The emphasis is on "Treat"...

ChurchMilitant.TV's Michael Voris invites you to
Second Annual "Retreat at Sea" Luxury Cruise

Apparently, Michael Voris' target audience is people with deep pockets (no surprise there, as he is an Opus Dei man). Hijacking the idea of a Catholic retreat and applying it to what in reality amounts to a decadent, expensive luxury vacation with a spiritual touch, Voris encourages his audience to spend thousands of dollars on worldly vanities and the great privilege to attend "exclusive Michael Voris daily conferences". (Yes, you also get "confession", "Mass", "Eucharistic adoration", the Rosary and evening prayers, but you can get all that - since it's Novus Ordo - elsewhere, close to home, and usually for free, so that's hardly the big incentive.)

Though this time, the cruise is at least not during Lent, as it was in March of 2013, most of our criticism of the first "retreat" cruise is just as applicable to this second one. And as these ChurchMilitant luxury "retreat" cruises are now apparently an "annual" occurrence, people who are considering attending them should think long and hard about whether this way of blowing thousands of dollars in just a few short days is really what Catholics in these times are supposed to be doing. (Be sure to watch the video previews of the Royal Princess, the "retreat" cruise liner.)


The atrium of the "retreat" cruise ship "Royal Princess" -
What? You can't picture St. John Vianney here??

Michael Voris likes to talk about how wonderful it is to see Catholics adhere to the Church's prohibition of contraception, resulting in large families with lots of children, but it's usually precisely those families and those serious Catholics that can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a decadent cruise just so they get to experience Mr. Voris in person and can hang out with the "hip" crowd. Sorry, but those who make a living advertising for "real Catholicism" and then offer an exorbitant luxury cruise as a spiritual high point in the year can't be living in the real world. (Below, you will find a heart-breaking story of a real Catholic family that, far from being able to spend money on a silly cruise like this, couldn't even afford a single plane ticket to Fort Lauderdale, from where the cruise departs. Right now they cannot even afford to fix holes in the walls of their house!)

ChurchMilitant.TV / Michael Voris Reality Check:

It is very sad to see that ChurchMilitant.TV has gone the way of distorting the news rather than reporting it, in order to uphold a desired version of reality that does not exist. But these distortions are "necessary" for "Voris Inc." to keep the target audience happy: those who seek to find "real Catholicism" in the false Novus Ordo church. No doubt, there's a huge market for this, for a lot of people want to believe exactly that: that the true and authentic Catholic Faith can still be found in the Vatican II Church. The trouble is: it isn't true (as Novus Ordo Watch has been demonstrating since 2002). By omitting to report those things that get in the way of this illusion, and constantly suggesting or outright claiming the opposite, ChurchMilitant.TV is actively complicit in the grand deception of good-willed people who wish to be real Catholics. And by now enticing these same people to blow lots of money on a pleasure fest with a spiritual touch - money that is so much more needed in many other places - ChurchMilitant is unfortunately revealing itself to be an enterprise more than anything else.

But we have something better for you: If you are blessed with sufficient financial means and are looking for good causes to support, instead of indulging in vain luxuries, here's how you can make a lasting and real difference: Help this traditional Catholic family and publishing business out of a destructive financial crisis: Bank tries to shut down Little Flowers Family Press. This is a worthy cause to support. This Canadian Catholic publisher has been in existence for 17 years, and the motive isn't profit, which they do not make anyway, but serving our Lord and Catholic families with incredible resources focusing on modesty, purity, homeschooling, education of the youth, Catholic devotions and customs, etc., many of them unique or hard to find. The family has seven children, and three of them are autistic. They really need our help right now, desperately.

Won't you help them, just a little bit? Let no one say that unbelievers take care of each other better than Catholics take care of their own! "A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another" (John 13:34-35). Please support Little Flowers Family Press in this hour of need. See the links below for more information:

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