The Facts About "Pope Francis" - Jorge Mario Bergoglio

What You Need To Know About the Man
who Claims to be the Pope


Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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General Information / Miscellaneous

Bergoglio/Francis and Other Religions


Mr. Bergoglio (right), wearing a yarmulke, happily participating in the sacred rite of a false religion

Reality Check:

  • On Sins against the First Commandment - Superstition:
    "God may be wrongly worshiped either by false worship or by superfluous worship being paid Him. . . . The ceremonies and practices of the Jewish religion signified that the Messiah was to come, and so now, after the coming of Our Lord, they could not be employed without superstition [=false worship]. Inasmuch as falsehood in religion is a grave injury to God, this species of superstition is mortally sinful."
    —Fr. Thomas Slater, S.J.,
     A Manual of Moral Theology, vol. 1, 3rd ed., Benziger Brothers, 1908, pp. 215-216; bold print added for emphasis.

Neo-Traditionalist / Neo-Conservative Spin on “Pope” Francis

Bergoglio/Francis and the Sacred Liturgy


The warm-up to one of Bergoglio's Children's "Masses"

On the Fake Humility of “Pope” Francis: Desacralizing the Papacy

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