronger. When you teach your kids who is Jesus? Why did Jesus come? What did Jesus do for us?, you’re doing the same thing, whether in the Lutheran language or the Catholic one, but it’s the same. 

The question [Pope draws question mark with his finger]…. The supper? There are questions that only if one is sincere with oneself and the little theological light one has, must be responded to on one’s own. See for yourself. This is my body. This is my blood. Do it in remembrance of me – this is a viaticum that helps us to journey on. 

I once had a great friendship with a bishop who went a little wrong – 48 years old, he married [then had] two children. This made for great discomfort in him – a Catholic wife, Catholic children, him a bishop. He accompanied them on Sunday, his wife and children, to Mass, and then went to worship with his community…. It was a step toward his participation in the Lord’s Supper. Then he went forward, then the Lord called him [to realize] “I’m not right.” 

I can only respond to your question with a question: what can I do with my husband that the Lord’s Supper might accompany me on my path? It’s a problem that each must answer [for themselves], but a pastor-friend once told me that “We believe that the Lord is present, he is present” – you believe that the Lord is present. There are explanations, interpretations, but life is bigger than explanations and interpretations. Always refer back to your baptism – one faith, one baptism, one Lord: this Paul tells us; the consequences come later. 

I would never dare to give permission to do this, because it’s not my competence. One baptism, one Lord, one faith. Talk to the Lord and go forward. [Pauses] And I wouldn't dare – I don’t dare say anything more.

If you actually need us to comment on this tidal wave of Modernism and indifferentism, you haven’t been reading our web site long enough. This was nothing short of absolute theological chaos. Francis doesn’t give a hoot about God, about Truth, about the true Faith, about dogma, about Transubstantiation, about sanctifying grace, or about anything that really matters in one’s spiritual life. God to him is nothing but an emotional bandaid whose job is to forgive your sins and make you feel good and solve your problems. For Francis, it’s all a matter of soup kitchens, caressing the peripheries, making the world a better place, and not judging. What an absolute disgrace! 

A video of Francis’ disaster of a response, which can be summarized simply as “Whatever!”, is also available:

So, life is bigger than explanations, huh? Sure, why not — and outside it’s always colder than at night. You can’t make this stuff up!

But then again, let’s not forget: According to the 1983 Code of Canon Law promulgated by “Pope Saint” John Paul II, Protestants are already permitted to share some of the Novus Ordo sacraments, under certain conditions, as we prove in our post here. And, sure enough, Jimmy Akin can be seen in a video here explaining exactly that.

So, don’t be surprised — it’s chaos all around, and Francis is only too happy to join in!

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